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Five Dead In Nevada IHOP Rampage

September 06, 2011  | 

Two Three uniformed National Guard members were killed by a man who opened fire this morning in a Carson City, Nev., IHOP restaurant before shooting himself.

Five people, including the shooter, are now dead and eight others suffered wounds from an attack that shattered the breakfast hour and generated a massive law enforcement response involving officers from 11 agencies, including the Carson City Sheriff's Office.

The shooter has been identified as Eduardo Sencion, reports Carson Now.

The attack began shortly before 9 a.m. this morning, when Sencion pulled up to the restaurant in a blue minivan. Using an AK-type rifle, he shot a man on a motorcycle, and then headed into the restaurant. Once inside, he opened fire. Three of the wounded were also National Guard members.

Sencion shot himself at the scene and died later.

Sources: ABC News, Carson Now.

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Ah2bacop @ 9/7/2011 12:08 AM

RIP uniformed brothers. Sencion did society a favor by offing himself, even though he deprived a lot of cops the pleasure. This was just a really bad situation all the way around. Terrible for those Innocent people we lost. Condolences all.

Officer Taylor @ 9/7/2011 1:21 AM

Never ending trend of deaths in this world/country it seems. Rest In Peace Soldiers, you did your duty. Side Note: I believe all military personnelle that is in uniform in public should always be armed, Rather it be Hand Gun or Assault Weaopon..They defefend this Country, so they should be able to defend THEMSELVES IN this Country just like us (Law Enforcement) does. God Bless, Watch your Six, & Stay Dilagent!

Officer Taylor @ 9/7/2011 1:23 AM

(Corrections Made to typos: Never ending trend of deaths in this world/country it seems. Rest In Peace Soldiers, you did your duty. Side Note: I believe all military persons that is in uniform in public should always be armed, Rather it be Hand Gun or Assault Weapon..They defefend this Country, so they should be able to defend THEMSELVES IN this Country just like us (Law Enforcement) does. God Bless, Watch your Six, & Stay Dilagent!

Kevin @ 9/7/2011 2:36 AM

All soldiers should be armed when in uniform. We are a walking target and an easy target because everyone knows we don't have weapons while at home. I decided long ago to utilize my conceled licence to have my Gun on me at all times while in uniform. If I had been at that I Hop the outcome would have been different. RIP to all.

Gary @ 9/7/2011 3:39 AM

I wonder if he was an illegal....PO'ed about losing his job that he was entitled to on the first place? I dunno...but I agree with the part about the military carrying weapons...while in least while in town. Anyways....when Americans finally get enough of dirtbags killing the innocent only then will they realize it's past time to take a stand on all issues.....

Sergeant Jose E. Barreto @ 9/7/2011 6:54 AM

I agree 100%, our military while in uniform MUST be armed, the weapon comes and is part of the uniform, just like us in LE.

Tom @ 9/7/2011 8:07 AM

Situations like this point out the need for all officers to carry off duty. Just imagine you and your family eating at this restaurant at the time the gunman came inside. The government most likely will not authorize the arming of the guardsmen as a result of this shooting as it is more interested in not projecting a hostile image than any threat towards the military.

Dave @ 9/7/2011 10:54 AM

A sad day for all U.S. Citizens. That said, I am amazed that in Nevada there were no armed citizens to engage, especially those in uniform. For 26 years in the military and more in the U.S. Gov I was armed at all times with NO inappropriate actions taken but no less than 18 (justified) firearms related responses on public turf. Between the threats on the street and the threats on military bases these days why does the military not arm (at least) their NCOs and Officers? They swear an oath of office too and any required training and certifications can easily be dealt with. My gosh when will the public wake up and allow all military and non-military persons alike to be trained, armed and provide for their own defense. Especially in years like this with record numbers of police offices being shot and attacks by radicals and crazies higher than ever? My prayers go out to the families of those killed and to those hurt in this attack. To the rest of Police Magazine's reader base - good luck.

Tom Ret @ 9/7/2011 12:52 PM

As bad as this situation was there have been worse as in the McDonalds massacre in San Diego in the 80s.. The decade of the 70s was the deadliest for police with over 200 on average being killed per year (something like 220-230).

Morning Eagle @ 9/7/2011 1:14 PM

I spent 35 years in Army uniform beginning back in the turbulent '60s, about half active and half reserve. While reserve I was in law enforcement. I have always believed military personnel when in uniform should be armed either openly or concealed but armed just the same. One of the most subversive things clinton did was prohibit anyone carrying firearms on military bases except on-duty security personnel. Helped a lot on Ft. Hood didn't it? In Israel soldiers routinely carry their issued weapons wherever they go while in uniform and who knows how many terrorist attacks that fact may have stopped cold before they got started? My heart goes out to the families of those that were killed and those who were wounded by this senseless insanity and I am GLAD the POS killed himself. Just too bad an armed citizen or Soldier didn’t put him down sooner. For those worried about presenting an aggressive image of the military by having them carry firearms - Good Lord! The purpose of our military is to protect our citizens and in today's world an "aggressive image" is much more effective when dealing with scum that only understand superior force.

Tom Ret @ 9/7/2011 4:29 PM

Our left wing federal government will never admit that an armed citizen could have taken out the shooter or see the benefit of armed citizens. They want gun laws to resemble Chicago's or California. Allowing NCOs and officers in the guard to be armed at least with side arms is probably a good idea but I don't see it happening. There more likely will be a move to disarm rather than arm which will of course leave the average law abiding citizen defenseless against the armed thugs who are not worried about violating gun laws.

J.D Las Vegas @ 9/14/2011 5:36 PM

These incidents are becoming more commonplace, and it is the duty of every law abiding citizen to be armed. However truth is they are not. Any ccw holder should be armed at all times because it is our duty to protect ourselves and those around us who cannot. I carry in my job and I always carry off duty, truth is the Police cannot protect you they can only respond to the call most of the time after the incident has already taken place. And yes, all active military should at least have a sidearm at all times. God bless our country and it's citizens.

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