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Chicago Mayor Cuts Vacation Short After Police Shooting Kills 2

December 28, 2015  | 

Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will cut short his family vacation in Cuba and head home Tuesday after a police shooting Saturday that claimed two lives, one of them a woman who law enforcement admits was killed accidentally by an officer, reports USA Today.

The 56-year-old mayor serving his second term has seen his approval rating fall to 18% and demonstrators calling for his resignation after he was forced to release a police dashboard camera that showed 17-year-old Laquan McDonald shot 16 times by a police officer in 2014. Tensions have only increased in the last 48 hours after the latest police shooting that left a 19-year-old engineering student and 55-year-old mother of four dead.

Emanuel's spokeswoman Kelley Quinn said in a statement Monday that the mayor would cut short a family vacation with his wife and three children to Cuba in order to "continue the ongoing work of restoring accountability and trust in the Chicago Police Department." She said he had been in constant contact with his staff and the acting police superintendent John Escalante.

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Chicago Cop @ 12/28/2015 4:29 PM

You left out the part..."Tensions have only increased in the last 48 hours after the latest police shooting that left a 19-year-old engineering student >>with a history of violent mental illness who was off his medications and attacked police with an metal baseball bat << and 55-year-old mother of four dead.

Leonard @ 12/28/2015 4:59 PM

@ChicagoCop: And your point is what? That police can't subdue a person without resorting to deadly force? Police in any other European nation seem to handle situations like this quite well without resorting to deadly force. I think it's time we tore a page out of the British playbook and take deadly weapons away from the regular patrol officer. Our cops don't have the training nor judgment to make deadly force decisions.

Retired Cop @ 12/28/2015 5:26 PM

"Cuts vacations short"... NOT hardly. That's his press release saying that.
He has a large mega-moneyed New Years Eve extravaganza planned called
CHI-TOWN RAISING. He has to be there for that. New Year Eve used to be free on downtown Chicago now you have to buy a ticket to get it.

Stay Safe. Rahm may have to pay off the BLM folks to keep them from trashing and disrupting his party.

That Guy @ 12/28/2015 5:26 PM

@Leonard, do your homework before you comment. What you failed to state was that in Europe they don't have the gun problems that we have in the USA. The average criminal carry 2-3 weapons (mostly guns) on them at all times in the USA. I Europe the average criminal carries a knife and you have the occasional criminal with a gun.

That Guy @ 12/28/2015 5:32 PM

@Leonard, what if your child or wife were being attacked by someone with a baseball bat? Would you not take care of the situation. Would you take a club to a knife fight?

Leonard @ 12/28/2015 7:27 PM

What you dunderheads fail to realize is that even after you normalize to account for guns, our police forces utilize violence at rates far exceeding your European counterparts. Why not actually try to understand something before shooting off at the mouth. Why don't you visit the Police Executive Research Forum and read the report on police violence. The words I'm using are your own police chiefs and senior law enforcement executives...not mine. @That Guy. I expect police officers to use deadly force as a last resort...not the first. Frankly, part of being a cop is to be exposed to risk. I expect officers to behave differently hen encountering a suspect that has clear mental issues. The worst thing anyone can do for a loved one having mental episodes is to call a cop for help. The likely hood id that the loved one will end up dead.

Robert @ 12/28/2015 9:52 PM

to That Guy...really??
I find it pretty unbelievable that the average criminal on the street today is carrying 2-3 weapons...most of them guns. The average criminal is probably a dope head, looking for money for their habit.....and they would sell 2 of their 3 guns to buy more dope!! How does 1 person brandish 3 weapons at the same time???
As for the comment on the bat...I carry both a .45 pistol & a Taser C2 (the wife has a Taser C2 also...she can't shoot for sh_t)....and I would hope that cops would do the same. You do not blast away, with a firearm, without knowing what is behind your target (1 of the 4 cardinal rules of firearms safety).
A baseball bat CAN be a dangerous weapon...but it is typically not an immediate threat (like a gun or even a large knife).
I think the cop was negligent in blasting away (given the limited knowledge we have today) especially with a non-threat in the background. Whether it rises to the level of criminal negligence or not is unknown.

Percy @ 12/28/2015 10:22 PM

I would like to know what Bettie Jones was armed with, she is certainly just as dead as LeGrier.
As usual all the cops and cop apolagists on here don't want to bring that up, nor does the site as this is the 1st mention of the story.
All you will comment on is the guy with the bat, the pr campaign by the dept will now look to find anything they can on Legrier and Jones and try to craft a narrative that will prepare the public for the inevitable no discipline and no charges.

Keep puking out your WAR ON COPS garbage while more people die at the hands of trigger happy, diaper filling police.

Perhaps you guys might want to remember, when somebody else makes a mistake at work, maybe you only get 1 sugar in your coffee or you get short change by 2 bits. When you people make a mistake, or when it's on purpose people die or are crippled for life.

Then you investigate yourselves and decide everything is good and only a couple of civilians are dead. But you guys didn't get a scratch.

S.S. @ 12/29/2015 6:44 AM

leonard tool and percy again trolling the sites and talking shit. You 2 cowards don't have a clue. what do y'all do? besides each other. Probably you have no job, and live with mommy, oops sorry about that percy. I forgot about your mom. Anyhow neither of you have a shred of experience in l.e. and are nothing but a bunch of trolling scumbags go back to whatever you 2 idiots do.

Pete @ 12/29/2015 6:56 AM

Rahm Emanuel learned from the best,always on va ca or golfing when our country is ready to explode. Elected officials should be limited to working at least 6 days a week given their huge pensions

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