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Oregon Department Buys Family Gifts Instead of Holding Union Christmas Party

December 28, 2015  | 

North Bend, OR, Police donated these Christmas gifts to a local family (Photo: Facebook)
North Bend, OR, Police donated these Christmas gifts to a local family (Photo: Facebook)

Members of the North Bend (OR) Police Department voted to cancel their police officers union Christmas party so they could instead use the funds to buy gifts for a family in need, the chief posted to Facebook.

Members of the agency brought a Christmas tree to "a wonderful woman not only cared for two toddlers, but recently accepted four more children into her home, who were displaced from their parents in California." The officers who delivered the tree connected with the woman as well as the newly transplanted children, who had previously had only negative interactions with law enforcement. When they found out that the woman didn't have the money to buy gifts for any of the children, they decided to ask members of their union to help out the family.

Chief Robert F. Kappelman sent a letter of thanks to every involved officer, which he posted on Facebook. It said, in part:

"You and your members canceled the NBPOA Annual Family Christmas Party and diverted those funds to provide more than $1,000 of gifts to this family. These were not public funds, they came from your own pockets. And today, on Christmas Eve, you delivered beautifully wrapped gifts (as 'friends of Santa') to children, who no doubt will remember this Christmas forever.

"Your choice to take from your own savings…to cancel your own holiday celebration… in order to provide for a family you didn’t even know…is a testament to the person you are. I am both proud and humbled that this city is served by such caring people…people who know how to police with a heart."

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S.S. @ 12/29/2015 7:34 AM

Good for all of y'all. Now that goes well beyond their call of duty. Y'all are tops on my list. I know the last thing that you all want is media coverage especially from this year. But I hope that they do this awesome gesture some justice. Way to go fellas.

Percy @ 12/29/2015 10:59 PM

Some very classy gentlemen.
You guys could sure use some more like this.

S.S. @ 12/30/2015 8:43 AM

Wow leave it to pu**y, I mean percy to say something stupid...AGAIN. i'll dumb this down for you ....again. Stay off the site! NO ONE LIKES YOU, AND THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

Percy @ 12/30/2015 5:44 PM


Oh no whatever will I do? I don't see anyone rallying behind you SS.

As far as staying off the site, simply put NO, I refuse, what is your next move.
Your order is unlawful and as I previously mentioned the only thing you are entitled or competent to ask or order me to do is tell you the time.
Why don't you trying firing wildly into your computer screen,
who knows maybe you'll get lucky and hit a "liberal." Amazing how most cops hate and fear liberals, as it is the same root word as libertarian and liberty. Weird right?

What was wrong with what I said? I commended some good people doing something completely selfless and suggested more like that might help the present le image & agenda,
you know all the killing and this WAR ON COPS crap.

Maybe you should try some sort of calmative before posting anymore, I'd hate to read that you swallowed your tongue.

S.S. @ 1/4/2016 7:01 AM

I'll disagree and you know it too. No one wants you on this site. I don't need people rallying around me to tell me how much of a clueless prick that you are. Maybe if your mother was still alive she could talk some sense to you. You are sooooo angry all cuz your mother didn't raise you right Norman Bates, I think I hear her calling you....

Percy @ 1/5/2016 4:20 PM

Yes dear, but my mother isn't calling me because as you have made clear she is out turning tricks and collecting her welfare check. Yes dear.
Sure does seem to anyone with eyes who the angry one is.

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