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Texas Tabloid Backs Down from Plan to Publish Names, Addresses of Officers

February 08, 2016  | 

San Antonio Observer editor and publisher Stephanie Zarriello speaks at Saturday's press conference. (Photo: KENS TV screen shot)
San Antonio Observer editor and publisher Stephanie Zarriello speaks at Saturday's press conference. (Photo: KENS TV screen shot)

A little-known Texas tabloid that threatened to publish the names and addresses of every San Antonio police officer — as retaliation for a controversial officer-involved shooting — has backed off after national outrage, the New York Daily News reports.

San Antonio Observer editor and publisher Stephanie Zarriello likened local cops to Klansmen and sex offenders in a Saturday press conference, announcing her paper's plan in response to the death of Antronie Scott. The Observer is a small circulation tabloid covering African-American news. Police Magazine could not find a Website for the publication.

Scott, 36, was being followed by a undercover police officer Thursday night. Police say when Scott got into a car in a parking lot on Sahara Street, a uniformed officer was called in to arrest him but saw something in Scott hands he believed was a gun. He shot Scott once in the chest, killing him. The object in Scott's hand turned out to be a cellphone. No gun was found at the scene, KENS TV reports.

Zarriello stood down Sunday, accusing the media of misinterpreting her. She told News4SanAntonio she never planned to publish cops’ names and only said she would to “make an officer think twice before shooting so fast and killing an unarmed person.”

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Jack Betz @ 2/8/2016 7:22 PM


plato's playdough @ 2/8/2016 10:33 PM

Maybe she should turn those finely honed writing skills forged in the fires of tabloid journalism, towards an effort to investigate how many Officers are shot serving warrants, conducting traffic stops, effecting arrests, or responding to a call about a masked man with a gun.

If she was unable to take refuge under the banner of "freedom of speech" and someone filed suit against her personally every other day for the content emerging from her keyboard, maybe she would take....pause....

At least she wouldn't be taking a bullet due to slow reaction time.

AZBIGDOG @ 2/9/2016 6:24 AM

It would be nice to see someone arrest her for threats. She is going to release officers names to make them "think twice" about shooting someone who is unarmed. Is she really such a maroon that she believes all officers want to so is kill people? I wonder how well she would do in a FATS training system use? With her mindset probably die every time.

Robert @ 2/9/2016 9:42 AM

3 paragraphs dealing with the evils of the 1st amendment...1 paragraph dealing with the killing of an unarmed person. Who has better journalist standards.
Sounds like the same old arguments;
1. No one can offer criticism of our LEO job; because they have never had the job. Does this mean only 4 people in the world can criticize Obama...because no one else has held that job?
2. Last year the ratio of people killed be police VS people killing police was about 20:1. Since the LEO community refuses to answer questions/supply accurate data about LEO killings...the best data comes from the Washington Post (a "freedom of speech" newspaper, which tried to track all LEO shootings.

90% of those shootings (LEO shooting people) are probably justified...but until the statistics are reported AND fair and impartial investigations done...the public will continue to lose faith in the process.
That loss of faith will continue to make radicals, like this journalist, more popular.

Percy @ 2/9/2016 2:00 PM

Or, just consider this maybe you people could stop shooting unarmed civilians.
A cell phone is NOT a weapon, unless you fear them filming you.
Try growing a pair and try to use something other than lethal force.

Lee @ 2/9/2016 4:44 PM about you "grow a pair" and walk in our shoes for a while....You DO NOT KNOW the circumstances that led to the shooting; reports of a man with a mask and a gun automatically put you in a mindset to expect the worst.. It is a split second decision, and when in fear for your life or the life of others, sometimes that decision involves the use of lethal force to stop a threat..This is not the first account of a cell phone being confused for a weapon. It also will not be the last. Maybe if people stop breaking laws, nobody will be put in that situation. If you tried responding to such situations you might think twice before you type behind your computer sitting gracefully on your couch at home thanks to such civil servants doing the dangerous job that you couldn't fathom, just to keep you living day in and day out with peace...

Percy @ 2/9/2016 6:09 PM

Give this walk in our shoes crap a rest. Why don't you try walking in the shoes of a mother who's son was just greased by another coward who feared for their life. Do you know that cell phones exist all over the world as does crime? Yet you mericans seem to hold a massive lead in body count. And as long as you say "I feared for my life" you're all off Scott free. Every investigative and legal edge is afforded you people whether it's another unprovoked shooting, or a good old fashioned beat down, given to those who flee. You are never held to account for your actions when you should be fired or at least disciplined. And god forbid if one of you is fired you are quietly rehired by a board of ex cops and swivel servants. I don't recall that being afforded to citizens, do you? Also you girls need to lose this "dangerous job" moniker you all seem to hang onto. What you girls do doesn't even make it into the top TEN. So grow a pair and give it a rest and stop shooting everyone.

tedb @ 2/10/2016 11:38 AM

OK, so we've not only established that Percy is a gelded Sissy, but he is also a foreign Sissy. Judging by his previous posts and the raving about the superior unarmed UK police system, could I also hazard a guess that he is a UK subject? Percy, did you catch the recent article about the British police arming several hundred additional officers?

Percy @ 2/10/2016 2:58 PM

Well Cletus you're wrong on all counts, but thanks for playing.
Boy there are a lot of stories today about police corruption,
racism, brutality, and sexual deviance. But please do continue to
feel sorry for yourselves.

notepad @ 2/11/2016 7:38 PM

Percy, since you turned down my offer to do some realistic training so you can see what police go through each day I usually don't respond to your babble. You come here to instigate, but there are SIX stories prior to this one where officers were shot, stabbed or murdered, yet there was no comment from you. That speaks volumes about your motives and intent.
Don't feed into their BS

testbot for Percy @ 2/26/2016 2:34 AM

Bot bait for Percy, buzz... click..

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