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Trump Releases Video Praising Police for Doing "Fantastic Job"

February 29, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Trump Releases Video Praising Police for Doing "Fantastic Job"

Candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination Donald Trump released a video Sunday praising American law enforcement officers for doing a "fantastic job."

In the video posted on the Trump Campaign's Facebook page, the candidate said police are not "appreciated" enough by the people.

He said the media's obsession with reporting on "bad things that happen" because of the few "bad apples" in law enforcement does not negate the good work of the vast majority of officers. He credited officers with protecting the American way of life and said they deserve more respect

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Percy @ 2/29/2016 10:00 PM

I do have to agree with his comment about the media's obsession with only reporting "bad things that happen."
They are only reporting on him.

Sgt Hartman @ 3/1/2016 6:51 AM

No worries Percy. Just head on down to the polls in Nov & vote for either Hillary or Sanders. They both hate cops just like you and there will be plenty of freebies for the freeloaders of America paid for by those of us who work. That is of course if you are eligible to vote. Surely you aren't a convicted felon?

LetLoveRule @ 3/1/2016 8:32 AM

I love it Sgt. Hartman! I will be voting for Trump 2016 and fully support all law enforcement officers. The o lay people who hate police are criminals 😄

Percy @ 3/1/2016 1:07 PM

@Sgt Hartman, LetLoveRule.

1 "They both hate cops", really? Can you justify that statement or are just like Drumpf and say whatever random skat falls out of your mouth as long as it insults someone.

2 I am from Canada, if you don't know where that is stand in front of a map(and unless you are from Alaska) look to the north or in your case UP.

3 That's some fine police work there Sgt, as I said Canadian I do work, not eligible to vote because I'm Canadian and no I'm not a convicted felon. Really no surprise how cops always try to denegrate anyone who disagrees with them. This ploy worked very well for the Nazis in the 1930's (have you heard of the Nazis or are you wearing a faulty earpiece) when they began marching people off to cocentration camps and into the ovens. But please do continue to demean and insult anyone who disagrees with you maybe on your next traffic stop of a minority. See if you can escalate the situation to where he swings at you then "fear for your life"

OK then @ 3/3/2016 6:23 PM

You don't have to do much digging to find their views on the police, just pull up excerpts from their latest rallies. Mrs. Clinton in particular treats the secret service detail like something unpleasant stuck to her shoe.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/27/2016 8:57 PM

Percy, both Hillary "idiot" Clinton and Bernie "idiot" sanders both have numerous times expressed their belief that the Police ate racist. I don't have to prove it to you. You research it yourself. But you won't, because you see only what you want to see. I'm voting for Donald Trump because he's the only candidate who actually supports the Police.

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/27/2016 8:59 PM

Percy, you make Canadians look bad by expressing such extremist views. You could be classified as a domestic terrorist.

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