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No Charges for Cleveland Officers in Tamir Rice Case

December 28, 2015  | 

An Ohio grand jury has decided not to return an indictment in the 2014 police shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, prosecutor Tim McGinty said Monday.

Now that the criminal investigation is completed, police officials in Cleveland will conduct an administrative review of the Tamir Rice shooting, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said Monday, reports CNN.

The shooting has caused Cleveland to do "a lot of soul searching," Jackson said.

"In the midst of that soul searching," Jackson said, "we have made some changes. ... All of this is designed to better ensure that an incident like this will never happen again."

After the administrative review is completed, it's possible the police officers involved could face disciplinary action if the committee set to review the case determines polices or procedures were violated, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said.

"Both of the officers are and will remain on restricted duty. They have been on restricted duty since this incident happened," he said. "That's part of our process, not to allow officers involved in critical incidents to go back out there into the fray. They will remain on restricted duty until we complete the administrative process."

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Leonard @ 12/28/2015 4:54 PM

How many more of these deadly keystone cop incidents must society endure before real changes are made. Another murderer is set free under the guise "I feared for my life" Those cops did everything wrong and a innocent child was killed and the system defended them to the hilt. The prosecutor manipulated the grand jury to get the result he wanted. I hope McGinty loses his job. He chose to defend the cops over the life of a child.

Bob peterson @ 12/28/2015 5:16 PM

The officers did nothing wrong. When a policeman is confronted by a suspect with a gun, he or she doesn't say, ok he's black lets shoot him. A child with a gun is as deadly as an adult with a gun. I have seen 12 year olds as big as adults. Apparently, Leonard has never had to chose between life and death. What did the officers do wrong. Nothing. Good job officers, your training has paid off. Keep doing your job. Yes, it's sad someone died but the officers didn't start the conflict, they finished it. A very few police shootings are wrong and they should be punished. We need to stop raising hell about every shooting the police are involved in. All lives matter.

Leonard Mather @ 12/28/2015 6:31 PM

The above comment supposedly attributed by me on 12/28/15 at 4:54 PM was NOT MADE BY ME! At 4:54 PM I was seeing my Dentist in his office. And the opinions stated, supposedly by me, are NOT mine. Having a toy gun that looks real is ipso facto proof of justification for a LEO to respond with deadly force. The problem rests when the Police Department is in any way involved with Liberal government officials wreaking havoc with logic, factual data and officials meddling in the Baltimore-like manner in leadership. The other shock here is how the above post got to be in the Comments under my name. I did NOT post those comments!

Leonard Mather @ 12/28/2015 6:39 PM

This post is addressing Bob Peterson: I hope and pray that you read my reply. I am very concerned that someone used my name on 12/28/15. I was gone and away from the Internet from 10 AM until this last post. It is diabolical. My training is in Forensic Psychology. I assisted both Alexandria and Arlington, VA Commonwealth Attorneys during the years 2000 through 2006 and I am certain that the LEO's acted properly in using deadly force.

Leonard @ 12/28/2015 7:01 PM

@Mather @Bob: You guys are clowns. Just what exactly did this child start? What did this child do wrong to be engaged by police and shot? He was playing in a playground with a toy gun. Does that now pass for justification for deadly force by police these days? The fact of the matter is this...Those two keystone cops created the conditions that caused that child the be murdered. The cops rolled up on the child within mere feet and shot that child even as the vehicle was still moving. They failed to stop at a safe distance to evaluate the realness of the threat, failed to secure as safe area for the child and officer alike. This officer-created-jeaopardy should not be used as an excuse for and officer to claim that "I feared for my life". I know many of you want to focus of the split-second farce that Conner vs Graham create, but it also mentioned the totality of the events. And the event in this case, clearly demonstrated that these officers acted recklessly, placed ....

Leonard @ 12/28/2015 7:05 PM

themselves and the child at risk. This case is just another that screams for independent investigators and prosecutors for police accused of misconduct. This prosecutor decided not to prosecute and bastardized the grand jury process to get the result he wanted. The prosecutor acted as the defense for the officers instead as an advocate for the real victims here, the Rice family.

