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NYPD Review Board Charging Officers Even When No Complaints are Filed Against Them

March 28, 2016  | 

New York City’s Civilian Complaint Review Board is now accusing highly decorated officers of misconduct—even when no complaints are filed against them, police sources tell the New York Post.

NYPD Lt. Richard Vetrano and Detective Thomas Woods were subjected to an administrative trial after a bystander at a traffic stop sent the CCRB video of a 2014 incident — in which even the couple involved repeatedly refused to file a complaint.

The CCRB still undertook a probe and ruled the stop improper, citing a lack of reasonable suspicion, the sources said.

“The result is two highly decorated cops — a detective and a lieutenant — were given charges by [the] CCRB,” a source said.

“They’re taking complaints on themselves when even the people who were pulled over said nothing happened,” a high-ranking police source said. “It makes cops not want to do anything.”

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Percy @ 3/28/2016 4:10 PM

I cannot tell you how happy I am right now.
A lot of people are afraid to report misconduct by the police,
they feel it puts a target on their backs and rightfully so.

“It makes cops not want to do anything.”
Well we aleady had a look into that scenario in NY not too long ago.
No one was killed by police and the crime rate went way done.
A good time for all. Except P Lynch the white hot ball of rage.
Just had a thought TRUMP/LYNCH 2016.
Just had another thought let everyone at the republican convention have guns,
in fact make it mandatory.
All who attend must have an assault rifle with 6 or 8 high capacity clips, and there will be no security.
They may only be used in the centre and must be surrendered on the way out.
We'll call it the great republican culling of 2016.

Enough already @ 3/28/2016 4:44 PM

If Policemag continues to allow the inane trash anit-cop comments such as shown by "Percy" then many of us retired and active will have to unsubscribe membership. This past week we have seen several fallen officers. The media ignores and not one representative from the Justice department makes an appearance at the funerals. Then we have to read the Percy anti-police crap as well??? If you agree with this complaint, please add and forward it to the Editor. Thank you.

Tom Ret @ 3/28/2016 5:12 PM

Enough Already=I brought up this point in a previous article but glad someone else is chiming in.

David @ 3/28/2016 5:12 PM

I agree with enough already. It's high time I unsubscribe. Good bye police mag. Your done in my books. Plenty of other places to read without the negativity. Cheers.

Ric Walters @ 3/28/2016 5:20 PM

Seriously, Percy?" How about you further enlighten us as to how kangaroo courts like New York's CCRB are really improving law enforcement? Please, speak to us from your decades of law enforcement experience. Tell us how having a bunch of ignorant, likely anti-police civilians can make cops better by destroying their careers. Tell us, please. For God's sake, Percy, speak up

Just pray you never need real cops.

C'mon Police. Who vetted this guy?

Ken G. @ 3/28/2016 5:28 PM

Whoever that Percy guy is, his ignorance and stupidity flows so well from his comment, we can only wonder who dresses him each morning and ties his shoes. Go home Percy, adults are talking right now and it's past your bedtime.

Percy @ 3/28/2016 5:45 PM

Well, well well.
@ Enough already
I'm sorry that what I say is based in fact. I don't see how that is considered Anti-cop.
Is anything I said previously untrue? If so please enlighten me. With FACTS.

As you say some of your colleagues have fallen this week and that is a tragedy, you may also notice (out of respect) that I never post on those threads. I have also read this week that many
civilians have been shot and some killed by le. Are all of them good clean justified shootings?
I also watched a cop shoot and kill a small curious dog and then beat the owner a woman, I didn't find that story on this page HMMMM. Does your fisheries dept send a high level officail whenever a fisherman is lost. Does your BLM send a rep everytime a logger is killed? There are at least 10 occupations that are statistcally more dangerous than spending most of your day sitting in a car, btw cab driver is also more dangerous than cop. Has any cop ever gone to a funeral of someone they mistakenly shot??

OK then @ 3/28/2016 5:46 PM

Just ignore them. They never have anything intelligent to contribute.

Percy @ 3/28/2016 6:03 PM


Do try Police one, that's where the real knuckledraggers are.
The public can't evern read the le comments.

