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2 Florida SWAT Officers Suspended for Responding to Parkland School Shooting

March 08, 2018  | 

When a gunman started shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, two Miramar SWAT team members did what comes naturally: They went to help.

Now they’ve been suspended for it.

The officers did not have permission to respond to the shooting at Parkland on Feb. 14, when 17 people were killed.

And that created an officer safety issue and left them unaccountable for their actions, according to their police department.

But their union reacted differently.

“While it may have been a violation of policy to not notify their supervisors that they were going there, their intentions were brave and heroic, I think,” Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano told the Sun-Sentinel Wednesday.

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jojo @ 3/8/2018 4:47 PM

This just makes us all look bad.

Randy @ 3/8/2018 4:52 PM

Brilliant leadership in action. "And that created an officer safety issue and left them unaccountable for their actions, according to their police department." What a bunch of Hooey.

Charlie @ 3/8/2018 5:08 PM

They are trying every way possible to make people not want to be in law enforcement. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Always second guessing & Monday morning quarterbacking. If you are not supported, you stop doing your job. The same guys would have been reprimanded for not acting.

Ed L. @ 3/8/2018 5:31 PM

Rules are in place for a reason. Follow the rules and you will not be susended.

PW0262 @ 3/8/2018 6:02 PM

A typical ignorant response by worthless and inept agency “leaders”. CLUELESS.

Boston @ 3/9/2018 4:19 AM

Hard to explain this action to the public when our schools are under attack. Serve and protect is the name of the game here.

Ron @ 3/9/2018 5:54 AM

Not hooey. In-depth analysis by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, disclosed that a leading cause of blue-on-blue encounters was officers who show up at a scene unannounced.

Jim B. @ 3/9/2018 5:54 AM

Not sure I understand your comment JoJo. How does this make us all look bad?

Brian @ 3/9/2018 6:31 AM

Were they on duty or off when they responded? If they leave their PD/job to respond without telling their supervisor then yes, they were wrong.

Skiman94 @ 3/9/2018 8:19 AM

Lemme get this straight. An active shooter in a school call comes in. SWAT deputies, who are trained and ready for this, go to the call for backup and they suspend them for it?!? It is sad to see so many of the departments today are so afraid of liability officers can't do the job we all swore to do: Protect and serve.

Thor @ 3/9/2018 9:29 AM

A simple radio transmission and there would be no issue. Don't be a cowboy.

Ftrnr @ 3/9/2018 10:22 AM

Hey Ron, while I understand what you are saying and agree they should have called out on the scene; not much chance of a blue on blue when NOBODY ELSE WAS GOING IN! If I were a parent there I would nominate them for a PTA award or something. I would say the people they put at risk were....themselves, and good on them.

Ron @ 3/9/2018 8:19 PM

Ftrnr, I too am hopeful that the officers are awarded for their bravery. Well deserved.
Right on, Thor.

Kirb @ 3/10/2018 7:14 AM

Really, SRO resigned for not going in, deputies stayed on perimeter reprimanded, 2 responded from another city and are suspended. What is wrong with policing in Florida.

Trigger @ 3/10/2018 10:51 AM

Yes liability comes into play, you are outside your jurisdiction, simple phone call would have taken care of the issue. I disagree with the permanent dismissal from SWAT why would you throw away two highly trained tactical team members, write them up then take them out to lunch for a job well done.

jojo @ 3/12/2018 7:34 AM

@ Jim b

This makes us look bad by suspending two guys who tried to do the right thing. The other cowards stood outside and did nothing and two guys respond to help and they get disciplined? Bad management and a black eye.

Bailey @ 3/17/2018 8:24 AM

They probably knew what the answer would be if they reported in. Sometimes it is easier to get forgiveness than blessings. However, there is a price. As they did, I would have done the same thing and take the punishment.

Bailey @ 3/17/2018 8:29 AM

Sometimes, it is easier to get forgiveness then blessings. They knew that their department would say no. They will take the punishment and drive on.

Tom Gresham @ 3/17/2018 8:52 AM

These two Officers are heroes for going to the school...if the yellow rat Peterson hadn’t hid in the bushes and told other officers to stay back, real LEOS could have gone inside and ended the massacre...

ResAgentSWA @ 3/17/2018 10:05 AM

If you don't go in you're a "coward." If you do go in your "unaccountable." What a choice.

ResAgentSWA @ 3/17/2018 10:07 AM

If you don't go in you're a "coward." If you do go in your "unaccountable." What a choice.

LA @ 3/17/2018 12:18 PM

The SRO RETIRED w/ALL benefits, how can that be w/a murder investigation?
Watch the video of the FHP trooper who SET UP the system & protocols at MSD H. S. Why did the FBI show up 1 month prior, changed the protocol on active shooter?

When you realize the WHOLE town & the City of Miami are in on the Scam. In ONE school board meeting they hauled in $610k. The 3 years it totals $54 Million dollars. And they just received a Million from the Government for the shooting.
How Sandy Hook received $45 Million dollars between the government and private donations.

More to come out yet. Cruz was a Patsy. Broward waited almost 15 minutes to contact Coral Springs PD, which covers Parkland for fire. The SWAT officers would have exposed them. They are Heroes & HONEST, like everyone else on the thin blue line.
THEY had 4 ambulances there to take the "wounded" away. But 4 minutes later, they wouldn't others in. School Play. CNN & MSM were setup BEFORE the shooting. I was watching it LIVE.

Mike Law @ 3/17/2018 1:10 PM

The agency completely blew it on this. Although they technically have a policy they can stand behind in dishing out this discipline, what kind of leaders do they have? If I made the call, I would have told the members and the public that the policy was in place for their safety and that they should have notified the department of their response. At the same time, I would have acknowledged that given the circumstances, they may not have had the time to do so and would have explained that what they did is what I would expect of any LEO that worked for me. I would then highlight their heroic efforts and explain how policies are often guidelines and that I had absolutely no issue with their actions and I would announce nothing negative would come of this. I would then tout what a great job they did and treat them like the heroes they are. I'd also make them the poster children for my agency as they exemplified everything law enforcement stands for. I would never want to work for an agency or leader that makes these kinds of decisions. If I was one of these members, I would frame the discipline and display it proudly. They did what they needed to and should be proud. As far as the agency goes, this is disgusting and a public relations nightmare. Completely idiodic decision by the agency that any LEO that does this job understands.

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