Mark @ 12/28/2015 8:47 PM

Leonard (NOT Leonard Mather),

What did the kid do wrong? Do you really not know what this kid did wrong or are you purposely ignoring what he did to fit your agenda? Let's see, the kid had a toy Air Soft gun WHICH LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A REAL GUN. Let me repeat that for you again HE HAD A TOY GUN THE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A REAL GUN! The cops did not come up on this kid on their own. CONCERNED CITIZENS called the police because someone who LOOKED LIKE A MAN AND NOT A CHILD was WAVING A GUN AROUND AND POINTING IT AT PEOPLE IN A PUBLIC PARK WITH CHILDREN! You don't think there is something wrong with that??? Are you stupid or something? Where was this twelve year old child's parents? This kid and his family were in the wrong and at the very least acting irresponsibly and stupidly.

Continued below.

Mark @ 12/28/2015 8:54 PM

Continued from above.

Now at the same time the cops should have parked down the block and snuck up on this kid while trying to stay behind cover. That is how I was trained. If they would have done that maybe that would have bought then enough time and space to realize this was some kid screwing around and maybe from behind cover they could have taken more time to talk him into dropping the gun.

In many of these cases people are totally biases like you Leonard and try to place all the blame on one side or the other but there is wrong and enough blame to go around on everyone. The cops need to do better and higher better people and the black community also needs to get their act together.

P.S. Leonard Mather, you can fill in any name here and I am sure Leonard just has the same name as you and isn't posting under your name.

Robert @ 12/28/2015 10:07 PM

Here is my problem....this case should have went to a jury for trial.
I feel the DA in this case was doing their best to not bring this to trial....I don't really know the reason. If you know today's is what you know:
1. The DA never, ever brings a case to a GJ...then tells the GJ not to bring charges. That never happens.
2. The GJ was asked to answer questions that are NEVER brought up in a GJ format (reasonableness, etc). A GJ only needs to find probable cause a crime has been committed and who committed the crime. The Judge ruled in about 1 day that an arrest warrant should have been issued.
Now, given the evidence known today...I would say the officers were negligent, perhaps grossly negligent...but a trial jury would probably not have found them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
The DA chose to not take that chance...and that is the problem. As the case in PA and Baltimore showed....a Trial Jury is the best method to ensure justice is upheld for all.

Percy @ 12/28/2015 10:35 PM

This was the most ridiculous GJ perhaps in OH history.
My main concern was the fact that the officers were able to submit written statements to the GJ and why the prosecutor called for an "expert witness" report to be entered as evidence. The so called expert was retired law enforcement and certainly sympathetic to the officers.

Mark @ 12/29/2015 3:36 AM


This is what I don't understand, people call for "independent investigators" or expert witnesses that are not law enforcement. So who are these mythical people? Where do they come from? What is their background?

The only quality investigators that you are going to find that can conduct a criminal investigation correctly and thoroughly are going to be law enforcement of some kind or were trained as a cop at some point. Same with attorneys. They are going to have to be or once were prosecutors.

When it comes to an expert witness on police use of force who else are you going to find besides a law enforcement person or former one? What other person besides some kind of law enforcement person would even remotely have the education, training, and experience on police use of force?

Continued below

Mark @ 12/29/2015 3:48 AM

Just to be a rookie patrolman in my state you have to pass a pretty horrible hiring process that takes several months to a year and includes an actual background investigation (not just a check) and polygraph. Next you have to spend six months in training. Then another year in training on the job. I myself have a 4 year degree in law enforcement, spent a year in training, and then another 2 years in on-the-job training. Law enforcement takes years to get into just an entry level position. Yet, people want non law enforcement citizen then to Monday morning quarterback them? What makes them qualified to judge or even know the first thing about the job? Most people really do not know the first thing about law enforcement but think they do because they have seen a lot of TV and movies or just don't like authority figures in general.

