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Video: Colorado Springs Officers No Longer Have to Take Fitness Test After Lawsuit

November 12, 2015  | 

VIDEO: Colorado Springs Officers No Longer Have to Take Fitness Test After Lawsuit

Last Friday the Colorado Springs Police Department agreed to the demands of 12 female officers who filed a civil suit claiming the fitness tests are discriminatory. All the officers were over the age of 40.

The suit will now move to a federal court. Police Chief Pete Carey told CBS Denver he’s disappointed, but will abide by the judge’s decision.

The police test consists of two running exams. Officers also have to do 52 push-ups in 2 minutes, and 45 sit-ups, also in 2 minutes.

The female officers who filed suit had been moved to desk duty after failing the test.

Carey says the policewomen will be now be back on patrol, pending the federal decision, which could take a year or longer.

Statement From Chief Pete Carey

For the past several years, CSPD has been involved in an extensive project to evaluate whether to adopt fitness standards for its sworn officers, validate what minimum fitness standards were job related, and develop and implement a Physical Abilities Test (PAT) that had been carefully formulated. CSPD was guided in this process by a consultant with expertise specific to physical abilities testing of police officers. To ensure officer success, CSPD called upon many resources in our community, including local healthcare and sports facilities, to provide personal training sessions and design exercise plans.

As most of you are likely aware, the City is presently defending a federal lawsuit challenging the PAT.  I continue to believe that mandatory physical fitness testing is the right thing to do for our community and our officers, and is a fair and appropriate minimum qualification to expect of those selected to protect and defend.  Although I feel strongly about the PAT, I welcome review of our program to ensure it is a valid reflection of minimum qualifications. 

However, bearing in mind my duty to carefully steward the tax dollars and personnel entrusted to me by the community, I have decided to agree to suspend PAT testing until the outcome of the federal litigation. 

Please know that this decision was not reached easily, and I recognize that our officers have embraced the culture of physical fitness. Nonetheless, I believe this is a necessary step to ensure the City obtains a full and fair review of the PAT program. 

It is my hope that all officers will continue a commitment to this culture of fitness while the PAT is suspended.  I certainly appreciate, and based on feedback we have received, the Colorado Springs community appreciates, that commitment.

If you have questions regarding the impact of the PAT program suspension on your particular situation, please direct those questions to your chain of command or CSPD Human Resources.

If you are scheduled to attend In-Service Training, please report to the CSPD Training Academy at 0800 hours, rather than the Global Village facility.



Comments (7)

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[email protected] @ 11/12/2015 3:32 PM

Oh wonderful. Maybe we cab get them excused from the range and driving school. Yeah, that's who I want for backup. What happened to the big demand for equality? I'm sorry, but if you can't do the Job, get out. This puts every LEO in that dept at risk. Blues, stay Safe.

John retired IA PD @ 11/12/2015 7:13 PM

What a joke. I want the same pay, but I don't want to meet the same standards as others on the department. This is a slap in the face to all officers and to the public that we are sworn to protect. I wonder what else they don't like, so they can be excused from that as well.

Butch Ramik @ 11/12/2015 7:59 PM

If they had to past a PT test to get through the Police Academy and a PT test to get on the department what is the problem. I was a officer for almost 40 years and stayed in top shape. Was a Assistant Coordinator of a Police Academy for 10 years and you had to pass the PT test to graduate. I always said departments she have a yearly PT test just like the Military. It is guided by age. You fail you have have time to prepare again and take it. If not you are done. If they can't then medical the officer out. You can't perform the job in not only a safe manner for you but your fellow officers your retired. And remember the public you work for depends on you also. The Police are a semi Military organization and be able to perform their duties physically and mentally. Nothing worse than calling for help and having to worry if your partner can help.

R. Hillsman, M.D. @ 11/12/2015 11:27 PM

Chief Carey please stick to your 'guns.' As a former CSPD officer (432P) I too agree that minimum standards should be maintained. Furthermore, as our officers are now required to work much later into their lives, we have seen a drastic increase in the number of cardiac events which have left officers either seriously disabled or deceased. Physical fitness is not optional in police work. Failure to maintain physical capabilities means that officers have to more rapidly resort to greater use of force which then leaves the officer, their cover units and the department liable for an all to common inappropriate use of force lawsuit. If I can help with any medical information to assist you in your arguments feel free to contact me regarding the same. I would be honored to assist, the officers involved must not be aware of the risk to themselves!
(former LEO turned trauma doc)

Percy @ 11/17/2015 2:09 PM

When did the police have to pass any sort of fitness test?

Sherry @ 11/24/2015 10:07 AM

There should be a fitness test once a year. I believe there should be a mental test once a year as well as surprise drug tests twice a year. Public needs to know that the police are in good shape in all aspects. Thank you all for your time and attention.

Stephen @ 12/10/2015 6:00 PM

These are prototypes of the females who Obama will now allow in all combat positions in the military. I'm sure the company Gunney in a Marine rifle company will understand the females when they say they don't think the PFT is fair for them and they want to sit it out. What a nightmare!

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