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"Clock Kid" Sues Texas City, Police Chief, School for $15 Million Plus Written Apologies

November 23, 2015  | 

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old so-called “clock kid” who made headlines after being arrested for bringing a clock disassembled and enclosed in a pencil box to his Texas school, is seeking $15 million in damages and written apologies from the Irving, Texas, mayor and police chief.

A “letter of demand” sent to Mohamed’s former school and city officials by his lawyers—Laney & Bollinger of Plainview, Texas—warns that they will be seeking $15 million and written apologies from Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd for their handling of the situation.

“Ahmed clearly was singled out because of his race, national origin, and religion,” the letter says. “Let’s face it; if Ahmed’s clock were ‘Jennifer’s clock,’ and if the pencil case were ruby red bedazzled with a clear rhinestone skull and crossbones on the cover, this would never have happened.”

Mohamed’s family moved to Qatar after the incident.

“Qatar is nice, but it is not Texas. That is their attitude toward this,” Mohamed’s lawyer kelly Hollingsworth told The Washington Post. “They are citizens of Irving, Texas, USA, first. Are they devout people devoted to their faith? Absolutely. But they are Texans, too, and they want to come home. What we are seeking is for them to be able to do that with their heads held high.”

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db in AZ @ 11/23/2015 4:49 PM

I smelt this one coming when the story broke months ago...and it stinks worse now. Who's his coach?? "Rev"sharpton the tax evader?? Maybe Barry O in DC?? This kid never invented anything..except this lawsuit!!! He and his family should stay in Qatar and never come back to Texas or anywhere else in the U.S.

UncleMike @ 11/23/2015 5:44 PM

Not unexpected considering the crap storm that the Liberal Press whipped up over this fake incident.
I hope the little booger enjoys his moment of fame.
Back in Qatar his dad is king of the family and will spend the money on whatever he personally wants.

Tom Ret @ 11/23/2015 5:58 PM

For justice to prevail in this case, I would suggest that both the watch maker, his family and scum bag lawyers pack their bags for Qatar where they can live with their heads held high.

HowBoutYa @ 11/23/2015 7:42 PM

Dear Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, Please stick this ridiculous lawsuit up you collective arsses. You can also share a percentage of this arss play with your poor, mistreated clients. I am so disgusted by the fact that this once great country, not only allows silly, frivolous, BS, lawsuits like these but, the turds who file them actually get paid. What would have happened if this little butt nugget's "disassembled clock" was actually an explosive device? Is it not our job to investigate these situations? I am beginning to wonder what exactly our job as an LEO is anymore. Stay safe brothers and sisters. CYA!

plato's playdough @ 11/24/2015 12:56 AM

I love the comment "if it had a skull and crossbones on it." Did it LOOK like a bomb?

Clearly the comment about the ruby red and rhinestone is singling out an individual based solely on their gender and fashion sense, tsk tsk...

james b @ 11/24/2015 6:50 AM

Adults and 14 yr. old are wrong..Dumb story..dumb action by boy..

Brian @ 11/24/2015 7:46 AM

I'm not sure what I'm more upset with. The fact that he will probably win his case or settle, OR Me, a tax paying citizen having to pay for his trip to the Whitehouse to dine with our Fraud-in-Chief!
A So sickened and thoughly disgusted America-American!

Percy @ 11/24/2015 11:18 AM


S.S. @ 11/24/2015 12:25 PM

i guess there always has to be one douchebag who has to put her 2 cents in. Who didn't see this one coming? Texas should NOT pay out these muslims. Stupid kid should've realized it was not a good idea. Even more so with the stupid parents, they should've realized what it wouldv'e resembled. I think they knew exactly what they were doing. What happens obama out p.o.s. president invites this future suicide bomber to the white house. Nice...what does that tell the rest of these a**hole muslims?

Steve @ 11/25/2015 3:02 PM

The parents of the other students in that school should be standing behind the school and law enforcement. What if this kid HAD brought a bomb to school, would they be standing back as observers then. Don't think so. Another example of a twisted judicial system going in the wrong direction!

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