I am all for independent people looking into stuff but I just don't know who you are going to find outside of law enforcement.

Daniel Algeri @ 12/29/2015 5:47 AM

Percy, You are right, the Grand Jury process was odd but you failed to mention that Tamir Rice's mother was also allowed to testify when she wasn't there. Since when is a victim impact statement allowed into the GJ process. Also, one of the experts who gave a report testified against Cleveland officers in the Brelo case so to say they are all biased toward the police is incorrect. Simple fact is what the officers did was reasonable. Tragic yes, but within the law as we are trained.

Leonard @ 12/29/2015 5:56 AM

@Mark: thank you for proving my points. Firstly, the concerned citizen stated that the "suspect" was probably a child. Granted than information didn't get relayed, but that doesn't even matter. Don't you think there is an obligation to determine if a threat actually existed? Or is it SOP for cops to run into a situation and start shooting without all the facts? Let me answer that, for US police, I guess it is. I find it absolutely incredible that people here are defending the actions of these officers. Defending the murder of a child playing with a toy in an open carry state. We give our officers too much discretion to use force and the we see the results on video almost every day now. Citizens that are killed recklessly and unnecessarily. I'm tired of it! Given the state of policing, you're damn right it's appropriate to Monday morning quarterback. Because it's absolutely clear, we have too many officers on the force that should not be.

S.S. @ 12/29/2015 6:23 AM

We gotcha on this one Leonard Mather, and from now on we'll call leonard leonard tool, and you of course are Leonard Mather. The process as unfortunate as it was for Tamir Rice. The police were definately called by several people all stating subject with a gun and it was in a park. Now you can "Monday morning quarterback" this whole thing on how it should've occurred. But we are all different. These officers really did believe their lives and the others were in danger. leonard tool is gonna bitch and moan just like percy, and say things about the officers. People like these 2 ignorant fools have never been in a situation lke this and they never will. they're cowards that criticize l.e. and bash them cause they don't have the balls(percy especially) to do this job. I'm sure if those officers could they would take those bulllets back, but unfortunately cannot. Good Luck to you officers involved.

Mark @ 12/29/2015 9:20 PM

Leonard (Or I guess it is now Leonard Tool),

You are so biased it's not funny. I did not prove anything for you. Didn't some callers think the child was 20? The information about it being a child totally matters. The fact that you don't think it does just proves my point you don't know what you are talking about. I see you are still trying to downplay the actions of the child and going out of your way to say he was playing with a toy like he was sitting in the park minding his own business playing with an action figure or something. Again, the kid was pointing what appeared to be a firearm at people. Everyone sees the problem with this but you because it doesn't fit your agenda.

I am also not defending the actions of the officers. See my other comments on this page. The cops should probably get sued civilly. Is it criminal what they did? Maybe not. I am just challenging you because you are so biased and want to downplay and ignore the action of the kid and parents.

Mark @ 12/29/2015 9:32 PM

Also Leonard,

What makes you qualified to Monday morning quarterback? How many hours or years of training do you have in use of force and firearms? Do you even know what end the bullets come out of? You said you're tired? I am tired of people like you who probably could not even qualify to even apply to be a police officer but think they know how to do the job and think they can do it better than people with years of education, training, and experience. Do you also think you can manage the Yankees better and defend yourself in court?

Yes, the police need to do a much better job especially in hiring the right kind of people and getting away from many of the old ways of thinking. But biased jack offs like yourself with a racist and biased agenda are not helping matters and only make them worse.

Leonard @ 12/30/2015 4:08 PM

@Mark....whoa law was the child breaking? And please tell me again what did the child in the park do other than act as child playing in a park. And what did the parents do to contribute to this awful behavior that this child was doing in order to be killed by keystone cops? Absolutely nothing! I say it again, the child did nothing wrong and the cops did nothing right resulting in a dead child. Yes, the public gets to judge an officers actions and question and officers judgment. We are all judged every day by our actions, a cop is no different. You don't have to be trained to see every mistake those cops made. and by the way, as a former soldier I know exactly what I'm talking about and would guarantee you that if a soldier acted the way those cops did, there would be accountability.

