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Video: Police Brutality Homework Assignment at Ohio Middle School Angers Parents

March 28, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Police Brutality Homework Assignment at Ohio Middle School Angers Parents

A homework assignment titled "Vocabulary-Police Brutality" was distributed to a class at Wilson Middle School in Hamilton, OH, and it has some parents questioning what is being taught to their children.

The lesson words listed on the sheet were: brutality, merely, prosecuted, excessive and minority. Students were instructed to fill in the blanks.

But the following paragraph gave some people concern:

“The numbers don’t lie; minority people (more so black than Hispanic) experience more violent arrests from police officers than do white people. The unfortunate thing is that most police officers aren’t prosecuted in cases of brutality against them.”

The reading continues on to say: “These cases rare make it to court and the officers are acquitted of any crime.”

Hamilton City Schools Superintendent Tony Orr told WLWT TV the district heard about the Facebook posts where people were discussing the assignment.

Orr responded by saying the teacher was challenging students to use critical thinking skills while discussing current events.

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Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/28/2016 7:46 PM

That idiot teacher should be fired. The teacher is trying to force students to accept his opinion. I'm graduated but if I was still in school and my teacher gave me this assignment I would politely give it back to him in front of the class, then tell him what I thought about him. I challenge Leonard or Percy, because I know they'll show up before long, too show us one clear example of REAL Police brutality. There is none. I can excuse any Police Officer accused of racism or brutality. I'll bet that teacher is a member of black lives matter. A domestic terrorist group is what they are, as are the aclu(non caps out of disrespect). The ACLU has defended perps accused of child porn. Yes, its a sad fact that the ACLU is trying harder to endanger innocent children than they are about putting these perps where they belong. ON DEATH ROW.

Percy @ 3/28/2016 10:01 PM

@Sheriffs Explorer Sgt
1 Do you drink to excess?

2 The teacher is asking questions and sharing opinions, just like every teacher should.
I was lucky enough to have a very progressive history teacher in school and he instilled in me among other things that dissent is healthy and when power is taken rather than earned will always be evil

3 You say "I'm graduated" you make a statement and subsequently disprove it in 2 words COOL

4 You also say "I can excuse any Police Officer accused of racism or brutality", and then challenge us to show you some. That project has all the wonder of attatching training wheels to a tomato, time consuming and utterly useless

5 There is no mention at all as to the race of the teacher, yet you believe he is a member of BLM

6 You also say"The ACLU has defended perps accused of child porn" would that have been Police Chief, Michael Palmer. Actually he raped & sodomized children as young as 7 as well as pill popping

7 I sure hope you get the help you need.

OK then @ 3/29/2016 6:21 AM

They have using this indoctrination process here in NYC for a good while now. If it wasn't so damaging it would be laughable.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 8:07 PM

Percy, no I don't drink. The teacher has no business trying to teach students to believe that the Police are evil. He's wrong, so why defend him. And yes that would include Chief Palmer, okay? Sounds like your history teacher damaged your childish mind permanently. Do you think that George Washington took the power rather than having earned it? Is that why you think America was founded as an evil nation. You are correct in one respect however. I don't know the teachers race. It doesn't make a difference. Even if he's not a member of blm, I believe he wholeheartedly supports them. I still challenge you to show us one clear example of a Police Officer beating a suspect for no reason. You obviously despise me, the feeling is mutual. And the ACLU does defend the most despicable people in the U.S. Research them and you'll be shocked.

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