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Defense Technology Flash-Bang Simulator Training Kit

Defense Technology's Low Roll Training Simulator Starter Kit allows tactical operators to practice using Distraction Devices without the danger or cost of the real thing.

January 06, 2014  |  by - Also by this author

Photo courtesy of Defense Technology
Photo courtesy of Defense Technology

You want to be as prepared as possible to use less-lethal devices during call-outs. But if you could limit the cost and danger needed to train in their use, why wouldn't you? That's the idea behind Defense Technology's Low Roll Training Simulator Starter Kit. It contains everything an agency needs to instruct tactical team members in the use of flash-bangs in one portable package.

The heart of the kit is of course the Low Roll Training simulator itself. "It's based on a completely pneumatic operation, so there's no flame, heat, or spark involved," explains John Kapeles, category director of The Safariland Group's Defense Technology brand.

A real Defense Technology Distraction Device contains an explosive charge set off by a pyrotechnic fuse. The result is a loud sound, bright light, and significant overpressure. Defense Technology's Low-Roll Simulator, however, uses compressed gas to generate its sound.

"With no heat or overpressure, it's a much safer way to train when operators are first introduced to the concept of Distraction Devices," says Kapeles. "They can learn safe handling practices and the way to deploy them without the associated hazards of the real device."

But other than a lack of danger, the Low Roll Training Simulator is a very believable replica in fit, form, and function. It is the same size and weight as the real device so it feels the same and fits in all pouches and carriers. It also produces a very loud report to get tac teams used to continuing their mission despite the disruptive sound of a flash-bang. Another realistic feature is a pneumatic delay that activates when thrown to mimic the delay component of the actual device.

Beyond realism, these training simulators can provide a significant benefit when it comes to extending a law enforcement department's funding for training.

"It is very cost effective," says Kapeles. "Students in a class can deploy this multiple times and get very comfortable with the deployment and handling procedures at a small fraction of the cost of a single real device."

Other cost savings can be found in not needing to repair training facilities and being able to use free venues that might not allow true flash-bangs. "Because there is no hazardous material or pyrotechnic involved, there is no risk of damage to the surfaces where you're deploying it during training," notes Kapeles.

Defense Technology's Starter Kit also makes training in various settings easier because agencies can quickly fill and refill the simulators wherever the training is conducted.

"This is one of the features that makes the kit such a great training tool. You can reload it, start to finish, in less than 60 seconds," says Kapeles. To fill a simulator, you place the fuse handle onto the fuse body and secure it with a new pull ring. Then put the unit on top of the compressed gas cylinder with the regulator and fill tip in place. Hold the simulator body down for about five seconds until it's filled, and then screw a new end cap onto the bottom of the simulator body.

The starter kit comes in a case that holds the reusable components—compressed gas cylinder, simulator bodies, fuse heads, fuse handles, and a pressure regulator and fill tip to refill the bodies—and the consumable components—the pull rings and endcaps used to generate the sound output of the device—which can be reordered. You can also order additional simulator bodies and a maintenance kit for the fuse heads and fuse handles.

Departments don't like to sacrifice realism in training, but they can't always afford to use the real thing," Kapeles says. "I think Defense Technology's Low Roll Training Simulator Starter Kit really helps to solve that issue for agencies using Distraction Devices."

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Comments (2)

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Serpico @ 1/8/2014 10:38 PM

What point does an LEO become a Para military organization? Along time ago in the 1990s a man used a Tank and went on a chase in San Diego. All the Mayor had to do, was call the Gov. tell him it's an emergency, and send an Apache helicopter to shoot it! Or one A-10 Warthog. Once the thing blew up, nobody would try that stuff again! Instead we arm LEO's to the MAX, and tell US citizens they're evil if they do the same? There have been Terrorists in the Deserts of AZ. But the GOV. did nothing about it. I used to see Muslim Extremists on Big Life with Daniel Rischler on Canadian tv. If Canadian's can find them, and they're not in Saudi, or Sudan. The CIA and NSA could have taken them out B4 9-11.
People need to keep in mind who they are and who they're fighting for! The Majority of US people just want to be left alone, live and let live. The same people who think guns are bad are the ones fighting the hardest to take them away! How about people keep guns, and we keep peace?

tbow426 @ 1/16/2014 12:29 PM

Really??? All it would have taken is a call from the mayor to the Gov. and an Apache helicopter or Warthog would have magically appeared and Hellfire missiles would have taken the tank out???!!! That little process would have taken more than a little while to accomplish. Firing a missile into a residential neighborhood!!!! Are you kidding!!!! Have you ever made an "emergency call" to a military base? I have. Just trying to find the right person to talk to can take an hour. Chased two murder suspects onto a large military reservation. Called trying to get a helicopter with FLIR from the base to fly over and spot them. Our helicopter could not get permission to enter the airspace over the base. Would have been very easy for the suspects to kill a couple of soldiers, take their clothing and walk away. Never got the helicopter and the suspects walked away. Killed an elderly couple later a week later.

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