Jim B. @ 12/31/2015 6:48 AM

Just to clarify something from the previous post. You don't have to actually break a law to get shot by the police. Let me say that again, you DON'T have to actually BREAK A LAW, to get shot by the cops. All you have to do is pose a reasonable threat. Notice I didn't say "pose a threat". The officer just has to reasonably believe that you pose a threat. Now we can debate whether this kid posed a reasonable threat (from the standpoint of the officers responding at the time, not from the standpoint of what we all know now) or whether the actions of the officers in their approach to the call was correct. But to keep harping on "he was playing with a toy!" and "what law did he break?!" is not material to the issue.

S.S. @ 12/31/2015 10:21 AM

leonard tool, wow I never realized how stupid you were until just right now. To say something like you just said. First of all you idiot. Too bad it ended up the way it did, but bystanders were there, and he apparently pointing a gun (which was a toy, but did not look like one), at other people and their children. No laws broken here, but people were calling in saying he had a gun and was pointing it at others, and they felt threatened. Unknown how many people called. Next thing you know officers arrive and quickly yelled out to drop the weapon. He did not and instead he pointed it towards the officer s and got killed. You and your bitch percy are over here talking shit when you two pu**ies wouldn't do shit but piss on yoursleves, so again do us all a faveor and please you and your bitch percy S.T.F.U.

Percy @ 12/31/2015 1:53 PM

1 After all this time are you really saying it is unknown how many people called, or simply that it is unknown to you? I'm leaning towards the latter.

2 Yes officers arrive quickly, far too quickly and way too close (even some other cops say so) and leave themselves very few options.

3 There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that officer bang bang said anything.

4 I do not see (and I have watched the video many times) that Rice ever pointed the toy at the officers.

5 While Cletus and Zeek here say the gun was found on the ground proving that Rice had pulled it I would suggest people watch the video of Slager trying to plant his taser next to the body of Walter Scott. Since anything our 2 geniuses do is behind the car anything is possible.

6 As far as your endless litany of threats, personal insults, etc, as I mentioned in a previous post please feel free to blast away into your computer screen, I'm NOT GOING AWAY and there is nothing you can do about it. So shut up.

Percy @ 12/31/2015 2:32 PM


7 And let's not forget 2 other very telling, undeniable(even by SS) facts, the officers offered no assistance to Rice whatsoever after shooting him.

....."Loehmann had spent only a month as an official officer before his alarming misconduct became too much of a liability for the Independence police force.

According to Loehmann, he voluntarily resigned. According to the Independence Police force, he quit before they could fire him.

In five short months, Loehmann was deemed “emotionally unstable” and unfit for service as a police officer. In his personnel records, his direct supervisors described him as having a “lack of maturity” as well as an “inability to perform basic functions as instructed.” These supervisors were referring to the disturbing behavior Loehmann exhibited during a weapons training session.

Loehmann’s worrisome conduct and mental instability when handling weapons would become a reoccurring theme in his personnel files."

Clay @ 12/31/2015 4:31 PM

Sorry, but this pass on an indictment is wrong.

I don't care about this "reasonable threat" to a cop on this one. The citizens need to have the privilege of a "reasonable threat" from a cop when things like this happen. We need to be able to shoot and kill you when we see this happen.

They pulled within feet on this kid and within a second he was shot and killed. NO ONE but his sister came to his aid (she was thrown to the ground) until another cop came along.

I don't know if you cops realize, but the citizens are at a breaking point. We stand by and watch you kill our children, shoot unarmed citizens (the ones that are innocent), not being arrested for dui, lie, steal, ruin people's lives and then walk free. You don't hold yourself accounts. You don't hold other cops accountable.

This is going to stop one way or another and I don't think you are going to like it.

