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<p>Officer Matthew Hickey served as Ajax&#39;s handler for three years. (Photo: Facebook)</p>

Retired Officer to Keep K-9, No Auction Planned

February 1, 2016
A retired police officer in Ohio will get to keep his K-9 partner if he becomes an auxiliary officer, city officials in Marietta announced, amid fears that the dog would be put up for auction.

Video: Retired Ohio Officer's K-9 Set to Be Auctioned Off

February 1, 2016
Marietta, OH, K-9 Officer Matt Hickey says he's spent every day for the past three years with his partner Ajax. But despite Hickey's willingness to purchase the dog so they can retire together, the city's policy mandates that Ajax be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Impact Power Technologies Awarded Boston PD Radio Battery Replacement Contract

February 1, 2016
Impact Power Technologies (IPT) won the Boston PD bid against five competitors for conversion of its Motorola XTS 2500 radio batteries to IPT extended life batteries.

Chiefs, Officials, and Trainers Draft Use-of-Force Guidelines to Reduce Officer-Involved Shootings

February 1, 2016
Among reforms discussed at length were retraining all officers in deescalation tactics and abandoning training that teaches the “21-foot-rule” — a turn of phrase taught to nearly all current U.S. police officers that is often interpreted by officers to mean they are justified in shooting any suspect with a knife or edged weapon who comes within 21 feet of them.

Texas Officers Kill Man Who Attacked Them in Bizarre Rampage

February 1, 2016
A man who attacked two police officers and several homeowners in a residential neighborhood Saturday night was reportedly running up and down the street “making growling sounds” before he was fatally shot by police, Saginaw, TX, police spokesman Sgt. Damon Ing said Sunday.

Video: Richmond Officer Shot in Foot Pursuit, Suspect in Custody

February 1, 2016
A Richmond, VA, police officer was shot during a foot pursuit in the Brookland Park area of Richmond early Sunday morning.

San Francisco Police Asked to Take Pledge to Report Intolerance by Fellow Officers

February 1, 2016
San Francisco police officers are being asked to combat racism in the ranks and take a pledge to turn in colleagues displaying intolerant behavior, such as slurs and jokes targeting people of color, gays and women.

LAPD Officers Fired Over Fatal Pursuit Shooting Sue to be Reinstated

February 1, 2016
Michael Ayala and Leonardo Ortiz were among about two dozen officers who pulled up behind 51-year-old Brian Beaird’s mangled Corvette after he crashed in downtown Los Angeles in 2013, ending a long, high-speed pursuit

Video: Pennsylvania K-9 Fatally Stabbed, Suspect Shot and Killed

February 1, 2016
Police say Bruce Kelley Jr. refused orders and when using a stun gun didn’t work, they released K-9 Officer Aren in an effort to capture Kelley.

Video: Campus Officer Steps in for Singer to Perform Stirring Version of National Anthem

February 1, 2016
Campus policeman Carlton Smith became the last minute replacement for the absent vocalist and did an excellent job with the task brought before him.
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