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Video: North Carolina Councilwoman Says Police Are “Most Dangerous” with Guns

June 23, 2016  | 

VIDEO: North Carolina Councilwoman Says Police Are “Most Dangerous” with Guns

Durham, NC, Councilwoman Jillian Johnson's comment on social media that "the most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers" has prompted heavy criticism from Durham police and residents.

Johnson posted the following on her personal Facebook page on Monday: "I am all about keeping guns away from dangerous people, but I feel like more of us should be pointing out that the most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers, and that the no-fly list and FBI anti-terror efforts are seriously corrupted by entrapment, racial profiling and Islamophobia."

The Durham Fraternal Order of Police Lodge called the comment "disturbing and hateful" and said the City Council and Durham residents shouldn't condone her position, WRAL TV reports. 

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kevcopAz @ 6/23/2016 6:42 PM

can you only imagine if an officer from that jurisdiction put out on their Facebook that council "persons" are the most dangerous with guns? Bet they would be out of a job ASAP. She should get the same, she should be re-called immediately. I would, as any normal citizen would, be embarrassed and ashamed that she was my representative. Come on folks, do the right thing, recall this obviously cop hating or crazy (or both) idiot. If you don't then you must agree with her and you are as bad if not worse.

FrankD @ 6/23/2016 7:19 PM

I see why this country is going to hell. Just look what we have representing us. I hope the good people of Durham have enough common sense to recall her. Tomorrow she will come out of the twilight zone and say she had spoken out of term. I beginning to think our politicians are worst then lawyers.

Bob peterson @ 6/23/2016 7:55 PM

What do you expect from a black woman from Durham. It's sad to think that she has a powerful position and thinks like that. I hope she resigns or gets voted out.Shame on you. You don't deserve to represent Durham.

John retired IA PD @ 6/24/2016 12:18 AM

It is a shame that the people making decisions that we all have to live by are making these hateful comments. Doesn't she realize that the cops and soldiers are the very ones that protect her so she can say such stupid things?

BT @ 6/24/2016 6:03 AM

She is a prime example of why this country is becoming so divided.
Every black man killed by a cop is unjustified?
This woman is the biggest racist ever! And then involve our military in the
statements? This woman is a joke.

Deputy Moose @ 6/25/2016 8:11 AM

Unfortunately, people like her get a pass from the liberal mainstream media and the government, whle others are accused of racism for just doing their job, which is enforcing the laws they have sworn to uphold.

DeputyJJG @ 6/27/2016 5:04 AM

As a full time Deputy who has been a licensed Texas Peace Officer for 36 years, I have to say that our country is going to hell. You expect idiots of her caliber (regardless of color) to make such comments about LEOs. But, to bring our military members into it is disgraceful. I also served 29 years (active duty and guard) in the military. God save us all. JJG

Jack Betz @ 7/3/2016 1:21 AM

was this woman born a moron

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