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Terror Attack at Orlando Gay Club Kills 20, Wounds 42, Suspect Dead

June 12, 2016  | 

A gunman who federal authorities say had possible ties to Islamist terrorism opened fire early Sunday morning at a packed Florida nightclub, killing approximately 20 people and wounding scores more in a bloody scene that ended hours later when police stormed the building and killed the suspect.

The shooting in Orlando at Pulse, which bills itself as "the hottest gay bar" in the city and was packed with more than 300 people, was reported minutes after 2 a.m. Sunday. In addition to those killed inside the club, at least 42 people were taken to area hospitals. Dozens of party-goers remained hostages in the club for several hours after the initial shooting, prompting SWAT teams to pour inside. Shortly after 6 a.m. local time, Orlando police tweeted that the gunman had been killed.

The gunman, whose identity was not immediately released, “may have leanings” toward radical Islam, FBI Special Agent in Charge Ron Harper said when asked by Fox News whether the suspect had ties to Jihadist terror groups. Harper said the investigation is looking into possible threats made previously by the suspect in connection to radical Islam groups. He said the agency is still investigating and has yet to confirm any role a terror group may have played in the mass shooting.

“There are allegations the individual made threats in the past to having ties to terrorist organizations,” Harper told Fox News.

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Jim Davenport @ 6/12/2016 7:38 AM

It's now 50 dead and over 50 at the hospital! This is why it's important for all of us to understand it can happen in any of our jurisdictions, large or small, where people in a free society try to live their lives. Churches, sporting events, school graduations, etc. we have to be vigilant now and in the future.

Norman Barnett @ 6/12/2016 8:53 AM

Evil exists, as evidenced by this horrific event. I'm also reminded of Gods loving grace. Just look at the outpouring of the community - people lined up at the blood bank, there to donate. Community faith leaders of all stripes praying for the victims, families and law enforcement. I praise all those LEOs who helped bring this active shooter event to a close. God bless you and protect you every day.

FrankD @ 6/12/2016 9:32 AM

Sad state this country is in. One set of eyes with so many chances of getting killed in public. Yet the Liberals still think that we should disarm the general population. I was wondering if and when people in this country are going to wake the hell up. Does it take another 911, Mass bombing of a mall? As this story unfolds I would like to know if Club Security was surprised? Club Security probably made dam sure no one walking thru the door had a firearm.

Tom Ret @ 6/12/2016 9:45 AM

Anyone want to bet that the Obama administration will not call this incident Islamic terrorism even if this turns out to be the case. They will blame the gun and or gun laws and refer to it as a tragedy. Even if the gunman had a bomb or bombs, that will be of no significance to them as they will insist that if we only had another gun law this wouldn't have happened. Their admonition will be on not overreacting and this shooter did not reflect the true face of Islam. They will downplay any notion that he did this because of his religion. Unfortunately, there will probably be copy cats waiting in the wings that will be motivated to get a bigger body count as ISIS will announce what a great hero this shooter is in the hope of spurring others to become heroes and martyrs themselves. Obama will continue to insist on bringing more and more undocumented and non vetted Muslims into the country from the war torn areas irrespective of the potential terrorism that may result.

Charles Jastre @ 6/12/2016 9:54 AM

In 1967, during the Yom Kippur War, I completed US Army basic training at Fort Benning Georgia.

During our turbulent late sixties, I served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, from 1969 until 1973, when I returned to active duty status.

In 1977 my Military Police Officer Advanced course dissertation was on world wide terrorism.

The only question, I concluded, was not whether terrorism would come to America but rather when.

For 50 years, the gathering and sharing capabilities of our
national intelligence resources have been hamstrung and politicized.

How many more wake up calls must we endure before our politicians finally respond appropriately and effectively?

Charles Jastre @ 6/12/2016 10:06 AM

Perhaps, the Pink Pistols will have enough political clout to move our politicians to allow all citizens to arm and defend themselves everywhere.
It works in Switzerland and even in Israel where they face a daily existential threat to their individual and National survival.

Charles Jastre @ 6/12/2016 10:19 AM

Before I open the door to Pandora's Box please let me clarify that this right enures to responsible properly trained and qualified adult citizens.

David Watson @ 6/12/2016 12:32 PM

Mr. Runnels, I'm not going to speak for LE as a whole, just for myself. Respond however you choose, I won't care. You sir, are an idiot. A flat out idiot. There is no other way to say it.

Tom Ret @ 6/12/2016 3:01 PM

Runnels-A lot of us on this forum have put our butts on the line numerous times
during our careers in which we were willing to suffer death and or injury to protect the public whom we most likely didn't know. In just one instance during
my nearly 30 years my partner was shot during a hostage situation and I probably would have been shot if the suspect hadn't emptied his revolver already. So why don't you STFU and quit insulting officers. Officers take enough shit without reading it on this forum from numb nuts like you who obviously has no idea what officers face on the street.

Brandon Smith @ 6/12/2016 4:49 PM

Mr Runnels, if you think you can do it better then step up to the plate and join up and show us how it's done.

DaveM55 @ 6/12/2016 11:23 PM

Murder know matter how you write it! I do notice that the law enforcement community rushed to this scene as they took and oath to do! And risked their lives to save other's in their community, their country! It's going to be a long summer thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this incident!

Sun-Tzu- said," “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will always be victorious. This means that you always want to keep your friends close to you because they are people you can trust and rely on. It means that you always have to know what your enemies are doing. Or for a reference, as a war tactic, know what the enemy is doing so you don't get ambushed." Sun-Tzu

Bruce L. Johnson @ 6/13/2016 8:54 AM

I'm guessing Mr. Runnels is a troll. He believes all he sees or hears on the internet. until pre crime becomes a reality we can only deal with what we have. We respond to crimes. It is rare we get the opportunity to know in advance. Militarization? The armored vehicles used by most LE are not military, they are civilian bought from security companies. the uniforms and weapons are carried for a host of reasons. But the victims will be forgotten. it be about anti LE, anti Gun, Anti whatever the flavor of the day is. Bless the victim,s families and they will have to live with this tragedy.

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