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Video: Chicago Police Say Shootings Killed 19, Wounded 101 in First 10 Days of 2016

January 14, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Chicago Police Say Shootings Killed 19, Wounded 101 in First 10 Days of 2016

Seven people were shot to death and 30 more were wounded across Chicago over the weekend, raising the number of shootings in the city to more than 100 in just over a week into the new year, according to police.

As of Monday morning, at least 19 people have been killed in gun violence in Chicago this year and at least 101 more have been wounded, according to data compiled by the Tribune.  This time last year, nine people had been killed and another 31 wounded, according to statistics kept by the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a statement blaming most of the violence on "chronic gang conflicts."

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JoJo @ 1/14/2016 4:49 PM

Lots of people getting shot and dying. Now Obama wants to reduce prison sentences. Don't buy the liberal lies that we are putting poor people with drug problems in prison. They are there for drug dealing, which destroys people's lives and a community. Chicago is a perfect example of this, as is Detroit. Good job Rahm Emmanuel.

lmaples @ 1/14/2016 6:11 PM

Maybe Chicago should consider banning guns? oh wait...never mind

UncleMike @ 1/15/2016 4:22 AM

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a statement blaming most of the violence on "chronic gang conflicts."
That's good news.
At this rate the fools will kill each other off within a few years and the good people can get on with their lives.

Bill @ 1/15/2016 5:50 AM

Good thing for aggressive gun control laws in Chicago. They are really working aren't they.

Leonard @ 1/15/2016 8:30 AM

@JoJo. Clearly you are misinformed and conflating unrelated issues. It's fact that the U.S. imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world. The U.S. has 25% of the worlds prison population and most of that comes from the idiotic "Wars of Drugs, Crime, Terrorism"and whatever the latest euphemism of the day is. We need serious prison reform and there are far too many low level drug offenders crowding our prison and feeding the prison industrial complex. We are spending too much money charging and incarerating people of minor offenses wehen alternatives do exist. Secondarily, we are creating a class of people that are disenfranchised and are unable to obtain loans, good jobs etc because of those low level offenses. We need to get smarter about the way we punish and rehabilitate violators in our society. Obama's early release program is focusing on these types of low level offenders, not the murderers and violent crime offenders.

XXXXX @ 1/15/2016 4:15 PM

and after they all get released, I hope they all move into your neighborhood Leonard. Then you can all live in harmony with your super wonderful government programs.

OK @ 1/16/2016 5:43 AM

"Low level" drug offenses? I love when that term is spit around. Usually by people who have no experience in dealing w/ this subculture.

kevCopAz @ 1/16/2016 7:20 AM

Leonard, seriously without calling names etc. This "low level" term is misused. ILook at those in Federal Prison, check out what those folks record really is and not the "deal" charge they took to go to prison. It is not true at ALL that those in Federal Prison are non violent or even had mere possession charges. All (virtually) were violent & DRUGS and made a deal or had a VIOLENT past and made a deal or they had a LOT OF DRUGS for sale and made a deal. If you don't know this Im sure you are not a LEO or if so not for very long. We need to do the opposite. Stay on these types of folks and add to them the gun violence folks. We need to incarcerate them with minimum sentences of 5 years for ANY GUN CRIME added to the "deal" they make on the current case. Criminals are not fools, they know prohibited possessor charges are really charged and sentences to the full extent of the law and having a gun in a crime means very little. The mere possession of a gun during ANY crime needs punishmen

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