The real Kangaroo Courts happen when you fine people investigate your own depts.
Internal investigations always amuse me the 1st thing that we are told is that it will take months, then everything in the civilians life going back to birth, followed by no comment as it would compromise the investigation. I have decades of life and experience to call upon and I am disgusted by the despicable creature le has become. We used to be able to count on honesty integrity, intelligence and some form of empathy, as well as an ability to go hands on when required. A gun wasn't considered the 1st and only option/solution.
Not surprising that you are sure that any investigative body is ignorant & anti-cop, same way that you guys feel about the Feds.
Please explain with FACTS and DETAILS how these officers careers have been ruined.
I am the only 1 so far that has been adult.

NYC Citizen @ 3/28/2016 6:19 PM

Percy I'm sure you know that the person in charge of the CCRB is a lawyer. I am also sure that you know that the law firm that he used to work for litigates a great many of the civil cases against NYPD and since his arrival that number has increased.

Robert @ 3/28/2016 6:52 PM

I guess I am really confused about what this article is saying...
Is the article actually saying "if no one reports a crime, society has no right to administer justice"...I must be confused. If this is true, then I guess we should change how we deal with the following cases:

Domestic spouse complaint, no criminal charges...even as spouse is obviously battered?
Drug Deal, prostitution, compliant, no investigation.

Kind of makes the situation different when put in that context.

IF the police acted improperly, they should be held accountable.
IF not, the 'CCRB trial' should not take too long to clear the officers.
Although, James Frascatore is still employed (no internal trial yet??).

NYC Citizen: I also understand the head of the CCRB has recused himself from his firm's police brutality cases. Also, I would say nationwide the number of LE reviews has increased, as cell phones become more prevalent (although I have no data to back this up).

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/28/2016 7:22 PM

Percy, you say that you don't post comments on articles about murdered Police Officers out of respect. Yeah right, Its because your comments would get you kicked right off Police Mag for good. You, Percy, if you don't mind my saying so, are a nutcase. A cop hater. A racist. An idiot. Ive read so many of your racist comments lately that I am fed up with you. A decent society should not have to tolerate people like you and Leonard. The ccrb(non caps out of disrespect) is bunch of ignorant civilians who know nothing about Police work. In fact, they are purposely trying to ruin Police Officers careers. If the people don't want to file a complaint obviously nothings wrong. The ccrb is anti police. They're trying to undermine the good work of the New York City Police Dept. because that's what most people want. The Police, Ladies and Gentlemen(excluding percy and leonard) are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The ccrb is headed for hell. Everlasting torment. Mayor De Blasio should dissolve it. But he won't do it. No, I agree with the Police Officers who turned their backs on him. I would have done same thing. Percy, you're an adult? Maybe, but you talk like a spoiled brat.

Prove Yourself Percy @ 3/28/2016 7:33 PM

@Percy, if you are so disgusted with what LE has become, go to school and become a police officer. Spend a day in their shoes and see the world through their eyes. Then report back to this site. It's easy to criticize from your mom's basement, but come out and join them. Change their culture from the inside - if you are strong enough (and don't have any criminal convictions)... You've been invited. Until then, leave them alone.

Percy @ 3/28/2016 7:57 PM

@Sheriffs Explorer Sgt, your title intrigued me so I looked it up seems you're a recruiter.
Your kids must be proud. Detective Michael Garcia was also in your line of work until he was caught raping ride alongs. He cost his city's taxpayers $3 million and is surprisingly doing time

***For nearly two years after the assault, Guerrero kept quiet out of fear.*** IMPORTANT

A few years prior, records show Garcia had been reprimanded for having sex in his patrol

Your feces throwing tirade disproved absolutely nothing I wrote, as is usually the case
I could care less if you believe what I say, and I defy you (I am calling you out) to show me 1 comment that even hints at me being a racist.

So the CCRB is "purposely trying to ruin Police Officers careers". Please give 1 ACTUAL example.
"The CCRB is anti police. They're trying to undermine the.... how many of you in there right now?
Are the black helicoptors strafing in your head?

"The CCRB is headed for hell. Everlasting torment". OH MY

Ryan @ 3/28/2016 10:52 PM


I'm not completely sure what you believe you're accomplishing by police bashing on the internet. Just a few points of clarification for you;

1) "High Capacity Magazines". Please learn proper terminology before engaging in discussion.

2) Are you seriously looking for some kind of credit for not trolling the comments sections of articles that cover officer deaths?

3) Yes, I'm sure you watched footage of questionable officer conduct somewhere. Have you ever done the math to see what percentage of the profession those incidents represent?

