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Video: Colorado Officer, 2 Civilians Killed by Abortion Clinic Active Shooter

November 28, 2015  | 

VIDEO: Colorado Officer, 2 Civilians Killed by Abortion Clinic Active Shooter

A police officer and two civilians were killed at the Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs, Colo., Friday. The gunman has been detained, according to the Colorado Springs police department, and nine individuals, including five police officers, have been wounded.

Federal law enforcement sources and a local official have told ABC News that the suspect has been identified as Robert Lewis Dear, 57. According to his booking sheet, Dear will be in court Monday and is being held without bond.

The motive behind the shooting is unknown, ABC News reports.

Officer Garrett Swasey (Photo: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs PD)
Officer Garrett Swasey (Photo: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs PD)

The deceased officer was on the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) police department. In a statement released by the university, the officer has been identified as Garrett Swasey, 44. It added that Swasey, who was with the UCCS police department for six years, was killed in the line of duty.

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Barbara @ 11/28/2015 7:16 AM

Stop calling PP an abortion clinic it's a health care center. Do not demonize the good work planned parenthood provides. Every hospital in America provides abortion care. That's what a miscarriage is and while it is not chosen it is provided by hospitals and clinics. No one should be killed providing health care. Remember good hard working citizens have been killed not just a Police officer.

Blaine @ 11/28/2015 9:12 AM

Really? Planned Parenthood is a "health care center"? A business whose primary service is killing innocents -- not "health care" is not a very healthy place.

You say, "No one should be killed providing health care." That's exactly correct -- especially children who, in the vast majority of cases, are considered nothing but than inconvenience for one or both parents. No child should ever be harmed for such a selfish reason.

I can not condone the actions of the shooter. Simply being in a legalized human slaughter house does not justify harming anyone therein.

Tom Ret @ 11/28/2015 11:54 AM

What the shooter did was wrong and evil. It sounds like a lot of what goes on
at planned parenthood is wrong and evil as well. Anyone who condones the
harvesting of baby parts from abortions for money should examine their self righteous attitude of how great planned parenthood is. The left, who is all for
woman's rights, apparently have little to no regard for the unborn and any rights they may have. When the dentist killed a lion there was much uproar and is much more important to the left than thousands of abortions because among other things, they rationalize that it isn't really a living thing that is affected by abortion.

Annom @ 11/28/2015 12:52 PM

There right they do a lot of st`-Prenatal care mamograms etc.

Doug @ 11/28/2015 2:43 PM

You people are pathetic. A police officer and two citizens lose their life and all you can think about is arguing about religion and politics. No wonder out country is so screwed up right now! Go to hell, you will be in good company.

S.S. @ 11/30/2015 6:29 AM

Ok so pretty much all of us agree that p.p. is a slaughter house. Now that we got that outta the way. My heart and prayers go out to Officer Swasey and to his family, and family in blue. This Officer did his duty and he died from it. He had the courage and the honor to go in there to save lives and stop the threat. Prayers go out to the others injured. May you r.i.p. Officer Swasey.

tedb @ 11/30/2015 8:35 AM

While I am pro-life, I fail to see what killing a good cop and two other people, plus wounding several others (attempted murder, obviously) is going to do to further the pro-life cause. This man was a twisted criminal, just like any other mass murderer. Also, Annom should refrain from posting until he/she learns the rules of English; and I agree with Doug...this is not the time nor vehicle for arguing the abortion issues. This is a place for police officers to communicate with each other and there have been entirely too many trolls on this site lately.

Old VAlawdog @ 11/30/2015 12:50 PM

Whether we agree or not with the services PP provides it's not our call. Just like when we have to put up with some of these non LEO poster that come on here with diarrhea of the mouth and exercise their 1st amendment rights and we get pissed off, as much as we hate it, it's not or call. Remember we're law enforcers not law makers. RIP Ofc. Swasey

John retired IA PD @ 11/30/2015 8:41 PM

My thoughts and prayers go to the families of those killed and injured. PP is not the issue here. What can be done to prevent these shootings from happening? They are happening everywhere. Not just in PP clinics. How did this nut bag get his weapons? What can be done to curtail these shootings? Police and good citizens are paying the ultimate price because of these crazy people. I wonder how many of the places, where shootings occur, have signs posted that no firearms are allowed. Perhaps if active and retired LEO's could carry in these places, maybe, just maybe, some of these crazies could be stopped before the death count gets too high. Stay safe out there brothers and sisters.

S.S. @ 12/1/2015 5:44 AM

percy i type just the way I text unlike you I have a job, and I don't have time to sit around and critique any grammatical errors. So please do something else with your time. No one likes you or your stupid ass comments. Why don't you go and hang out on the street corner just like your mother and hook. Extra money for your welfare collecting ass. Like mother like daughter. Silly lil bitch. Oh btw yes l know it's not lil it's little.

Percy @ 12/1/2015 4:42 PM

No S.S. you just critique everyone about absolutely everything else.
Oh and insult them openly without ever having one of your comments
removed. And please do stop speaking for everyone, the only one who
seems to constantly and fanatically opposed to my posts is you.

S.S. @ 12/2/2015 7:41 AM


Percy @ 12/2/2015 2:03 PM

TSK TSK TSK potty mouth, are you done?
And, ah no, I think I'll stay right here mr policeeman.

S.S. @ 12/3/2015 10:58 AM

C'mon now percy you know no one on this site likes you. You are extremely annoying. Plus you are on a site for cops. Not bottom feeding scum like you. If anyone else thinks that she (percY) is annoying please just post that she is not welcomed on this site. This site is not for angry females like percy. Your mom also btw didn't think I had a potty mouth, but she definately did.

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