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San Jose Mayor Says Police will Investigate Crimes Committed During Trump Rally Riot

June 06, 2016  | 

Both San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and the San Jose police have released statements explaining why law enforcement did not respond more rapidly to the riot that followed a Trump rally Thursday night. And the Mayor has stated police will investigate crimes committed during the incident.

SJPD initially limited its release of information regarding the violent clashes to noting an officer was assaulted and a “few” people were arrested.

Liccardo commended police in his original statement, but seemed to have it both ways in blaming Trump and the people who participated in assaults taking place in the streets following the rally.

In an email blast Friday morning, Liccardo came out more forcefully in a “supplemental statement” condemning the violence, the San Jose Insider reports.

Liccardo added that San Jose police and the District Attorney’s office are now investigating incidents of violence.

“Our police department and District Attorney's office will proactively and thoroughly investigate and prosecute the offenders, and Police Chief Eddie Garcia has called for all members of our community who have video and other evidence to submit that information to the authorities so it can be used for arrest of the violent perpetrators,” he said.

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Capt. Crunch @ 6/6/2016 4:57 PM

The mayor has made the city unsafe for the citizens that live there because of his political correctness and he should step down.

Joe @ 6/6/2016 5:59 PM

This Mayor has been compromised from properly protecting his city because of his political affiliation and views. The investigation he proposes will be conducted half ass.

Retired NY Boss @ 6/6/2016 6:57 PM

Oops, Maybe he should not let his political ideology get in the way of keeping ALL citizens safe, regardless of their political affiliation.

Ordinary Joe @ 6/7/2016 5:49 AM

He has set the stage for future violence in his city. The citizens know they will not be protected and they will take matters into their own hands. I think the chief and the mayor should step down. What a huge loss of confidence. It will probably never be recovered.

This will be used against the mayor when he next runs for office. I do not know if the demographics of the city so will they keep him in office? He should lose and the new mayor would replace the chief.

I think this scenario is going to play out across the country this year. If the police leadership does not step up, all hell is going to break loose. People have seen the lack of protection they will receive and they will begin to do it themselves.

Marco @ 6/7/2016 6:25 AM

The Police will thoroughly investigate now? How do they plan to identify the people from the video? If they are out of town agitators will they extradite? Not likely. Will all of the demonstrators turn over their video showing the violence? I'm not holding my breath.

kevcopAz @ 6/7/2016 7:00 AM

The city of San Jose dropped the ball, if it was by happenstance or by design, they did not do their job. I suspect the Mayor had a lot to do with this apparent "stand-down" situation. I agree that its a bit late to "investigate" these types of criminals acts and this is a dog and pony show to take away the light from a Mayor that either made the decision to stand down or if not has a poor way of administering his office by having incompetent folks under hi. Either way the buck stops with the "boss" and he should take the hit and consider resigning. Fat chance, he obviously can't take any heat and is a liberal loud mouth who will slink away from taking any responsibility and shift any blame to "Trump" or "criminals" or to a lower staff member (Chief?) just to save his sorry butt. Both actions and sometimes inactions have consequences and I hope in this case it will be his loss in the next election.

ResAgentSWA @ 6/7/2016 12:04 PM

I've got a really novel idea. Instead of letting people beat on the Trump supporters and later investigating the crime, how about you arrest the people committing the crimes right in front of your face?

ResAgentSWA @ 6/7/2016 12:04 PM

I've got a really novel idea. Instead of letting people beat on the Trump supporters and later investigating the crime, how about you arrest the people committing the crimes right in front of your face?

Deputy Moose @ 6/9/2016 5:17 PM

Duh,...why not just enforce the law, like you swore to do.

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