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U.S. Investigators Struggle to Track Homegrown ISIS Suspects

November 19, 2015  | 

At least three dozen people in the United States suspected of ties to the Islamic State were under heavy electronic or physical surveillance even before the Paris attacks, senior American officials say. But unlike the attackers in France, the officials say, the majority of those under investigation here never traveled to Syria to fight alongside the Islamic State or receive training from it.

In many ways, the officials say, that makes the American investigations even harder. Those under investigation typically have little terrorism expertise or support from a cell, which makes thwarting an Islamic State-inspired attack in the United States less like stopping a traditional terrorist plot and more like trying to prevent a school shooting.

Stopping a potential attack has taken on new urgency after Paris, which served as a reminder that even people who have already caught the eye of intelligence services can spring attacks on short notice. Although at this point American officials say there is no credible threat from the Islamic State inside the United States, they worry that Paris could provide the spark to inspire angry, troubled people to finally do something violent, the New York Times reports.

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kevCopAz @ 11/19/2015 4:57 PM

DHS struggling? I would say they are in way worse shape then that based upon recent reports I have heard on the news. News said that the FBI director said there are 900 (not 90) active investigations involving ISSI in the us currently and that agency can only monitor 80 folks 24/7 due to lack of funding and manpower. Thats what the government admits, you and I know that there are many more that this administration will not admit, hell they still call the FT Hood shooting a "work place violence" as they do with other such incidents. This DOJ can't even use the term radical Islam they are so damn scared of the political ramifications. They are soft and weak and this WILL kill Americans. Obama anything happens here (as has already Boston Bomber etc) its on your head!. Oh in case you didn't hear BOTH the bothers who did the Boston Bombing were admitted as REFUGEES (Islamic Refugees) to the US and thanked us for our kindness by killing US citizens. Obama and this DOJ are a disgrace.

S.S. @ 11/20/2015 6:14 AM

This was all intented by obama. this is exactly what he wants. He still wants to bring in these refugees was from the middle east. It's so damn obvious.

Tom Ret @ 11/20/2015 8:09 AM

Anyone with half a brain, which eliminates a lot of Democrats apparently, knows that Obama is a proven liar. He rebukes Republicans or anyone else for opposing his proposed unrestricted emigration of Syrian refugees in the thousands as the FBI says it is stretched to the limit and claims all the refugees are 3 year olds and widows. His mouth piece, Ben Rhodes, claims these people will be completely vetted at the same time others in the know in the same admin say publically that there is scant paper trail on these folks so
little is know about them. Obama should have been impeached a long time ago.
Unfortunately, terrorist attacks will continue and very likely will increase in frequency. It may take a large scale attack in this country before a change in
leadership is demanded. Meanwhile, Obama will try to reduce the effectiveness of the police, denigrate the military and disarm the public at large. It appears to me that virtually everything he has touched has turned to FUBAR.

LEO (RET) @ 11/20/2015 1:55 PM

All, great comments. Obama, Hillary and John Kerry are awesome apologists to the world. I so wish we had a true Commander in Chief. Seems like Obama is hell bent on destroying our great country from within. God Bless our Law Enforcement, our military and our great country. Now, I have to hide from Syrian widows and orphans. Don't know what news footage obama has been watching, but I saw just as many young Syrian males military age coming too.

Percy @ 11/20/2015 3:03 PM

@S.S. "This was all intented by obama. this is exactly what he wants. He still wants to bring in these refugees was from the middle east. It's so damn obvious." Why don't you explain to all
why Obama is doing this, and do show your work, there may be a lolly in it for you.

While your comment on here is the most insane they are all beyond belief.
Are there any les on here who aren't mindless idiots?
Please speak up!! I know most of you on here don't like anyone who isn't
totally pro cop, but this has got to be embarrasing for you.
I also guess none of you read that the Paris attackers were not refugees and that
their Syrian passports were fake?

@Tom Ret "It may take a large scale attack in this country before a change in
leadership is demanded."
I wonder if you had these same thoughts around 14 years ago, probably not?
There was a white man in the white house.

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