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Video: Georgia Deputy Shot in the Face, Suspect Denied Bond

May 31, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Georgia Deputy Shot in the Face, Suspect Denied Bond

A Harris County, GA, Sheriff's deputy was shot in the head early Saturday evening during a traffic stop. He is in much-improved condition but still in the hospital after surgery.

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley said that Deputy Jamie White is surrounded by family and friends and "is doing much better" and is out of ICU, but there is a possibility he may lose sight in his left eye, reports WTVM.

White suffered a single shot to the face, above his left eye. Jolley says the incident happened during a traffic stop early Saturday evening around 7:30 p.m.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor confirmed the arrest of suspect Joe Lee Garrett, 24, was made just hours after the shooting Saturday night. He turned himself in to investigators in Alabama.

Shooting suspect Joe Lee Garrett was denied bond. (Photo: Russell County Jail)
Shooting suspect Joe Lee Garrett was denied bond. (Photo: Russell County Jail)

Another person, Lytishia Horace, was arrested in connection with this case. Both were extradited from Alabama.

Garrett was denied bond and Horace's bond was set at $10,000 for two felonies and $1,000 for one misdemeanor, reports the Ledger-Enquirer.

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Bob peterson @ 5/31/2016 6:52 PM

We need to have two cars on traffic stops. The initial car approaches the stopped vehicle and the second car covers the first officer with a rifle. If shots are fired, the second officer opens up on the back glass of the suspect vehicle. There is no reason an officer should be shot at during a traffic stop. Under no circumstance should one officer stop a car with black males or get out until his cover officer get in position. This might sound racist to all the bleeding hearts but it will save officer lives. Officers, don't lose your life because of racism.

GP Cobb @ 5/31/2016 7:14 PM

Yup I concur, two on one, or that ration.

GP Cobb @ 5/31/2016 7:15 PM

I concur two on one, or that ration

Seventies Copper @ 5/31/2016 9:45 PM

Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Too many officers these days seem to be afraid of their own shadow. If you don't have the gonads to pull over a vehicle by yourself, perhaps you should look for another line of work. Trade in your badge for a mail carrier's bag, for instance. Recent videos of officers running like cowards from a shoot-out or screaming for help like little girls during a down-and-dirty street fight have sickened me. And yes, I have been in gunfights and more fist fights than I can remember. We have a saying on my department: when we put on the badge, NOBODY KICKS OUR ASS. Of course, now and then we come up against a 400 pound gorilla, BUT WE FIGHT. We don't run away like cowards, and we don't scream for help like little girls.

Spurgeon Glenn @ 5/31/2016 10:29 PM

So Bob what you are saying is that even though I am a twenty plus year Fulton County Police veteran that if my ummarked, black F250 gets pulled over, I also need to have a rifle trained on my head from the rear because I happen to be a black male. Really?? You need to take the emotion out of your thinking.

Bob peterson @ 6/1/2016 8:19 AM

If the largest numbers of officers are shot by black males at traffic stops,we need to find some way to stop it. It is a sorry state of affairs if we find a small percentage of a race committing a large amount of the crime and we are afraid to talk about it or do anything about it because it is seen as racist. There is racism by police but very limited amount. Maybe the racism is developed because of drivers attitude. No officer should be shot during traffic stops. I'm not racist and have never been. I have always made it a point to treat everyone alike.

John retired IA PD @ 6/1/2016 9:41 PM

My prayers are with you Deputy White to get well soon. I think that all units should have two officers. The ones making the decisions on how to staff units are the ones siting behind their desks. They are correct when they say that most calls can be handled by one person. They go on to say that if you think you might need back up, then call for another unit. Unfortunately, you may not know that you need a back up until it is too late. Stay on guard and stay safe brothers.

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