S.S. @ 1/1/2016 9:21 AM

percy you are a weakling,coward, who all she does is sit around in his mommy's basement, I mean dead mommy. Dude you are a complete moron. So listen here "Norman Bates", go back to your basement and play dressup in your mother's clothes, and have some fun.

Percy @ 1/1/2016 10:45 AM

Yes dear.

POLICE Magazine does not tolerate comments that include profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior (such as "spamming" or "trolling"). This and other inappropriate content or material will be removed. We reserve the right to block any user who violates this, including removing all content posted by that user.

S.S. @ 1/1/2016 11:41 AM

You I just don't get you. You can talk about us l.e. and we're responsible for the way things are in the U.S. then when you think and try to sound "like" your educated", that is funny. You are merely at best a h.s. grad and that's it. Just remember this and yes you can tell your mommy about what I'm going to tell you. First your not l.e. so you sound completely ignorant you and the other fool leonard tool. You all are the ones who bring this upon yourselves. You don't want your feelings hurt then get off the web site. Nobody cares about you miss percy. So just get off the site. Your opinions do nothing. all they do is upset other officers who are on this site to vent and talk to other l.e.about all the b.s. we see out there. It's not to talk to assholes like you and leonard tool! So you don't want your feelings hurt percy, get off. For if you don't I will tell your mommy, oops i mean or your legal guardian.

Percy @ 1/1/2016 1:24 PM


Yes dear.
Is this how you conduct a traffic stop as well?

SS Says " So just get off the site. Your opinions do nothing. all they do is upset other officers who are on this site".

1 As far as getting off this site we have discussed this at length and my response is still, NO.
Your move.

2 As far as my opinions, at least I have opinions and am willing to come here and express them, all you do is hurl insults at people and their families. You're a class act.

3 The only "officer" I seem to upset is you.

I am really wasting my time and energy with you, so unless you have anything cogent, useful, or interesting to say please lose my number.

TA TA and as always

POLICE Magazine does not tolerate comments that include profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior (such as "spamming" or "trolling"). This and other inappropriate content or material will be removed. We reserve the right to block any user who violates this, including removing all content posted by that user.

Leonard @ 1/2/2016 12:34 PM

My my...I certainly hope S.S. Isn't a cop because he is clearly the type of officer that is a danger to the citizens he may police. He can't be challenged and when he does, it's in the most aggressive insecure way. Certainly he knows nothing of @Percy or myself except that we have both logically presented arguments as to why in this case, the officers needed to be held accountable for the murder of a child. And that we are critics of police excesses. Several supporters(officers?) claim I have some sort of racist agenda when they were the first to inject race. Seems that when police actions are questioned, the default argument is to cry racism, BLM and those who critic don't have the right to do so because they are not cops. This is precisely the problem, many fail to recognize their own faults within the institution of policing. And if you don't recognize it, you can't fix it. The public has been saying loud and clear that it's no longer acceptable to shoot unarmed citizens based upon perceived threats. It's no longer acceptable to say "I was scared so I killed home". The threat has to be real and the response must be appropriate. The public has also said loudly that it's not acceptable for DAs to act as public defenders in the grand jury process. As @percy correctly stated a judge ruled there was enough probable cause for a trial and the grand jury would have determined the same if not for the actions of a DA that had no interest in going to trial. He took the cowards way out and manipulated the grand jury.

S.S. @ 1/4/2016 6:44 AM

In my 20 yrs I love my job, or career now as for you and your g.f. percy. I say what I gotta say because of a**holes like you. Maybe I do come off a little bit angry (an understatement at times). I DON'T LIKE FOR ANYONE LIKE YOU ASSHOLES TO TALK SHIT ABOUT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN BLUE. This is the reason you 2 come onto a site that is for cops and incidents that we have to deal with EVERYDAY. sOMETHING YOU 2 PU**IES would NOT understand. You put all of us down, and for what? You 2 pu**ies don't HAVE ANY jobs i bet. Cause when I asked 2 times, I got no response. I probably wouldn't either if I were you 2 trolls. You have no ide of the world around you. I bet at the first sign of trouble you 2 puSSies would be the first to call 911. Cause you obviously are too cowardly to take care of your problems. Standing up for your g.f. percy is admirable...I suppose. But think bout this you two pu**ies do NOT BELONG ON THIS SITE. YOU TWO ARE JUST A WASTE OF SKIN. yO

S.S. @ 1/4/2016 6:48 AM

percy is I guess a different kind of stupid. percy what is it you do? C'mon say something. You weakling.

