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San Antonio SRO Fired Over Video of Throwing Student to Ground

April 11, 2016  | 

The San Antonio Independent School district on Monday fired a district police officer who became the subject of national scrutiny after a video surfaced on YouTube that appeared to show him throw a 12-year-old girl to the ground, reports the San Antonio Express-News.

While investigations into Officer Joshua Kehm's actions during the March 29 encounter at Rhodes Middle School are still ongoing, district officials announced his termination on Monday.

"We understand that situations can sometimes escalate to the point of requiring a physical response; however, in this situation we believe that the extent of the response was absolutely unwarranted," said SAISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez in a statement.

In an interview with, Martinez said the decision to terminate Kehm was the result what the district considered an unwarranted use of force and the officer's failure to report the incident as required by district protocol.

Martinez said officers are required to report any use of force incident against a student immediately.

"That did not happen," he said. "When the police officer did submit a report, it was not at all consistent with the video."

Martinez said the report initially handed in by Kehm characterized the incident as an accidental fall.

"The investigation doesn't stop here," Martinez said, adding that the district is looking into the actions, or possible inaction, by school administrators.


Video: San Antonio SRO's Use of Force Against Student Investigated

Comments (12)

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Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 4/11/2016 6:36 PM

I hope he will get another LE job. You know, the only reason the school fired him was because they were terrified the parents would hit them with a lawsuit. The "national scrutiny" also made the school decide to fire him. We're in a sad state when you'll be fired for doing your job. Just goes to show you, the public school systems all messed up. This will encourage other students to "kick" Officers hoping that their parents will file lawsuits. Stupid Martinez.

Robert @ 4/11/2016 7:31 PM

So in addition to abusing children...this guy has no integrity.
"Accidental fall"...everyone tells the truth, when the truth is easy. People with integrity tell the truth when the truth is painful.

Reminds me of the incident in Colorado, where the LEO face planted a woman...and claimed he "guided her to the ground". At least in that case it was an adult woman...and in my opinion the LeO seemed to show immediate remorse (whether the remorse was for the victim..or for the fact he was going to catch hell for his actions).

Of course in the world of this board, falsifying your use of force reports seem to be okay..because:
1. The victim was not complying
2. Bad parents = bad kid...therefore it is okay.
3. The LEO was just responding to a case of Aggravated Battery...not only should the LEO with no integrity still have a job...the child should be facing a Class A felony.

What a joke..

Nightstalker @ 4/11/2016 7:35 PM

I agree with you S.E.S. and For Percy, I think hes smoking to much when he makes stupid ass remarks on this site but again he hates cops so i understand.

Mickey @ 4/12/2016 12:31 AM

Reread this. I guarantee the biggest part of him getting fired was falsifying his report.

No officer is beyond making a crappy decision in the heat of the moment, but lying about it is a guaranteed way to get fired.

If he'd have filed the report immediately and been as truthful as possible in his report he’d have had a week or two suspension and loss of his school resource officer position, but that’s it.

Lie on a report and the department will never be able to trust you again. If you can’t trust your officers to be honest you get rid of them.

DD16 @ 4/12/2016 3:42 AM

Percy, two words, "RIDE ALONG".

FDC @ 4/12/2016 3:51 AM

He lied... end of story! If you do something own up to it and tell the truth.

kevCopAz @ 4/12/2016 6:49 AM

An example where the "cover up" (lying) was worse then the action which appeared to be justified. If he lied he should be let go. Sad but the current circumstances of over reaction and dumping on cops at every turn probably caused him to lie to CYA. Sadly many cops are forced to do the same. End of story advice: 1) don't work for a school district police, liberal nuts cases run schools.
2) dont do any real police work in this current climate. and lastly if you can do it now, retire or get another career it's not worth the effort any longer.

jimthelast @ 4/12/2016 8:47 AM

Percy, the Cops are right. It wasn't him throwing the kid to the ground. It's about the false report. Monster? No, just stupid. FDC is right. The officer lied. Fire him for that and publicly. And, by the way, why has nothing been said about the student? The student clearly shown in the video to be resisting the officer.

Leonard @ 4/12/2016 12:05 PM

Good riddance to the officer. He was a danger to everyone e encountered. if he doesn't have the judgment to handle a 12 yr old, then he doesn't have the judgment to handle situations that might be really dangerous.

Robert @ 4/12/2016 12:36 PM

Time from some hypocrisy from the board..
--"Lie on a report"...and get fired: That is a great theory...but almost never happens in cases where there is no video....and even with video rarely.
--"don't do any real police work"...then you should be fired for malfeasance. If you don't like your job, quit.
--"nothing been said about the student"...What would you like done, she was suspended from school...and knocked out in the fall. Oh, I forgot...we are supposed to charge every kid that acts up in school with a Class A felony...

I really don't see what good SROs do in schools. We have SROs, and we still have shootings at schools. We are criminalizing our children.

-Post and SRO outside, so that the response time is cut to seconds...from minutes.
-Have the SRO man the main entrance at the start and end of the school day.
-The rest should be handled by the school!!

The good news is, crime will eventually go down in this country...because everyone will be behind bars.

John retired IA PD @ 4/12/2016 1:49 PM

Truthfulness is at the top of the list for LEO's. Make a mistake, but own up to it, and unless it is extreme, you will probably keep your job but will face some sort of disciplinary action. Lie and you could lose your job, or face a very long suspension for not being truthful. I have seen this happen many times in my years of LE. You must be truthful to gain the respect of all. We should not have SRO's, but our society has progressed or rather regressed to that state. There are many SRO's in schools across the country that work very well. We don't see any postings or news reports of the hundreds or thousands of successes. We only see mistakes, and yes sometimes stupid mistakes made by an SRO. And why do we need SRO's in our schools. Kids do stupid things as part of growing up, but somewhere along the line many of these children were not taught right from wrong, respect for themselves or others or respect for authorities, whether it be a teacher, officer, or other citizen.

Tedb @ 4/12/2016 4:44 PM

Ah yes...Pedro Martinez! I wondered where he went when he left the Reno School District in shame a couple of years ago. He has a thing about screwing over campus kiddie cops. He's one of those "Gypsy" superintendents who is constantly moving because of piles of crap he leaves behind him. Regardless, if the officer lied, he's wrong!

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