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Attack on Dallas Police Reloads Debate Over Officers' Firepower

June 15, 2015  | 

SWAT officers are often equipped with tools that police critics say should be restricted to military use. (Photo: File Photo)
SWAT officers are often equipped with tools that police critics say should be restricted to military use. (Photo: File Photo)

For many officers, Saturday’s attack on Dallas police headquarters was the latest proof that they’re under siege — and further evidence that they need more weapons to combat the threats against them.

But critics say arming officers with military-style equipment only escalates tensions in the communities they serve.

The public often underestimates the danger officers face, Dallas Police Association vice president Frederick Frazier told the Dallas Morning News.

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Tom Ret @ 6/16/2015 5:56 AM

No doubt the idiot that makes the statement that arming officers with military style equipment only escalates tensions in the community isn't the one who has to counter crazed gunmen like this one in Texas. It is time for the police to tell the critics to shut up or go handle it yourself.

S.S. @ 6/16/2015 8:26 AM

one person to blame "obama".

Jon Retired LEO @ 6/16/2015 1:23 PM

The general public has no clue about the many dangers that Police officers face everyday. Furthermore they don;t give a rats a------- until something unreal happens to them and then they are squealing like pigs for help and you were supposed to be there immediately if not sooner. As far as weaponry, I think that officers should have every bit as much firepower as they need to end the threat PERIOD!

Observer @ 6/17/2015 6:38 AM

On a side note, I wonder if these well trained Long Beach Police SWAT Operators ever looked back at this photo and realized that the first officer in the line of march has an AR/M4 pointed at the back of his head and officer number two has a shotgun pointed at his back. Good weapons control!

kevCopAz @ 6/21/2015 9:26 PM

10 I agree if we allow Obama/Feds to stop our use of tactical/military weapons we will be at an extreme disadvantage. I hate to say that some departments do seem to get a bit too tactical when they have zero history of any need for that (small rural areas) but then again, if they are not prepared then they will be targeted by those that know that so better armed and not use them then not have them when you need them so Obama/Feds.Libs keep your mouth shut and give us what we need. 2) to Observer, I think its just the camera angle, if you look closely I think they probably are safe.

tbow426 @ 6/24/2015 8:08 AM

Observer, you just assumed the same thing that civilians do based upon one photo showing one angle. It may appear weapons are pointed directly at the officers when they may in reality be pointed several feet to the side.

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