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Video: Suspect Stabs, Beats New Mexico K-9 Unconscious

April 25, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Suspect Stabs, Beats New Mexico K-9 Unconscious

An Albuquerque man attacked a Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office police dog Monday, repeatedly stabbing the dog in the back before knocking him out with a baseball bat, according to authorities.

Rex, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, was in emergency surgery Monday after Bernalillo County (NM) Sheriff's Office deputies say he was seriously wounded trying to help deputies take a violent suspect into custody earlier this morning, reports the Albuquerque Journal.

Rex, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois with the Bernalillo County (NM) Sheriff's Office, was stabbed and beaten while apprehending a suspect. (Photo: Bernalillo County sheriff's Office)
Rex, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois with the Bernalillo County (NM) Sheriff's Office, was stabbed and beaten while apprehending a suspect. (Photo: Bernalillo County sheriff's Office)

The suspect, 22-year-old Oscar M. Valadez, was eventually arrested and now faces a slew of felony charges, including extreme animal cruelty.

BCSO spokesman Johann Jareno said deputies were called to a fight between two brothers at a home around 3 a.m. Valadez had allegedly threatened his brother with a knife at an apartment there.

When deputies arrived, Valadez tried to leave and deputies cornered him by setting up a perimeter, Jareno said. That's when they noticed he was wielding a knife and a baseball bat, which he refused to drop.

Deputies sent Rex in to try to take Valadez into custody, and Valadez attacked the K-9 before attempting to cut his own throat with the knife, Jareno said. Deputies were able to use a Taser on Valadez and take him into custody, Jareno said.

The vet said Rex didn't have any broken bones, but needed surgery for the stab wounds.

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Robert Fleming @ 4/25/2016 4:32 PM

OMG-Prayers for this sweet K-9, hoping he fully recovers from this brutal attack. As far as arresting the suspect, personally I would've given HIM the SAME DAMN TREATMENT HE GAVE REX. I'm sorry for saying that, but the dog was just doing his job, trying to apprehend a violent suspect. To Rex's handler/human partner, I'm praying for Rex to pull through and that he'll be able to return to duty soon.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt @ 4/25/2016 5:09 PM

The suspect should be charged and convicted of felony assault and attempted murder. He should be facing at least thirty years prison time.

Mike Thiac @ 4/25/2016 5:44 PM

Hopefully the suspect was "severely arrested." Get well quick Rex.

Vince @ 4/25/2016 7:55 PM

It should be a law that if a suspect attacks an officer, human or canine deadly force can be used. I cannot believe anyone would attack a dog. Get well Rex.

Tom @ 4/25/2016 11:44 PM

Rex was doing his job as any of the other law enforcement personnel would have done. The charges should be the same. The accused should receive the same charge, and he was trying to kill him, so charge him with attempted murder. Place this person with a group of nice dogs and see what happens. Rex gets a raw stake, and needed a 9mm.

kevcopAz @ 4/26/2016 12:55 PM

In Az we have laws that specifically punish (felony) that a person can be charged with when attacking a k-9. All states should follow this way and not charge things like animal cruelty which is related but too general. I hope the K-9 recovers and goes back to duty. Sometimes when a K-9 is injured in such a way they become either too aggressive from then on or the opposite and afraid to make contact or "work". Either way the life of this K-9 is important. We all have to remember that this dog took the "hit" for his handler or another officer that we are all sure the suspect would have done to a human LEO if presented the chance. This is why these K-9s are so very vital and heroic in the scheme of things. Even if they are injured or killed more often then not they saved a LEO from that same injury or death. I LOVE K-9s they are are vital to police work. Get better Rex.

Chief800 @ 4/29/2016 7:03 AM

He didn't attack the dog. The dog was sent to attack him. He had two weapons that are both considered deadly. The officers should have used a combo of lethal cover while trying a taze. If need be, and the officers were attacked, lethal force could have been used. Why send the K9. I don't know a person on earth that wouldn't try to defend their self against a huge dog when they have a weapon in their hand. K9's bite the crap out of you, they don't spin you around and handcuff you like a person. I blame the handler.

plato's playdough @ 5/13/2016 12:26 AM

And just for Sh*ts and Giggles, please check out the PoliceMag article

Yes, I DO enjoy cross-linkage.

Just in case you MIGHT have missed it, this is the SAME CITY.

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