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St. Louis Circuit Attorney Declines Accepting Cases from 28 Officers

September 2, 2018
According to KTVI-TV, St. Louis’s top prosecutor—Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner—has a so-called "exclusion list" of 28 police officers and will refuse to prosecute suspected criminals if any of those officers are deemed critical to such prosecutions.

Proposed California Legislation Would Limit Who Can Be Charged with Felony Murder

August 31, 2018
The California legislature has sent to the governor proposed legislation that would significantly limit who can be charged under the felony murder rule—under which defendants can be convicted of first-degree murder if a victim dies during the commission of a felony, "even if the defendant did not intend to kill or did not know a homicide occurred."

Texts Show North Carolina Chief Told Officers to 'Not Engage' Protesters

August 31, 2018
Chief Chris Blue of the Chapel Hill (NC) Police Department instructed his officers to stand aside last week as protesters pulled down a controversial Confederate monument on the University of North Carolina campus, according to Fox News.
<p>Police officers with the Gresham (OR) Police Department have a new officemate&mdash;a fished named Rocky. Image courtesy of&nbsp;Gresham PD / Facebook.</p>

Oregon Officers Save Pet Fish from Tank Filled with Garbage, Cigarette Butts

August 31, 2018
Police officers with the Gresham (OR) Police Department have a new officemate—a fished named Rocky.

DA: Police Not at Fault for Death of Pennsylvania Man During Search

August 31, 2018
Berks County District Attorney John Adams has concluded that the death of 51-year-old Gregory Longenecker as he fled police into a thicket of tall grass was his own fault, not the fault of the police who were chasing him.

Connecticut Police Detonate "Pressure Cooker" Device Found Near Elementary School

August 31, 2018
Officers with the Meriden (CT) Police Department were called to investigate a reported suspicious package not far from Israel Putnam Elementary School in Meriden Thursday morning. They discovered what they called a "pressure cooker type device" and initiated a "shelter-in-place" until the bomb squad could detonate the device.

San Francisco POA Opposes Proposed "Safe Injection Sites" for Drug Users

August 31, 2018
Rick Andreotti, vice president of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association, told KRON News that while he's happy the city is concerned for people's well-being, he doesn't think this is the right way to stop the drug epidemic.

Texas Officer Who Pointed Gun at Kids Cleared of Wrongdoing

August 31, 2018
In the July 5 incident Officer Jose Rios was attempting to effect the arrest of two juveniles when he was surrounded by a number of other juveniles who closed in on him as they shouted taunts. The incident was captured on cell phone video, which quickly went viral on social media.
<p>Baltimore police are still searching for the killed of&nbsp;Detective Sean Suiter. An independent review board says he killed himself. (Photo: Baltimore PD)</p>

Panel Says Baltimore Detective Thought Murdered Killed Himself, Case Still Open

August 30, 2018
Among the evidence: The gun barrel was in contact with Suiter's head when the fatal shot was fired. Nobody else's DNA was found on his weapon. Blood spatter was found inside the right-handed detective's right shirt cuff, indicating his hand and arm were in a high position when the shot was fired.
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