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London Police to Add 600 Firearm Officers to Boost Terror Response

January 14, 2016  | 

Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) in London. (Photo: BBC screen shot)
Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) in London. (Photo: BBC screen shot)

Six hundred extra armed officers are to be trained and patrols more than doubled to help counter the threat of a terrorist attack in London, the Metropolitan Police has announced.

It will bring the total number of armed officers in the capital to 2,800.

Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said: "It will be an expensive option, but is vital to keeping us safe."

It comes after Scotland Yard reassessed its ability to respond to armed attacks after last year's Paris Terror Attacks, the BBC reports.

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Percy @ 1/14/2016 3:21 PM

I wonder how many innocent and/or unarmed civilians will be greased before a single
terrorist is shot? I imagine their training will be in America or Isreal.

Me @ 1/14/2016 7:17 PM

Arm all the officers you morons.

Leonard @ 1/15/2016 8:08 AM

No...don't arm all the officers. It not needed no is it needed here. Their officers are trained at a much higher level than our and have strict rules of engagement in terms of use of deadly force scenarios. Everyone of those officers joining armed units will have been an officer for at least 4 years, undergo extensive psychological testing and undergo extensive live fire scenario based training. That's several of the reasons why you don't see the deadly force farce's there that you see on our soil.

Leonard @ 1/15/2016 8:11 AM

Our officers killed more citizens since Xmas than the Brits killed over the past 5 years. It's pretty telling. Even though they don't have the gun violence our officers face, the greatest threat a British officers faces is knives and other sharp objects. Last year there were over 26K incidents of violence with those types of weapons and not one death by police. It goes to show, our police need not be as violent as they say they need to be.

OK @ 1/16/2016 1:08 PM

Nevermind small details like population size.

Leonard @ 1/16/2016 1:20 PM

@OK. Lets take population size into consideration. Pick any major metropolitan area and make the same comparison. The fact always remains, our cops are too violent period!

Greg @ 1/18/2016 4:43 PM

Leonard obviously you have never been a police officer. Having been an officer for over 28 years plus a trainer for the last 6.5 years I can from personal experience tell you that our officers are trained extensively in when to use force and when not to. Based on your posts I guess you would like to disarm all officers and take away everyone's firearms. Look at the number of shootings where officers have saved civilian lives during active shooting incidents or other situations in which they have had to save themselves or others. I got a great idea for you if you don't like the fact that our police are armed move to England. Better yet move to a country that ISIS has taken over and when you get abducted by them I bet you would love seeing an armed police officer there to save your butt.

cacop @ 1/19/2016 1:02 AM

The US is a violent society and policing in the US is a difficult job. About a dozen officers in UK have been killed in last 5 years. In 2014 alone 51 Officers were feloniously killed in the US. You can't just compare "assaults".
In the US over 48,315 Officers were assaulted.
◾4.0 percent of the officers were assaulted with firearms.(approx. 1932)
◾2.0 percent of the officers were assaulted with knives or other cutting instruments. (approx. 966)
◾14.1 percent of the officers were assaulted with other dangerous weapons (approx. 6812)
So at least 9710 of our neighbors attacked the officers in our communities with deadly weapons. Not to mention officers being attacked by hands and feet, sometimes capable of causing serious injuries or death. It would be great if our neighbors didn't kill each other or us. So we need to teach our youth respect for all and if you assault others, especially with weapons, you could be killed.

XXXXX @ 1/19/2016 6:20 AM

Arm them all. The way things are going, they are going to need them.

Lt Roy Smith LASD @ 1/19/2016 6:35 AM

Why not 6000 more...England will suffer some violent acts in the future courtesy of terrorists..

Tom Ret @ 1/19/2016 10:06 AM

Those who know some history, recall when Britain needed firearms in the worst way as they had very few to defend their nation during WW2. They received many small guns from the US that helped them fight for their very existence.

Tom Ret @ 1/19/2016 10:08 AM

Correct small guns to small arms above

John retired IA PD @ 1/19/2016 9:34 PM

If parents would teach their children to respect themselves and others, and that they will be held accountable for their actions, that would go a long way in creating a better society. Instead it seems that many must be taught that they can do whatever they want, and it is ok. Just blame someone else.

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