Mark @ 1/4/2016 6:00 PM

Just like the incidents we are talking about there is wrong on both sides of this comment section. SS should post more professional things and Percy and Leonard are annoying and wrong. I do like how Leonard ignored most of what I said and then just repeated himself even though I answered his questions and rebutted his statements. I guess if you just keep shouting the same stuff you hope it will become true one day. I also like how Leonard played the veteran card. A big part of the problem Leonard has with law enforcement today begins with hiring only veterans as officers and taking a total military approach to law enforcement. If he actually knew something about this topic instead of just having a biased opinion he would realize how stupid he sounds. The only thing police and the military have in common is that they both use firearms. It begins and ends right there. How they use them is even completely different. Good job Leonard are proving my points. Thank you.

Percy @ 1/4/2016 6:31 PM

@Mark says " SS should post more professional things and Percy and Leonard are annoying and wrong."
Well Mark just EXACTLY how am I wrong?
Is it simply that I disagree with YOU that makes me wrong?
Do you think S.S. is wrong, and if so why don't you say so?
I have an opinion based on research and experience, the fact that you and those like SS
don't like being stood up to doesn't make it wrong.

If you don't like the fact that LOTS AND LOTS of people believe that you are far too militarized
stop training with the IDF, loose the fatigues, armor, assault rifles, chemical weapons, electrical weapons, sound weapons, etc etc etc.... Maybe try to cut down on the no knock raids for traffic fines, oh and this is important use real evidence to get warrants for the raids, and most importantly try to go to the right address.
And stop feeling so sorry for yourselves all the time.

@SS I will tell you nothing about myself, why? I don't have to.
Deal with it.
But do keep the insults flying.

Mark @ 1/4/2016 6:49 PM


So where does this post come from? Talk about off topic. Or are you just so biased and pissed at the police because they can tell you what to do and you don't like that, that you just listed a bunch of random things you don't like?

This post is where you are wrong. I actually AGREE WITH YOU about the militarization of police. I NEVER wore fatigues and thought it was stupid of any officer who did. It's a good way to get shot for one. That is why it is funny that Leonard tries to say since he was a solider he knows how to be a cop. No that is part of the problem.

You and Leonard are so biased that you can't even tell I am one of the good cops that you supposedly want. I was so good I got screwed over by bad cops when I REFUSED to break the law and be part of a system making illegal and questionable arrests.

Like I said there is wrong on both sides. The police need to hire people who are actually interested in serving the community and

Continued below.

Mark @ 1/4/2016 7:04 PM

Continued from above.

helping people. They need to get away from hiring the guys who just want to carry a gun or only hiring veterans. They need to hire educated people and not look at them with jealousy and disdain. The police need some of those military weapons and they have always had them. It is just recently we now have people in law enforcement who want to dress up and play G.I. Joe all day and not actually be a real cop.

At the same time criminals need to be brought to justice and held accountable too. Giving people a pass after they committed a crime, ran from the police, and then got shot is also wrong. Waving a gun in public in my state is a felony BTW. I have known since I was a child to only say yes sir and no sir to the police and not to fight or run from them. Fight them in court later. But I guess I am the dumb one right?

Just saying there is wrong on both sides. I can admit it. Why can't everyone else?

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POLICE Magazine does not tolerate comments that include profanity, personal attacks or antisocial behavior (such as "spamming" or "trolling"). This and other inappropriate content or material will be removed. We reserve the right to block any user who violates this, including removing all content posted by that user.
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