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Video: Mississippi City Councilman's Remarks on Attacking Officers Spark Firestorm

January 04, 2016  | 

VIDEO: Mississippi City Councilman's Remarks on Attacking Officers Spark Firestorm

A Jackson, MS, city councilman angered the local and national law enforcement community last week when he recommended that people in his district should respond to officers from other jurisdictions pursuing suspects into their neighborhoods by attacking the officers with rocks, bottles, and bricks.

In an interview with reporters on Thursday following a vehicle pursuit by Pearl police officers that ended in his district, Councilman Kenneth Stokes said that police from surrounding cities put Jackson children in danger when they chase people on neighborhood streets, reports MS News Now. He says he'd like black leadership to team up and use force. 

"What I suggest, we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson, we throw rocks, bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don't want you in here."

Stokes' comments were met with a strong response by Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker who took to Facebook to say, "Stokes…I'm your huckleberry. Law enforcement will not be intimidated by you." The saying "I'm your huckleberry" was common in the 19th century and was revived in the 1993 movie "Tombstone." It can mean "I accept your challenge."

Governor Phil Bryant also released a statement that condemned Stokes' remarks:

“Mr. Stokes’ remarks are reprehensible, particularly with the attacks we have seen against our men and women in law enforcement. I condemn any such remarks in the strongest possible manner. This is nothing short of an outright assault upon all who wear the badge. I will be asking Attorney General Jim Hood to investigate whether Mr. Stokes’ remarks represent criminal threats against law enforcement officers.”

Comments (16)

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Lt Roy Smith @ 1/4/2016 5:16 PM

Anybody notify Obama of this affair??

Jack Lanier @ 1/4/2016 5:16 PM

Kenneth Stokes needs to be removed!! He is dangerous not only to officers, but to people whom he represents!!

FDC @ 1/4/2016 5:46 PM

What do you expect from gutter trash? He should blame the thugs who flee to his district for putting his peoples lives in danger. .. not the police

xxxxx @ 1/4/2016 6:13 PM

Well, Mr. Stokes is very fortunate to live in such an amazing country in which he is free to speak so openly. And the next time he does and someone shoves their fist down his throat, I hope he doesn't call the local Police/Sheriff's office. ;)

joe @ 1/4/2016 8:51 PM

Surprised he didn't, the councilman should be in Washington spreading more inaccurate information about cops and guns. Always big news of white cops shooting black criminals with rap sheets (no pun intended ) but you don't hear him talking about the white unarmed man and his unarmed little kid in his child seat being gunned down by black officers. Or black male kills two unarmed whit reporters or police officers (multiple states) being executed by illegally armed black murder's. Love the inequalityof the news reporters and the ingnorant POTUS piece of shit causing a HUGE devide in races and between the people and the government. Nice job continuing to screw up the country just like the former president. BTW screw you NSA, FBI (biggest criminals in law enforcement ).

John retired IA PD @ 1/4/2016 10:54 PM

"A Jackson, MS, city councilman angered the local and national law enforcement community last week." Something is missing from this headline. Shouldn't his comments also have angered the citizens of this country, including our leaders in Washington? I must have missed this on the national news.

tristatetacticalshooting @ 1/5/2016 8:31 AM

This is purely inciting violence and opening attacks against LEOs...this kind of action is why all of those urchins in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, et al is occurring.

xxxxx @ 1/5/2016 9:00 AM

Your right, maybe the AG should investigate it because she said that this kind of hurtful speech wouldn't be tolerated. 😉

Bob peterson @ 1/5/2016 9:47 AM

Stokes is an idiot. he shouldn't be allowed to continue in gov. he needs to be run out of town. Stokes, do the right thing, resign and get out of town. People like you are not needed.

S.S. @ 1/5/2016 12:25 PM

You all said it all. BULLSHIT!!!

ssc1911 @ 1/5/2016 12:36 PM

Councilman Stokes should be arrested and charged with battery, inciting or creating a public disturbance on public officials in the course of their duties (police officers), and those that follow his instructions. Councilman Stokes should be made to immediately resign and forefiet being appointed, elected to any public office again. He should do jail time as well.

Leonard @ 1/5/2016 2:26 PM

It's ok be a critic, but a public official cannot to this. He deserves every bit a criticism he gets

bob retired leo @ 1/5/2016 3:28 PM

They should pursue making attacks on Police a hate crime and Stokes should be the first arrested. I recall vividly when I was in the Academy in the early 70's a black recruit officer said out loud: I can't wait to kill my first honky. I said to him, you don't belong in that uniform.

Leonard @ 1/7/2016 3:56 PM

@Bob. Really?! Since when are police a class of people. They are not and deserve no more special protections than they receive now though union negotiated contracts, law enforcement bill of right many states have , qualified immunity and a justice system loathe to indict and convict. The anger and distrust that many in the public have toward officers today has nothing to do with media, but the very actions of LE and LE agencies. Recognize it and work with those that want policing better in this country

Bob retired leo NY/FL @ 1/9/2016 7:25 AM

Since when are POLICE a class of people? When you put on that uniform and you take that oath you are a class of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. As you scripted above you note all the special protections that are given to them. These special protections put them in a class. A class is signified by A set, collection, group, or configuration containing members regarded as having certain attributes or traits in common; a kind or category, a collection or division of people or things sharing a common characteristic, attribute, or quality.
Police are just as much a class as any other group. In NYC when firefighters and medical staff were being shot and injured responding to calls the state laws put them in a class of Peace Officers, so if they were attacked there would be major penalties for their assailants. Police officers typically come from a similar class as many of their perpetrators : the working class.
While I agree with you distrust comes from some actions of LE agencies

bob retired leo FL/NY @ 1/9/2016 7:53 AM

Epilogue: While I agree with you, distrust comes from some actions of LE agencies and LE officers, the liberal media latches on these liberal and often politically motivated movements like parasites until they suck the life out of the story, get their viewer ratings and then the story dies, like the host the parasite has fed off of . The media helps create distrust also on a far greater level. If Police ever walked off the job there would be total chaos. As you see in certain areas where there are Police layoffs and shortage of officers,as we have seen in the Windy City and elsewhere, crime is out of control, daily murders of innocents occur and now people are screaming for more protection. Now that desire for that certain "CLASS of people called LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS" is in demand, as gangs and criminals create anarchy in the streets.

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