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Boston Officer Saves 18 People in Townhouse Fire

May 3, 2016
"You could see the flames and it didn’t look good. As soon as I exited my cruiser, people started pointing to the building and yelling that there were still people inside."

Video: Michigan Mother-Son Duo Join the Same Police Force

May 3, 2016
First they attended the police academy together, and now a mother and son team have been sworn in as officers on the Flint (MI) Police Department.

Video: Nevada Lawmaker Says Citizens can Point Guns at Officers when Officers Point Guns at Them

May 3, 2016
Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R), who is currently seeking her party’s nomination for an open U.S. House seat, says she believes the right to self defense includes the right to aim your gun at anyone who aims a gun at you, even if the other person is a law enforcement officer.

Lawmakers Denounce Plan to Transfer GITMO Detainees to U.S. Soil

May 3, 2016
The Major County Sheriff's Association sent a letter to the president to express their opposition to the plan. The letter states, "Detainees, deemed too dangerous to release, should not be brought to the homeland where they will pose a threat to the local communities we serve."
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Florida Correctional Officer Dies After Training Competition

May 2, 2016
Florida Correctional Officer Sgt. Jorge Ramos died Sunday afternoon, two days after participating in a statewide Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) competition at Sumter Correctional Institution.

Baltimore Officer Shoots Suspect in Attempted 'Suicide by Cop'

May 2, 2016
A young Baltimore police officer followed his training when he shot through the window of his patrol car at a suspect who was pointing a gun at him Sunday morning in what is now believed to be an attempted suicide by cop incident, said the police commissioner.

L.A. Sheriff's Official Resigns Over Racially-Insensitive Emails

May 2, 2016
A high-ranking Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department official has resigned in the wake of recent revelations that he shared "inappropriate and unprofessional" emails during his previous job as assistant police chief in Burbank, the L.A. County sheriff announced Sunday.

Video: Vacationing Texas Police Chief Helps NYPD Arrest Suspect

May 2, 2016
A Texas police chief vacationing in New York City intervened in a fight between an alleged thief and a store security officer on the street, and helped arrest the suspect, the NYPD said.
<p>Deputy Jonathan Lyle</p>

Georgia Deputy Found Dead at Home

May 2, 2016
A Floyd County, GA, Sheriff's deputy was pronounced dead in his home Thursday.

Civil Rights Group Says Park Rangers' Uniforms Are 'Threatening' to Latinos

May 2, 2016
A coalition of lawmakers and civil rights groups has a message for the National Park Service: your uniforms and vehicles are "very threatening" to Latinos.
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