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HWI Unveils Elite Defender Riot Suit

March 29, 2016  | 

HWI has released the Elite Defender riot suit (ED100), which offers critical protection from blunt force trauma. The company says the effective and consistently reliable ED100 riot suit is easily deployed and or removed for riot control, cell extractions, or other tactical situations and doesn't sacrifice fit or comfort,

The Elite Defender Riot Suit's contour molded outer shells feature impact ridges that disperse the brunt of blows, jabs, and thrown projectiles, while foam inner padding cushions the officer's body. Soft brush and mesh line the inside to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort.

The sturdy PE hard shell protectors are used for covering and protecting most of the body. They are designed to withstand hard blows, and prevent penetration or stabbing by sharp tools and offer anti-fire and anti-acidity protection. The ED100 has upper body and shoulder protection, forearm protection, thigh and groin protection, and knee and shin protection. The ED100 comes with a polyester heavy duty carry bag for transport.

The Elite Defender riot suit was chosen for the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, and passes the rigorous standards for our most elite law enforcement agencies in terms of quality, operational flexibility, protection area, energy absorbency, and flame resistance.

The Elite Defender riot suit features:

MOLLE webbing system on chest plate and hip guards for add-ons and storage pouchSturdy PE protective shell for blunt force trauma protectionCombination of thick BNI and EVAFoam for padding throughout suit for force absorptionSturdy Nylon and Hexagon Sandwich constructionMesh shell materialEasily donable with a system of strong buckle strapsSupplied with polyester carry bagErgonomically built to allow for full range of motionEasy to put on and take off in time critical situations

HWI says all these features combine to make some of the most effective riot scenario tactical gear available on the market for law enforcement departments and professionals.

HWI sells a full range of gloves, including Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves, which can be worn with the riot suit for more blunt force protection.

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Comments (6)

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Percy @ 3/29/2016 1:35 PM

Wonderful, just wonderful.
Between this and a wonderful video I watched this morning of the charming folks
of the NYPD loading a live person into a body bag it would appear the George Orwell's
look into the future was correct. Good idea to encase someone after kneeing them in the face and macing, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Also nice to hear the NYPD and P Lynch are blaming a perdestrian in a crosswalk with the signal for being driven into and killed by a member on her cell phone, and obviously in a hurry.
No discipline, no charges and the video only recently and VERY begrudgingly released by the same NYPD. Perhaps the NYPD can go after his estate to cover the bodywork expenses, and the officer can do the same for her "PTSD".

Absolutely DESPICABLE.

kevCopAz @ 3/29/2016 11:30 PM

Wow, Percy... did I miss something about this article being at all related to the NYCPD? Man get a life, you are so very obviously anti police no matter what is said or done, you probably always wanted to be a cop but either didn't have the guts or the ability to do it. You know, we all know, that you are mean due to your own short comings. Sad little man, we LEOs feel for you having such a disappointing, lonely and dead end life. But we would even protect the likes of you, its our mission and our job, even if you are a waste of breath and human cells.

About the article, wow, ROBO COP lives! I wonder what the cost is for this?

Percy @ 3/29/2016 11:35 PM

@ kevCopAz

Good analysis of the points I made.
The reason I make comments about the other stories is that NONE of the sites run by cops for cops EVER mention them. Probably why people like you never see them, and believe that they don't happen.
Why do you wonder about the cost the only one paying for them will be the taxpayer.

Five-O @ 3/30/2016 6:27 AM

@Percy, I saw the NYPD video you were mentioning. It obviously doesn't show what precipitated that type of restraint. Do you know if he was fighting the officer's, or threatening/aggression towards pedestrians? Although admittedly I have never seen that method of restraint in my career, I can say it probably kept him from being hurt more by not being able to fight with the anyone. Also at what point does the "bad guy" take responsibility for what happens to him? If he just molested a child or punched a grandmother does he deserve to be treated nicer than he treated the victim? Can a human be an animal, after all we are mammals? We know we can be predators, it happens everyday in the city.

Robert @ 3/31/2016 9:49 AM

Five-O..good points about what happened before in the clip.
But for the 2nd part of your comments...I have some issues:
--"what point does the bad guy take responsibility" the court of law. The job of the police is not to inflict punishment or retribution. The courts have sole discretion for doling out 'punishment' to offenders.
--We do not live in Iran (or other Sharia Law area)...where we have an Eye-for-an-eye type of punishment. I really hope you are not calling for that type of system.

Even for the ultimate crime, Murder, some states impose the death penalty. At one time I believed in that punishment...however, the last few years have seen dozens of people exonerated from death row...and I no longer believe that our system can fairly impose that penalty.

Our criminal justice is based on the theory that it is better to let 10 guilty people go free; than to unjustly convict 1 person. Sadly, as DNA and other technology is showing..we are falling short of that goal.

Robert @ 3/31/2016 9:51 AM

Probably about 5 times the cost of a set of motorcross riding gear, molle vest, football pads and metatarsal boots that it is made up of.

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