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Video: Detroit Cop Says Fatal Raid Shooting Not Negligent

June 13, 2013  | 

VIDEO: Detroit Cop Testifies About Fatal Raid

The Detroit Police tactical operator accused of negligently causing a 7-year-old's death testified Thursday that he constantly thinks about a shooting he said was accidental.

Joseph Weekley said he wasn't negligent in handling his MP5 subgun when he entered the lower flat of a residence on May 16, 2010 while searching for murder suspect, Chauncey Owens. During the dynamic entry, a flash-bang went off and Weekley encountered Mertilla Jones, who was sleeping on the couch with her granddaughter, Aiyana.

Weekley noticed movement under what he thought was laundry on the couch and pointed his weapon at it. That's when he testified that Mertilla Jones hit and pushed down his weapon and he heard a shot, reports the Detroit News.

"I replay this every day in my head," Weekley said. "There's nothing else I could have done differently."

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TBOW426 @ 6/14/2013 8:30 AM

Terrible tragedy! It is obvious he did not go in with the intent to shoot the little girl. With that said, it is also obvious the Detriot team also played for the cameras in several of the other shows and is guility of showboating at times. The H&K MP5 has so little recoil it is entirely possible Weekley did not know it fired, but the only way it fired is because his finger pulled the trigger. By all testimony it does appear he failed to maintain trigger/weapon discipline and that may be enough to convict.

Rick @ 6/14/2013 8:51 AM

He needs to look up the definition of 'negligent discharge'. SWAT operators, as well as regular officers, are taught to not place your finger on the trigger unless you are going to shoot. If his finger was outside of the trigger guard, the lady could have grabbed the weapon and it wouldn't have 'gone off'. Guns only fire when the trigger is pulled or in rare cases, when the weapon malfunctions, usually due to a worn part.

Shawn @ 6/18/2013 8:03 AM

Sympathetic contractions, loss of balance and startled reaction elict involuntary muscle contractions that are sufficiently strong to bring about involuntary disharge. (Enoka Study 2003) It is pretty obvious that all three of these factors were working against him that night. It is easy to throw out "negligent discharge" in cases like this one. The question is how many scenarios have you had throughout the course of your career during in-service or SWAT training that involve demonstrating the ability to control sympathetic contractions, while someone is grabbing your firearm, during a startled response topped with a loss of balance? Then, how often do you train for it? My guess would be none or very few.

TruthSeeker @ 6/19/2013 4:19 PM

Complete nonsense! The statement about the gun "mistakenly" going off as grandma was wrestling the officer is a feeble excuse to protect the officer and swats tragic mistake. When a cop enters a home unnannounced, especially after a flash bank grenade, assumption has to be made that there are going to be occupants and possibly innocent civilians inside, armed or unarmed. You enter the home with fingers OFF the triggers unless its determined that a threat exists. This is what these SWAT PROS are trained for. Joe Weekly is a trigger happy cop who was showing off as usual for the cameras and walked into an unknown situation which resulted in a inncocent sleeping 7 year old being shot through the neck/head. NEVER CARRY a weapon with the trigger unless you plan on firing. He made a grave error which will unltimately cost the taxpayers MILLIONS and a young girl her life. He feels bad? Really? He will unltimately get off scott free, will retain his job, and bask in the millions the city and insurance will pay the grieveing family. He wont pay a dime! He wont serve any time. His life will go on, probably with an extra medal for "heroism" during the botched raid that NEVER should have been. Joe "Brain" as they call him, was far from smart that day....the dead girl deserves better and this trial will prove to be a farce.

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