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Video: Accused Deputy Killer Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

February 09, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Accused Deputy Killer Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

Shannon Miles will not stand trial for the murder of Harris County, TX, Deputy Darren Goforth until he is found competent to do so, reports KTRK.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed that Miles has been found incompetent to stand trial, at least for now. Two sets of doctors, one from the state and another set hired by his defense attorneys, reached the same conclusion.

Defense attorneys say their doctors say Miles is schizophrenic and psychotic.

Miles will be sent to a state hospital for 120 days to regain competency. But he might not be moved there for 100 days because of a backlog.

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SGT JJ @ 2/9/2016 5:46 PM

He was not encompetent enough to not pull the trigger! He is plenty competent to get the death penalty. Let's get the limp wrist psyco doctors out of the room!

ZorryK1 @ 2/9/2016 5:47 PM

Possibly 220 days may pass to see if he can possibly regain competency. We know how that is going to go for the defense. They will stretch this out for the rest of the life for Miles if they can. I guess find a way to be mental, kill a police officer and you may never face a trial. RIP Deputy Darren Goforth, I hope and pray the prosecution never gives up on this case and sees to it Miles gets the death penalty and fry in hell.

Percy @ 2/9/2016 5:52 PM

Nice to see cops wanting only revenge when one of yours is killed and nothing but understanding and sympathy when one of yours takes out an unarmed (or armed to the teeth with a cell phone) civilian.
Grow up.

BCMC @ 2/9/2016 6:45 PM

Hay Percy, God has given us all freewill to choose. So I suggest when a Police Officer is asking you to comply you have a choice. I suggest you choose wisely, it can have results that can last a life time. Or not, your choice.

I serve proudly @ 2/9/2016 7:46 PM

Percy, unless you have gone into harms way to risk life and limb for other, let's just say Bless your heart.... Here's some advice, officer pulls you over comply, you fight and officer in court not on the street. Cops are people to, All lives matter especially those that protect us.

John retired IA PD @ 2/9/2016 7:55 PM

The "Incompetent to stand trial" defense is also used when civilians are killed by a perpetrator. So if they are unhappy with that defense strategy, are they just whining as well? RIP deputy Goforth.

HRPufnstuf @ 2/10/2016 5:15 PM

"schizophrenic and psychotic"
Uh, yeah. We knew that. That's why he killed the cop. Just because he's nuts doesn't mean he didn't then, and doesn't now, know right from wrong.

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