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Video: Mayor Forces San Francisco Chief to Resign After Police Shooting

May 20, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Mayor Forces San Francisco Chief to Resign After Police Shooting

Police Chief Greg Suhr resigned Thursday from the San Francisco Police Department after the shooting of a black woman by SFPD officers that inflamed ongoing racial tensions in the city.

Mayor Ed Lee, who announced the resignation at a news conference late Thursday afternoon said he asked Suhr, who has served in the city's police department for more than 30 years, to resign.

The mayor appointed Toney Chaplin, former SFPD deputy chief of the Professional Standards and Principled Policing Bureau, as the acting police chief, NBC Bay Area reports.

The resignation comes after police earlier in the day fatally shot a woman in the Bayview District. Earlier in the day, Suhr said the woman was driving a stolen car and refused officers' commands to stop the car. Officers approached her on foot and she drove away. She was then shot by police.

Police told the San Francisco Chronicle there was no immediate indication that the woman was armed or had been driving the car toward officers when she was shot.

The San Francisco Police Department is under intense scrutiny following the fatal shooting of Mario Woods in December and the fatal shooting of Luis Gongora in April, as well as two recent scandals involving racist text messages exchanged among officers.

Dozens of people gathered in front of City Hall Thursday evening. The gathering was initially planned as a protest, but it turned into a celebration of Suhr's resignation among activists.

Phelicia Jones of the Justice for Mario Woods coalition said, "I am elated that he finally decided to resign. It's a small victory, but a victory all the same. But we still have a lot of work to do. We have to change a culture."

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Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 5/20/2016 7:06 PM

I never did like Chief Suhr, but, I don't think he should've been fired because a Police Sgt. shot some idiot black woman and now the sensitive black community has their feelings hurt. Wow! And now these stupid activists are calling his resignation a victory? They evidently don't realize that Suhr was a advocate for reform (where none is really needed). As for these "racist texts", some of them are milder than this comment. Do I think anyone should be fired for sending a text that hate groups like blm and naacp don't like? NO. Its unfortunate that San Francisco has such terrible leadership. Two idiots, Mayor Lee and Chief Suhr, supposedly working together to reform a dept of "corrupt cops", and now the Mayor fires the Chief. Hmm, reminds me of an old expression, "THERE IS NO HONOUR AMONG THIEVES". Sounds familiar, doesn't it. As for this new shooting, the article makes it appear as if the woman was merely driving away when she was murdered. Really think so??? I'll bet the SFPD had just as good a reason to shoot her as they had to shoot mario woods(is it significant that my spellcheck wanted to capitalize that thugs name?). If I worked in San Francisco, I'd be looking for another LE job in another state, maybe Texas?

KevcopAz @ 5/21/2016 9:09 AM

Don't know any facts about the shooting, wont judge. I also did not care for the knee jerk way (and political) that Suhr operated. Im sure all will be well now that the evil White guy (straight) has been replaced by the Black guy all will be well and absolutely no more shootings of anyone (well poor minorities at least) will ever take place and the city will be in the la la dream world that it wants to be. Oh bye the way one guy was just beaten (probably will die) by a crowd of 30 folks in S.F. and no big deal was made about that, or the killing of "Jessica" by an illegal supported by both Lee and Suhr (sanctuary city crap) . This city has gone down the tubes in so many ways. Transients and deviants rule that city. When the city comes to their senses and gets rid of folks like Lee and comes back to normalcy then perhaps it can save itself. Until then, anyone who visits that city especially as a tourist is a fool They should be boycotted by any normal person, perhaps that will help.

tom @ 5/23/2016 9:39 AM

Don't know anything about this incident either, and will have to wait and see what unfolds. However, I am sick and tired of all of the "protesters" always wanting to remove a Chief, Mayor, or whoever, just because of an officer on many occasions that did their job. If any person is hurt or killed by the police and it is not justified, then it needs to be delt with. However, there have been too many incidents where the police have shot a black felon, and even though it was justified, it always seems to become a murder by the police. I would expect this from the left coast, but lets make it clear. If you threaten someone with great bodily harm or death, then regardless of your color, race, or anything else, they have a right to shoot you, rather they are the police of someone else. Obey the law, follow police instructions, and act like a lawful citizen, and you won't get hurt. Simple !

Chief800 @ 5/24/2016 5:34 AM

This is getting tiresome. If a cop acts outside of the S.O.P. then the cop should be dealt with accordingly, his superiors obviously didn't sanction the officer to act outside of policy, why are they being punished. If the officer acts inside of policy then whatever happened should be a non issue. We are a sue everybody society and it has spilled over into a lets get everyone fired mentality as well. "I'm mad about something, somebody better pay me, and somebody better lose their job, because I am King of my world"....

Lt Roy Smith @ 6/2/2016 4:18 PM

Tail wagging the dog. Just don't patrol anymore.

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