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Officer Shortage Hits St. Louis City, County Police

March 29, 2016  | 

The St. Louis County and Metropolitan Police Departments are joining others around the country in handing out "Help Wanted" signs, as more officers are leaving the force and fewer recruits are signing up to replace them, reports CBS St. Louis.

One reason — Ferguson.

"We kind of figured we were going to lose some people," says St. Louis County Police recruiting officer Kevin Minor. "And we did."

Minor says the county department has lost about 110 of its 925 officers since Ferguson. It is currently at least 32 officers short of its authorized force.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Sam Dodson says he's losing two or three officers every two weeks. His department is 100 officers shy of fully staffed.

He says events like those in Ferguson and Baltimore and elsewhere are taking their toll.

"I think law enforcement is not a favored profession right now," he says.

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Sheriffs Explorer @ 3/29/2016 7:11 PM

You can hardly blame them for leaving, what with the DOJ saying that all the local Police there are nothing more than a big street gang out stealing money from the poor black populace. And the black folks all fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. And they won't let go. The DOJ has given them somebody to blame for their problems, when in reality the only people they should blame are themselves. I remember when Officer Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown. I supported Officer Wilson then and I support him now. He had to quit the force, change his name and even move away before some idiot killed him. The 4 or 5 witnesses that claimed Brown was backing away with his hands up when he was shot were lying. Yes, Brown was charging at the Police Officer again when he got killed. He was also high, on marijuana, and, on top of that, he'd just robbed a small convenience store. The Officer stopped them because they matched the description of the suspects. That was when Brown reached in through the cars window and started punching the Officer, and trying to grab his gun. The Officer managed to pull his gun and shot Brown in the hand. The Officer didn't kill him until Brown charged again. So, leonard and percy, you see it was not murder. The DOJ has been so busy prosecuting Police Officers that they haven't been charging anyone else. The "supposed" pattern of ticketing the "poor black people" ,was invented by the DOJ. The DOJ report on the Ferguson PD is a lot of crap. No one ever complained until Brown was killed.

B.T. @ 3/29/2016 7:15 PM

And who's to blame? The news media! Do they publicize every black man that
shoots at a white cop....nation wide,.....never! But God forbid a white cop shoots a
black man....armed, or not. This includes you "Police Magazine"! You seem to be
going out of your way to make sure black men being shot by white cops are
"headline News", but not to the contrary! I guess white cops being shot at by
black men.....which happens quite often nationwide, is not worthy of your "national"
coverage. Are you really a "cop supporting" magazine? Do you tell as many stories
about the black man shooting a white cop, as you do telling us about s white cop
shooting a black man? Not even close! Fair and balanced? Heard that saying

kevCopAz @ 3/29/2016 11:17 PM

I have to agree that the "Ferguson effect" is alive and well, even if most Chiefs & politicians wont admit it. Chief Dodson at the least is admitting to it. People have to realize elections & court decisions and lack of support for LEOs all have a consequence. PS I also sadly have to agree with BT, Most if not all news media rarely list the race of any cop shooting suspect but ALWAYS say the race when the person shot by police is a minority. I think good journalism might dictate that in all shootings, all races of all subjects involved be part of the reporting. Perhaps the public would get the real picture of who the violent suspects really are. Just saying.

HowBoutYa @ 3/30/2016 12:30 AM

What an opportunity for young "minorities" in the Ferguson / St. Louis community to make a difference in their neighborhoods, while securing a paying job with insurance / benefits. You know, instead of complaining about the po-lice, step up and join the team and make things better. Show us how it should be done.

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