4) Have you ever considered that police officers are better at protecting their safety than many other professions? What other profession takes safety into account more than law enforcement, whether it be their training or daily conduct?

5) All the CCRB is doing is wasting time, and in this case bringing down good officers, by pursuing silly things that weren't even serious enough to warrant a formal complaint.

DD16 @ 3/29/2016 3:56 AM

Percy, you are such a cop hater. I would like to point out that you never comment on any articles where the police did something good, like recently when a Florida Officer sacrificed his own life to save a citizen etc. Really, these stories are out there and as a matter of fact, on this site. I recommend you go to your local agency and do a ride along, I will guarantee that at the first sign of trouble or confrontation, you will be curled up in the corner sucking your thumb and wanting your Mommy. You really don't have a clue.

NYC Citizen @ 3/29/2016 7:53 AM

Percy, If you believe recusing himself changes the internal dynamic you really are hopelessly naive.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 9:14 AM

Percy, I am not a recruiter. I am a Sgt. with the Sheriffs Office youth Explorer program. "Pat Lynch the white hot ball of rage" is a very racist comment. You also would like to kill Donald Trump and the other Republican nominees?? Seriously? Death threats! I really don't need to prove to you that your comments are racist and anti cop. Everyone else on here knows that you're racist and anti cop so why don't you leave this site for good. All your'e on here for is to demean heroic Police Officers. And you Percy, are trying to suggest that I would have improper relations with another explorer? Go hang out on cop block.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 10:28 AM

Percy, carefully read the article above. Then you'll see what I mean about the ccrb, even if you won't admit it. Why do you despise the Police so much. "Are the black helicopters staging inside my head"? What a joke. Det. Garcia seriously messed up yes. However, that is a one of a kind thing.

Jim Thelast @ 3/29/2016 10:40 AM

I see a disclaimer at the bottom of the page about what Police Magazine doesn't tolerate. Does someone actually read the threads on all the stories they do? I'm in 31 different groups on Facebook and everyone has a way to report spammers and trolls. Why doesn't Police Magazine? Also, I'm against civilian review boards unless they're advisory only. Cops do a pretty good job of disciplining other Cops. Even in NYC. Sheriffs Explorer Sgt, I had the pleasure of working with my dept's Explorers both as a Sgt and a Lt. Lucky you. For those of you threatening to drop Police Magazine, please don't. Don't move to Canada, either. Hint, I've been a lifetime subscriber since 1981. Police Magazine might need to strengthen it's policies some but it's still one of the best sources of information for our community.

Terry @ 3/29/2016 11:09 AM

Why do people continue to try and converse with someone who already has a predisposed opinion and lump all of LE into the same group. They are entitled to their opinion whether I agree or not. I'm certainly not going to waste my energy trying to convince them otherwise. At the end of the day, I know what kind of LE officer I am and how I serve the public. For me that's good enough!

Chuck @ 3/29/2016 11:29 AM

I find it so very sad that when I became a life time subscriber to POLICE Magazine (then known as POLICE PRODUCT NEWS) that you had to be a bona fide LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER to even subscribe let alone contribute; alas, no longer. It is high time POLICE Magazine and on-line newsletter re-instate this policy and strictly enforce it. Just a humble opinion from an honorably retired 32-year law enforcement officer.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 12:06 PM

Terry, you have a good point. However it is extremely hard not to tell these idiots what I think of them. Jim Thelast, I agree that Police Magazine should delete some of these posts by percy. And, thank you. I like being an explorer. It has given me an opportunity to see what Police work is all about. I am planning on working for my Sheriffs Office as a Deputy in the future. People with an attitude like percy just frustrate me, especially since I meet people like that all the time. I am praying for percy to change his attitude and realize that Police Officers are not the villains that the media makes them out to be.

Robert @ 3/29/2016 3:18 PM

So it appears everyone on this board wants to bombard Percy for his views...but no one wants to comment on my reading of the article.

I don't really care for Percy's views (NYC Citizen we are not the same...might just be a typo on your part).

But my problem is with the theory that this article is pushing...if no one complains to the CCRB, then the CCRB should just sit and do nothing, even when presented with evidence that shows an investigation is warranted.

How can anyone believe or share the views of the "high ranking police source" and the writer of the article? None of the LEOs on this board have ever investigated a case with a non cooperative witness....or a case where there was no sworn complaint?

it reminds me of the Three Wise Monkey...see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...just turn a blind eye. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"..disputed author.

