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IACP 2003: Best of Show

A host of cool police products took a bow in Philadelphia.

December 01, 2003  |  by - Also by this author

Comfortable Kevlar

DuPont announced the development of a new Kevlar that is at least 25 percent lighter than any other all-aramid ballistic fabric. Kevlar Comfort XLT is currently being incorporated into soft body armor manufactured by Armor Holdings (Safariland and American Body Armor) and Pacific Safety Products.

Night Vision Camera

ITT Industries has added a CCD camera to its law enforcement and military line of night vision devices. The ISG-780/1180 is a Gen 3 intensified CCD camera with auto-gating. Features include five modes of gate control: synchronous gating, asynchronous gating, automatic gating, triggered gating, and direct gating; bonded CCD/intensifier design; "C" mount lens interface; and on-camera gate and gain controls. In addition, the camera can be operated by remote control.

Steel Toe Boots

Bates Uniform Footwear showed a new line of steel-toed boots for cops. The Bates Enforcer series comes in Steel Toe and Steel Toe-Waterproof models. Both offer full-grain leather and ballistic nylon construction; breathable mesh linings with either Thinsulate insulation or DuPont Hytrel waterproof membrane; ANSI standard steel toes; and oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsoles. Enforcer boots are available in 8-inch side-zip, 6-inch side-zip, and in 8-inch standard styles.

Plastic Framed Armor

Researchers at Protech have discovered a unique way to make ballistic material more effective. They're framing it with plastic stripping that prevents the material from twisting when hit with bullets. The benefit of this technology is that it distributes the impact energy of the bullet more evenly across the ballistic fiber, lessening the blunt trauma to the wearer and reducing the amount of ballistic material needed to do the job. Using this technology, Protech has created the Exo, an NIJ Level IIIA vest that's more than 50 percent lighter and 40 percent thinner than comparable vests packed with traditional aramid fibers. At its IACP booth, Protech (Armor Holdings) showed a video of an Exo vest being struck by a 240-grain .44 Magnum round. The material not only stopped the bullet, it twisted much less on impact, and ejected the round once its energy was spent.

HazMat Storage

Time was that evidence storage required nothing more than a secure room and some cardboard boxes and some weapons lockers. Not anymore. Today, police agencies need to store hazardous chemicals from drug raids, explosives from bomb-making suspects, and possibly even biological or chemical weapons from domestic or foreign terrorist cells. A solution to this problem is now being offered by Safety Storage. The company makes a variety of interior and exterior storage systems that can be used for hazardous materials and even biohazards.

Safety Storage makes internal and external units that can be used to store hazardous materials such as chemical and biological weapons, hazardous materials from drug busts, and even explosives.

Cut Protection

Reliance Armor Systems introduced a new line of stab armor. The Gladiator armor provides spike (NIJ 2) and edged blade (NIJ 2) protection in one custom-fit vest. Other features include pick/knife-resistant panels that are sealed in an antimicrobial/antibacterial pouch, laminated fabric and foam for wearer comfort, precisely engineered stitching for strong, flexible performance, and a Transpor lining for wicking away perspiration.

High-Tech Lightbar

LEDs have taken the flashlight world by storm and the same is true of the lightbar market. The Galaxy lightbar is the latest LED police system from 911 EP, and it's a powerful and versatile 360-degree LED lighting system. One of the primary selling points of the Galaxy is that it can be customized to suit the needs of any department through 911 EP's Made to Order program. The low-amperage Galaxy lightbars are available in four stock sizes and base modules on the leading and trailing edges can be configured for various LED colors, blanks, and up to 400 watts of takedown lights.

Life-Saving Radar

For most traffic radar systems the selling points are the features that allow you to track and ticket speeders. Stalker's new DSR 2X multi-direction sensing radar can do all of that, but it can also save your life. Traffic enforcement officers are often killed or injured because they pull onto the highway after making a stop and misjudge the speed of or don't see the cars and trucks coming up behind them. The DSR 2X's Rear Traffic Alert feature can prevent such tragedies. When a car equipped with the DSR 2X starts to pull into traffic from a standing start, the system will audibly warn the driver if vehicles are approaching too fast. In addition, the DSR 2X offers selective target locking, a detachable display unit, optional VSS operation, four target zones when stationary and two target zones when moving, and a variety of display modes, including stopwatch.

Internet Info

Most mobile data systems for law enforcement require a lot of money up front for server and client software and even for specialized hardware. Not so with Armada's new iLincs software. iLincs, which is an acronym for intelligent, linked, information, networked, collaboration system, is a Web-based subscription service. Agencies can contract with Armada for the service, which is delivered over a secure Website and can be accessed by any laptop or desktop computer with Internet access. iLincs gives users access to local, state, and national databases; allows officers in the field to share missing person reports, intelligence reports, photos, and fingerprints; and enables easy collaboration between officers in multiple agencies.

Docking System

Gamber Johnson used IACP to show its line of mounting hardware for mobile computers. The line now includes a docking station for the versatile Panasonic Toughbook 18 ruggedized notebook and tablet computer. Designed to the same rugged MIL-STD-810F quality as the Panasonic Toughbook, the docking station can be mounted in the cab or trunk, features brass locating pins for easy computer placement, a built-in key lock for security and quick removal, and internal/protected circuit boards.

Smaller Caliber

Barrett Firearms is known most for its .50 caliber sniper rifles, but at IACP the company showed a smaller caliber long-range rifle solution. The Barrett 6.8mm Remington SPC drop-on receiver converts any M16/M4 rifle into a high-caliber precision rifle. Benefits include greater range and greater stopping power than 5.56mm (.223) or even 7.62mm AK-47 rounds on a weapon that works exactly like an M16/M4.

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