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Video: Doctor Who Tried to Save Murdered Georgia Officer Upset by Lack of Community Outcry

February 19, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Doctor Who Tried to Save Murdered Georgia Officer Upset by Lack of Community Outcry

A doctor who worked to save the life of a Riverdale, GA, officer last week after the officer was shot in a drug raid says he's struggled since the shooting and is asking why there is not more outpouring of grief and protest from the community over the killing.

In an exclusive interview with WSB TV, Dr. Barry Zisholtz with Southern Regional Medical Center said the hospital's staff did everything it could to try to save Riverdale police Maj. Greg Barney's life when he arrived in the emergency room.

Zisholtz says he feels Barney's death should have the community up in arms, protesting the violence that took his life, and he referenced the unrest and protests that received national attention after recent racially charged, police-involved shootings across the country.

He told WSB TV he doesn't understand why Barney's murder isn't getting similar attention.

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UncleMike @ 2/20/2016 7:04 AM

There's no outcry because the Liberal Press and the BLM dip sticks only care about criminal lives, not the lives of brave people like Maj. Barney.

J.Johnson @ Retired LEO @ 2/20/2016 8:34 AM

The answer is very easy, it is because he was a Police Officer. And even though he was black, it did not matter, because he was a Police Officer. And possibly he was viewed by some in this country as a traitor to his race by being a Police Officer. Where are the masses who are protesting the War on Cops? Where are the politician's who are stating there is a War on Cops, especially in the Democratic party? Instead there is a deafening silence, because Law Enforcement is seen as the enemy.

Rick @ 2/20/2016 10:56 AM

This is a travesty...and shame on the biased media for not covering this more proactively. My heart goes out to his family and may he RIP.

Big Papi @ 2/20/2016 11:11 AM

The good doctor doth protest too much. There were two public viewings for Major Barney. There was a wide cross section of the community there, not just L.E. Did the doctor come out, or is he merely pushing his agenda? Major Barney was a beloved member of the community, tough on crime but appropriately compassionate.

jreb @ 2/21/2016 2:30 AM

Big Papi,

Were there demonstrations in the streets? Were there marches with people holding signs demanding JUSTICE for the fallen officer and demonizing the groups and cultures responsible for the epidemic of violence assault on law enforcement? Did POTUS personally contact and offer support and shared grief to the fallen officer's family? Cuz, I think THAT is the kind of "outcry" that the good doctor is seeing for criminals that have been killed resisting, threatening, and attacking police - but is noticibly absent regarding the death of Maj. Barney.

J.Johnson @ Retired LEO @ 2/21/2016 6:21 AM

I believe what the good doctor is referring to is not that there was not any public viewing, but rather where was the anger of the community. Where was the outrage, marches and protests that would have been seen on national tv that usually accompanies someone killed by the police. It indicates that an officer killed matters less to the community than someone shot by the police, even when they are engaged in criminal activity.

Speaktruth @ 2/23/2016 5:54 AM

It is easy to pass judgment on a community when you are not involved. I knew this officer as one who patrolled the school my son attended. He was a very humble man. The community is outraged that it happened and did show support to the family. However it seems that people who are not a part of this community wants to cry about no outrage. Simple truth is the person who killed officer Barney is behind bars and hopefully will get a well deserved death sentence. However the marches that happen across the nation (never once in Riverdale) is for those that are killed and their murderers are never brought to justice. The good Dr. Is seeking his 15 minutes of fame using our beloved officer Barney!

Sheriffs Explorer Sgt. @ 3/27/2016 9:11 PM

The doctor is right. If Major Barney had shot the crackhead people would be up in arms protesting over the poor little druggies "murder". Major Barney gets killed and no one really cares. That's the sad truth.

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