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Escape Rescue System Skyscraper Evacuation

Company: Escape Rescue Systems

November 01, 2005

The Escape Rescue System is a building-wide solution for safe, external evacuation of building tenants and the rapid transport of rescue personnel to the upper reaches of a skyscraper. The system is composed of at least two devices; each is an array of five collapsible cabins. The system is permanently stored on the roof in a folded position. Upon activation by first responders, each array is lowered to the ground. It then unfolds, enabling emergency responders to board spacious cabins and ascends the vertical face of the building. The system can then, through specially configured exit windows, simultaneously evacuate from five floors, or 150 occupants per trip. Each array is then lowered to the ground and as the lower cabins’ occupants exit, it again folds. The system repeats this cycle, expanding and collapsing in order to transport responders up and into the building and evacuating tenants as required. Escape Rescue System was designed to safely shuttle more than 2,000 residents and hundreds of responders per hour.

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