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Video: California Officer Teaches Hopscotch to Homeless Girl

April 04, 2016  | 

VIDEO: California Officer Teaches Hopscotch to Homeless Girl

A California police officer literally jumped to help cheer up an 11-year-old homeless girl who he discovered had been living out of a car with her mother in Huntington Beach.

While his partner talked with the mother to help get them housing arrangements, Officer Zach Pricer decided to distract the girl from the "adult people problem" with a game of hopscotch, or as he likes to call it, "copscotch."

Pricer's partner was able to shoot a video of the encounter on Wednesday. It was later posted to the Huntington Beach Police Department's Facebook where it's been viewed nearly 1 million times and has gotten thousands of positive comments, ABC News reports.

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Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 4/4/2016 3:46 PM

Just goes to show all the anti police fools out there that the Police are nice people, not cruel clones with no feelings who enjoy killing people.

Marcus @ 4/4/2016 10:09 PM

I am sure there is an occasional good police officer - although most of them don't last long in the profession like what happened to this one:

But are you saying one nice guy playing hopscotch is supposed to make up for the hundreds (if not thousands) of harmless people that have been murdered or severely injured, on video, by over zealous police officers- and to date hardly any of them have been sent to jail?

That logic seems a little strange too me.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 4/4/2016 10:43 PM

Marcus, that not what I mean. A Police Officer is still a great guy even if he shoots someone. Sometimes you have no choice. Even a radical like you must concur. Google Officer Darren Wilson, was he justified in killing the big lug who tried to kill him?

Marcus @ 4/4/2016 11:03 PM

You might be surprised I support officer Wilson.
I think Michael Brown got exactly what he deserved.
I don't care for real criminals and think officer wilson had every right to protect himself.
If someone fights or hurts a police officer who is just doing the true job of true "crime prevention", I think they should die frankly and I feel nothing for them.

But people like Kelly Thomas & Daniel Shaver I believe were no threat to the police and got killed for the thrill. And I have a big problem with that.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 4/4/2016 11:14 PM

Actually I am surprised that we agree on at least one Police shooting. But you're still wrong about the others. Take Daniel Shaver. When the Police say "don't reach for your waistband" they mean it. Have you ever heard of a Police Officer who didn't think some person was a threat and got killed. I suppose you think that too many people are shot by the Police. If those people weren't shot wed have a dead or injured Officer and an uninjured suspect. That seems wrong.

Marcus @ 4/4/2016 11:24 PM

Well i'll admit Daniel Shaver is currently debatable since it just happened and no one knows the full story yet. It doesn't look good to me since it is reported by the other witness that he was begging and crying and I suspect they knew he was really not a dangerous person.

But what about Kelly Thomas? The whole episode is on video. Even the DA, who had a history of almost unconditionally supporting police, said it was plainly murder.
Do I see Kelly Thomas being a bit sarcastic at times? Sure.. but he was no threat and 2 responding officers could have just put him in handcuffs at any time and hauled him off to the jail.
Instead they played games with him and killed him, for fun.

tedb @ 4/5/2016 10:56 AM

Marcus, I won't argue with you, as I don't know enough facts about that case to form an opinion. defense of the profession, I have to say that our society at present is the most violent it has been in my lifetime. One of the problems is that LE used to be very particular about who they hired. Even a bad check or a couple of traffic tickets could get you disqualified or reprimanded if you were already working. THEN THE COURTS GOT INVOLVED and decide it just wasn't fair to unqualified people to be denied jobs, so the lowering of the standards began and has continued to the point where there are no longer any meaningful standards and LE is now truly representative of the population they serve, with the same percentage of criminals and misfits behind the badge as are contained in society in general. We were once held to a higher standard and were supposed to be a cut better than the general public we served, but no longer. (CONTINUED)

tedb @ 4/5/2016 11:03 AM

(CONTINUED) And there are not enough good cops left to weed them out by peer pressure, as we once did. I can recall proctoring an exam at an agency in CA in the early 70's when we had several minority applicants who were not qualified but were admitted in the name of "Diversity." One of these was born and raised in Oakland, but could not spell it correctly. He also failed the written exam miserably. Shortly thereafter, I was surprised to see him in uniform as a rookie. About a week later, 2 detectives from Oakland PD showed up with a felony arrest warrant and hauled him off, in his uniform. That was the day I realized we had lost the battle for any semblance of standards or behavior. A sad state our culture has become.

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