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Eagle 3 Radar

Company: Kustom Signals

October 08, 2018

Kustom Signals' new Eagle 3 Radar (Photo: Kustom Signals)
Kustom Signals' new Eagle 3 Radar (Photo: Kustom Signals)

Kustom Signals' new Eagle 3 Radar has been approved and is now listed on the NHTSA Conforming Product List. It is available for purchase using federal highway safety grant funds and meets or exceeds the technical specifications maintained by NHTSA. Eagle 3 features include patent pending front and rear scan mode for advanced target tracking, a color touch screen display with selectable color options, and faster processing. It also features patent pending wireless vehicle speed sensing, a patent pending remote control with new electronic tuning fork, DuraTrak indicators, and patented QuikTrak one-button target tracking with lock.

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