The Author of this article seems to feel the opposite!

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 3:56 PM

Robert, I'll comment on you're ideas. Yes everyone wants to bombard Percy for his idiotic views. And you as well. You're dead wrong. The ccrb is purposely charging Police Officers for no reason, except that they FEEL that's what they should be doing. Civilians have no business being part of a review board that judges Police Officers. If I ever am forced to shoot someone I sure don't want a group of civilians deciding my fate. A review board is a great idea, but don't ruin it by putting civilians on it. Put some veteran Police Officers on it. They would understand the difficulties of Police work.

LEO (RET) @ 3/29/2016 5:50 PM

Percy is just a loud, blow hard democrat, espousing his loud, blow hard liberal rhetoric. He probably has no life, probably a professional protester and card carrying member of BLM. He is really not worth the time, energy or effort.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 8:14 PM

LEO (RET) you're right about Percy. But we can't let him continue to spread his racist and anti-police views all over this website without saying something. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". The same applies to these retarded old democrats. If we say nothing, their ideas will be all over here.

Robert @ 3/29/2016 8:34 PM

Sheriffs Exp Sgt...I feel you are dead wrong.
We live in a country that has always had Civilian oversight of all of our agencies...we are a republican democracy not some 3rd World Military dictatorship.
If the US Military can be under civilian can every LEO in this country. The standard of reasonable behavior is decided by our entire society...not just the LEOs.
In this case, according to the article, the CCRB received a complaint from citizen and they are investigating that complaint. There is absolutely no difference between what the CCRB is doing...and what the police should be doing everyday. IF there is evidence of misconduct it should be investigated...whether there is a direct complaint or not (as stated, how many times does the "john" file a police report on his "escort").
I hate to break this to you, but if you shoot someone...a Grand Jury or Jury of citizens will decide your fate.
Lastly, I am a proud member of the Libertarian Party.

Robert @ 3/29/2016 10:05 PM

Sheriffs Exp about coincidence.
Here is a case where someone breaks into a woman's apartment, and beats her up. The case takes multiple years to come to court...and the guy is only facing misdemeanor charges...and he is on paid vacation for about 2 years.
So you are going to argue that the NYPD review system is too stringent!! What a joke!

I wonder what a non-LEO would be charged with in this case....I wonder what a citizen's bail would be set at..

Now tell me again how the system is tilted so far against the police in this country?

Percy @ 3/29/2016 10:42 PM

A couple of points
I have been doing this a lot longer than you and like you I initially was looking for debate, discussion or at least civility. But after months of nothing but insults and feces flinging by most on this page, I decided to get just as nasty as they are.
I would suggest this very thread may be a bit of a turning point for you, your tone certainly has changed from your 1st comment to the last. I feel you and I are similar in that we research before posting and would like to engage with any who would listen and therein lies the problem.
Just like in real life we are told to move along and mind our own business. Isn't it nice to be told "you're dead wrong" without 1 shred of evidence to back up the statement. I respect your comments and how you present them, too bad you don't feel the same as we are on the same side. But just like midget porn, my thinking isn't for everyone.

Also SESgt
"If I ever am forced to shoot someone"
There is no doubt you will. NO DOUBT!

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 11:05 PM

Percy, I seriously never want to shoot anyone. You're trying to say that I'll shoot someone for no reason, then make up a story about it. I'm not too sure about you, but I have a sense of honor. I will never shoot anyone unless there is no other choice. UNDERSTAND!!! And just what kind of turning point for me do you mean? Turn to your disgusting beliefs. Negative. Thanks anyway. On the same side?? You've got to be kidding. You're an idiotic liberal democrat. Probably voting for Clinton or sanders. I am a staunch Republican. I'm voting for Donald Trump!!!

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 11:25 PM

Percy, nothing you say makes sense. The evidence is out there if you'll go research it. No Police Officer wants to be judged by a buch of ignorant anti- cop civilians who'll yield to pressure from black lives matter and throw you under the bus. In the example in the article it is stated that two highly decorated, veteran Officers get a complaint from someone who wasn't involved at all. The idiot had no business complaining like that. Its just as bad as the instance in St. Louis, where this black lady stated on social media that the Police had pulled guns on her young nephews during a traffic stop. She wasn't even related to them. She made it all up. Now imagine if a group of civilians in St. Louis said, "We don't care that this was fiction, we're charging these Officers with making terroristic threats". What would you think? You'd be delighted. That's the same thing they're doing in New York. Who are you to say the entire NYPD is lying . As someone suggested, go on a ride along with your local agency, maybe you'll begin to understand what Police work is really about.

