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Own the Night

Rip away the bad guys' best hiding place with night vision surveillance equipment.

May 01, 2002  |  by Dave Douglas

ITT Industries

ITT builds its own night vision devices from ITT intensifier tubes. Consequently, it can offer many different types of equipment for practically any nighttime application.

The Night Enforcer product line is designed especially around law enforcement needs. The product line starts off with the Night Enforcer 150, a Gen 2 monocular that can be found in the $1,500 range. A step up is the Night Enforcer 160, which is the same basic unit as the 150 but with a Gen 3 intensifier that bumps the price up to about $1,700. The Night Enforcer 220 and 222 are binocular systems that use Gen 2 and Gen 3 technology, respectively. These two systems are adapted perfectly for patrol and fixed position surveillance use.

ITT’s PVS-14, while at the high end of the price range $3,500 offers an impressive list of accessories. The Gen 3 PVS-14 is adaptable to just about any use you can imagine for a night vision device. It allows the user to adjust the gain control in varying light conditions.

The monocular PVS-14 uses a military-style intensifier tube in a compact housing designed for multiple uses. This unit can be handheld as well as head-mounted, or adapted to a camera or camcorder. The PVS-14 can also be weapon-mounted in a number of configurations. ITT offers the Night Enforcer 6015 for about $500 less than the PVS-14, the only difference being the absence of a variable gain control.

ITT’s PVS-14 and Night Enforcer 6015 can be mated to a high-power rifle scope for precision shooting. They can also be used on a rail-mounted system on M4/M16 or MP5 weapons. The precision shooter system uses the EOTech holographic night vision capable sight or Aimpoint Comp MXD in line with the PVS 14 or Night Enforcer 6015.

LAMSA Weapons Systems

LAMSA Weapons Systems is dedicated to providing a number of products to the Law Enforcement community. In its night vision line, LAMSA offers the American Eagle. This miniature pocket scope is an image-intensified night vision device with a removable 1X 25mm C-mount objective lens and built-in infrared light emitting diode (IR-LED) as standard equipment. It is available in Gen 2, Gen 2-plus, and Gen 3 configurations, and features automatic brightness control and bright source protection to maintain the best possible viewing image and to protect the tube from damage. American Eagle pricing starts at under $1,000.

LAMSA also offers the NVPS-10, an advanced image-intensified handheld night vision viewing system that provides rugged durability and high performance in a compact package. Designed to be a versatile, easy-to-use pocket scope, the NVPS-10 functions as a handheld viewer, head-mounted monocular surveillance platform, and as part of the NVPS-10 rail weapon system. The NVPS-10 is offered in different high performance configurations and costs approximately $3,300.

The military has been using the AN/PVS-7 night vision goggle for years. LAMSA offers this system in a number of configurations, installing different quality intensifier tubes based on the needs of the users. The intensifiers range from refurbished military Gen 2 to “hand selected” Gen 3 intensifier tubes.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. The systems start at approximately $2,300. The AN/PVS-7 can be used as a handheld device or with a helmet or head-mounted system. This system is versatile enough to be used for patrol work, surveillance, or even SWAT entry teams.

Litton/Northrop Grumman

Litton Industries has been a top name in night vision equipment for years. Last June, Northrop Grumman acquired Litton and since then, the company has taken the night vision ball and really run with it. Litton/Northrop Grumman and ITT produce the new Gen 3-plus tubes and are currently working on technology that may be defined by the military as Gen 4.

On the more mundane Gen 2 and Gen 3 front, Litton/Northrop Grumman produces the AN/PVS-18 monocular, which comes in two models: the M982 (Gen 2) and M983 (Gen 3). The AN/PVS-18 allows independent use of each eye, letting you switch instantly from night to ambient vision. It is submersible to 20 meters, and available in 3X, 4X, and 6X models by attaching afocal lenses. The modular design permits camera adaptation, and the system includes an IR illuminator.

The AN/PVS-10 is an integrated day and night long-range sight for the M24 sniper rifle system. It offers 24-hour operation without sacrificing established shooting techniques and is offered in two objective configurations and features top-mounted, push-button controls that can be operated with either hand.

The 8.5X magnification AN/PVS-10 has been adopted by the U.S. Army as its standard day and night sniper sight to be matched with the M24 Remington sniper weapon. The reticle and ballistics of the AN/PVS-10 match the 7.62 NATO round. A larger 12.2X magnification version is currently under consideration by the U.S. Marine Corps as a Long Range Sniper sight to be matched with the Barrett M82A1 rifle. The reticle and ballistics in the 12.2X version are calibrated to the .50 caliber BMG ammo of the Barrett rifle.

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