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Video: Florida Trooper Climbs on Hood of Car, Shoots Suspect

May 27, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Florida Trooper Climbs on Hood of Car, Shoots Suspect

A suspect was killed in a shooting involving a Florida Highway Patrol motorcycle trooper in Miami Gardens Wednesday morning, officials said.

The shooting was reported in the area of Northwest 175th Street and Northwest 37th Avenue in Miami Gardens just after 11 a.m., NBC Miami reports.

Officials said the trooper had stopped a vehicle and became involved in a confrontation with the driver. Shots were fired and the suspect, later identified as 24-year-old Doll Pierre Louis, was killed at the scene.

Surveillance footage from nearby showed part of the confrontation. It shows the trooper pull up next to a car and climb on the hood while the car goes in reverse.

The driver moves forward and makes a U-turn and the trooper is flung off the hood, landing on his feet. Investigators said he shot the suspect while on the hood.

"The trooper fired into the vehicle fearing for his life and the vehicle fled northbound," FHP spokesman Joe Sanchez said.

The suspect's vehicle struck another vehicle during the incident, officials said.

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kevcopAz @ 5/28/2016 7:59 AM

Glad only the bad guy was harmed, this time. Granted I do not know the reasons why the officer used the tactics that he did, could have been based upon circumstances and bad luck, but what was he thinking placing himself in that position on any traffic stop? A motor officer has less protection then any cops during traffic stops and has to think about tactics and safety more then most. Yes the suspect may have fled, yes perhaps a ticket would have not been written, but is that worth risking your rear end? Please Brothers and Sisters, think tactics, think safety, stop with worrying about "recap and stats" and using tomb stone courage and think before you act. I bet this officer is re-thinking his tactics, if not he should be. The officer placed himself in a position that was unsafe, untenable and tactically very unsound and this was the result. Granted the bad guy made that choice, but we all know not everything is under our control. We can all learn from this type of incident.

Mark @ 5/28/2016 2:16 PM

I'm sure I'll get attacked for this comment by my "brother" officers, told I'm not a real cop because I am not on traffic duty everyday, and my comment will probably even be deleted. But I just want to echo what fellow officer kevcopAz said above me. I have had more training than most LEO's out there. Spent years in just training. Not just 4 months in a local academy. I have also worked at different agencies and conducted law enforcement all over the country. Not just in my hometown. What this Trooper did goes against any training, SOP, officer safety I have ever seen. This video is bizarre. All for what? A criminal traffic ticket of driving without a license. That's worth your life over!

I ask again, who are we hiring to be LEO's and who is in management these days?

Smgcat 415 @ 5/28/2016 9:00 PM

I agree with what was said about tactics used. if good tactics were used I don't believe the outcome would have been the same. As an officer you have to expect that people are going to do stupid things.

Tom Ret @ 5/29/2016 9:38 AM

From the video, I noted that as the officer pulled up on the driver's side of the suspect's vehicle, the suspect attempted to flee forward/left and bumped the car ahead of him. It then backed up with the officer running toward the car and subsequently jumping on the hood as the driver pulled left and forward. The question is, did he have to jump on the hood to avoid getting run over. With the short time the officer had to decide what to do, he must have decided he didn't have enough time to reach the curb or that option didn't occur to him once he started running toward the front of the car. It appears that the suspect went from a traffic charge to a felony in his attempt to flee. The tactics used by the officer still does not negate the suspect's responsibility in his own death. Even after being shot, the suspect still attempted to flee putting others at risk as well as the officer. If I were to fault this stop I would say don't place your body in front of a fleeing vehicle.

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