Percy @ 3/29/2016 11:25 PM

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt.

Learn to read pinhead.
I didn't realize that when Donald Trump said "I love the poorly educated" he was speaking about you.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 11:32 PM

Percy, learn to research your subject before you start mouthing off pointlessly. Obviously the only religion you follow is EXTREME IDIOCY. Sadly, too many people agree with you.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/29/2016 11:39 PM

Percy, why don't you ever comment on the questions I ask? Because you have no evidence to back up your claims. Once again, GO HANG OUT ON COP BLOCK(the idiots site). It was created especially for liberals like you.

Percy @ 3/30/2016 12:20 AM

@ Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. says "Percy, why don't you ever comment on the questions I ask?"
Such as?

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/30/2016 7:51 AM

Percy, you're always bringing up all these Police Officers who you try to bash. But you don't present any evidence to back up your claims. Your only "evidence is name calling".

Percy @ 3/30/2016 10:17 AM

@ Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. says "Percy, why don't you ever comment on the questions I ask?"

Such as?

Such as?

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/30/2016 12:34 PM

Percy, is that all you can say??? Read back over my posts, you'll see plenty of questions addressed to you. I still say that the ccrb is biased, based on the fact that the head of the ccrb used to be a lawyer who filed civil lawsuits against the NYPD. Now the idiots in a position to cause plenty of trouble for the NYPD. Prove me wrong, I challenge you.

Jim B. @ 3/31/2016 9:13 AM

Ugh, I've said this before but I guess it's time to say it again: For all the people who are angered or upset about the comments Percy makes, do you not understand that responding to them will do absolutely no good? You are just giving him fuel. That's what he wants. If you hate him so much, why would you give him what he wants?! "Oh his comments just make me so mad I have to take a stand!" Really? Come on, we're better than that. Exercise a little self control. Read his comments (or don't), smile and say to yourself "thank you for your input sir", and move on.
I don't know if Percy is a true believer and really believes everything he says or if he's just a troll looking to get a rise out of people. But either way, if he doesn't get any gratification from his efforts, he will go away. Just remember, when you start typing your comment to him, he wants you to type that comment! Don't give him what he wants.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/31/2016 1:13 PM

Jim B. Thanks for the advice. I'll try to keep it in mind.

RG @ 4/1/2016 8:29 AM

Am I missing something. Some things are strict liability crimes meaning if you are caught doing them by LE or are reported and there is Probable Cause for an arrest then you will be charged. Then the State has to prove your guilty of the crime. I see nothing about this alleged stop that would constitute a strict liability crime, so that means that if charges are brought against someone they have the right to face their accuser in a court of law as deemed by the Constitution. If the complainant isn't the person who the alleged crime was committed against the case is dropped. So how can an organization act on behalf of another person as to whether or not they were mistreated to a degree of "some crime" when the victim is not even making a complaint. What exactly am I missing????

Jim B. @ 4/2/2016 5:53 AM

RG, I think some of your confusion may stem from some of the language used in the article. It references "charges" and "trial" which might lead some to think of this as a criminal matter. This is an administrative matter at this point and the CCRB is an administrative body. So the rules are different than for a court of law. If you read the linked New York Post article, it goes into a little more detail and mentions that if the officers are disciplined over the matter, they could face lose of vacation days and that whether they are disciplined or not is up to the Commissioner.
That's my take on it anyway. I'm not from NY so I have no personal knowledge of the CCRB or how the NYPD disciplinary system works. It's just what I infer from the article and my understanding of administrative law from other agencies. Hope that helps.

Jim B. @ 4/2/2016 5:56 AM

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt., I know it's tuff sometimes. Just keep your head up. It's a guy on the other end of a keyboard, that's all. Nothing to lose sleep over.

ssc1911 @ 4/2/2016 6:27 AM

This article doesn't mention why the car was stopped, and the people stopped didn't want to file a complaint. It was filmed by a by stander and sent to the CCRB, according to this article. This article mentions that CCRB found that there wasn't enough reasonable suspicion to warrant the traffic stop. Article is sketchy.
vey sad what happened to these two highly decorated officers, CCRB's aer a joke,

peter @ 11/25/2016 1:42 PM

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