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Video: Memphis Officers Facing Increasing Job Dangers Are Asking “Is It Worth It?”

July 07, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Memphis Officers Facing Increasing Job Dangers Are Asking “Is It Worth It?”

Assaults on police officers in Memphis are on the rise. Four MPD officers have been involved in a shooting or been assaulted in just the last two weeks.

The man who heads the police union told FOX13 confrontation resolution is only getting worse. “It's becoming very dangerous just being a police officer in this city,” Mike Williams, the head of the Memphis Police Association, said.

Williams said the ability to solve a confrontation is getting harder for officers.

“You kind of wonder is it worth it? What's the nature of the call? Should I put my life on the line to deal with this situation?” Williams said regarding the thought process of an officer.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stats show 136 MPD officers were assaulted in 2015. That is more than any other city in the state of Tennessee.

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kevcopAz @ 7/7/2016 4:37 PM

hey all of you current cops out there, take it from a 35+ year veteran LEO, it used to be worth it, yes dangerous but you were respected and appreciated. Now its no longer that way and frankly its not worth it. Find another career and let others suffer, elections and policies have consequences. Let those that bitch and moan pick up a badge and see if they can do it better. Find peace don't waste your life until things turn around. thought I would never in my lifetime say that, but sadly its true. FIND other employment, look out for yourself, your department wont, your political "leaders" wont and in general neither will public. Run away while you still have the chance.

David Watson @ 7/7/2016 6:18 PM

I believe from the bottom of my very soul that "it" isn't worth it. However, who will do it if those of us with good intent don't get up every day and just friggin do it? I have to also believe from the bottom of my soul that, for me, it's just what I do. Politicians are politicians. Liars, cheats, and thieves all. The general public has become so pampered they don't even know what they don't know, and are only mad because someone has told them to be. At the end of my career I may not have changed anything, or made the slightest impact. Who cares? I may end my career through retirement, or a bullet to the head. What difference does it make? The world and everything in it will keep moving. 10 minutes after retirement the dept will still function. 10 minutes after I die people will head to the dinner table and begin moving on with the rest of their lives. I don't believe in the "calling" theory. But some do. It is a choice. Make the choice to leave, or make the choice to stay and put in good work. But if you are looking for a safe job, go be a cabinet maker, and keep your hands away from the dangerous part of power tools. The rest of us will carry on, and the place you left vacant will be filled.

Rede2hike @ 7/8/2016 9:19 AM

It's not worth it, find another profession. All the hell we have to go thru to try to make the world a bit better, it just doesn't matter any more. After 27 years of personal sacrifice, PTSD, stress and never knowing if today is my last day, I know now that be a cop just doesn't matter. Our "American society " is on an express elevator to hell. When every law breaking thug is elevated and shown to be "a poor victim" to to brutal police it's time to pack it in and let civilization have at it and rip themselves apart.
We, the few officers left in this country need to organize, become one and stand up for our rights instead of standing in the shadows hoping the politicians and desk commanders do the right thing, cause all they care about is themselves.

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