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Police Shooting of Teen Assault Suspect Sparks Salt Lake City Protests

February 29, 2016  | 

Protesters threw rocks at police in Salt Lake City after officers shot a black teenager who was attacking a man late on Saturday, authorities said.

Relatives of the teenager identified him as Abdi Mohamed, 17, and told the local Fox 13 television news channel he was in a coma at a hospital after being shot three times. Police told Reuters he was in critical condition.

The Salt Lake City Police Department said he was shot after officers in the downtown Rio Grande area saw two people attacking a male victim with metal objects and ordered the pair to drop their weapons.

"One of the males complied and dropped the weapon, the other continued to advance on the victim and was shot by officers," the department said in a statement on Sunday.

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Leonard @ 3/1/2016 8:08 AM

It has been reported that the youth that was shot was armed...wait for it...a broomstick handle. That's why the protests happened. Now all the justifications a to why a broomstick handle posed a deadly threat to the officers can begin.

Anti-Leonard @ 3/1/2016 12:50 PM

Nearly anything can be a deadly weapon. Feathers shoved down a throat, a slight push at the edge of a cliff, a broomstick repeatedly striking someone in the skull. I'm not sure if I want to be on the receiving end of a "broomstick" to the head. Who's life is more important; the striker or the strikee? Unfortunately the officer was put in a position to have to make that choice.

Leonard @ 3/1/2016 5:20 PM

@Anti: Your statement completely reinforces my thought that police departments should NOT be determining the standards for the use of deadly force. If waving a broomstick will get you killed then the mantra of police safety has been bastardized to a point where no citizen is safe from a fearful officer. Clearly the community believe the officers crossed the line and I believe that as well. If the reports are true, then I would demand some officers face charges.

Sgt Hartman @ 3/2/2016 6:51 AM

The guy who dropped his weapon & complied didn't get shot. Hmmm... Seems the suspect who was shot has something in common with pretty much everyone who is shot by the police. He was breaking the law & when confronted by the police, he didn't comply with lawfull commands. I'm not sure what the officers who fired saw, but they almost certainly perceived a threat. Especially in this current climate of all the Monday morning quarterbacking causing officers to hesitate, which is almost certainly contributing to the spike in LE deaths & injuries from felonious assaults. Now days, many cops are more afraid of what the dept, media, Feds, legal system, etc will do to them then the criminals. The priority of life should be 1- public, 2- officer(s), 3 & last- criminal suspects. Just saying...

MOA @ 3/2/2016 1:45 PM

@Leonard You said:
"Clearly the community believe the officers crossed the line and I believe that as well."
So, if a community protests then that means that they are right? I will look back at previous posts if I get time, but I am expecting that you thought that Ferguson and Eric Garner were also unjustified? They would have to be, because there were protests!
Attica was also ok, because they were protesting!?
Even though I can't imagine what goes on inside of your head to get these thought processes linked together, I do hope that you are never on the assaulting end of a guy just waving a broom stick. (I hear it's pretty bad)
What was it that killed Jeffrey Dahmer? Oh, that's right, a broom stick!
Ok, you are correct, broomsticks are all right. I'm sorry! (The last sentence was to be read with sarcastic overtones!)

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