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Video: South Carolina Sheriff Asks FBI to Investigate SRO Incident Captured on Video

October 27, 2015  | 

VIDEO: South Carolina Sheriff Asks FBI to Investigate SRO Incident Captured on Video

In the wake of the video that surfaced of a South Carolina classroom where a school resource officer could be seen forcibly pulling a student out of her chair, the FBI and the Department of Justice have opened an investigation into the matter.

On Tuesday, a day after the incident, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Justice Department to conduct an investigation of Monday's incident at Spring Valley High School, USA Today reports.

Lott, whose agency is in charge of the school resource program at the school, was in Chicago at a law enforcement meeting when the incident took place. He said he was disturbed by what he saw, and said he cut short his trip, and is returning to Columbia to get answers.

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Robert @ 10/27/2015 3:10 PM

So, this will be interesting...but to me the issue is too many SROs in the first place. A school in a depressed urban area may need SROs...most suburbs do not!! We have too many SROs, and not enough school Principals doing their jobs.
Students in school are going to throw tantrums/act out, get in school yard fights and fill another students locker with is what they do. It is what I did.
To the SRO, here is what you get:
Tantrum/Acting Out = Resisting Arrest
Schoolyard Fight = Assault & Battery
Fill locker with foam = Vandalism
We need to go back to making school administrators do more than enforce a "zero intelligence" policy. Here is what should happen:
Tantrum = let the student act out, move other students parents and suspend if needed.
Schoolyard fight..standard fight, call parents and suspend. Gang or other fight, call parents & juvenille police...juvenile system handle.
We are turning too many of our children into criminals.

Leonard @ 10/27/2015 5:41 PM

This video is disgusting. The officer should be immediately fired and charge with assault. He is a danger to the community. If he showed this type of disregard and violence toward a young girl, imagine how he treats others in the community. I can't wait to hear from the apologists on this site trying to justify this officers actions. This is why BLM exist, because blacks and other minorities face this type of treatment every from by police in this country. It's time for it to end.

Stephen @ 10/27/2015 8:13 PM

So the sheriff said the incident disturbed him and he is returning to get answers. Shouldn't he wait to get answers before "getting disturbed" and throwing the deputy under the bus.

Tyson @ 10/28/2015 6:33 AM

I agree with Leonard 100% , That SRO is an IDIOT with a Uniform, we do not want that in the Force!

Wayne @ 10/28/2015 6:35 AM

Maybe everyone should wait until the investigation is done before passing any judgment. On BLM, so you encourage an organization that thinks it is okay to kill Police Officers, nice. You will be the first on crying and calling the Police when one of those BLM criminals rob you. You were not there so your Monday morning quarter backing is just what you think you saw you do not know what was said or why this officer responded that way. Robert I don’t know how old you are, but times have changed over the years from when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s. We would get in fights and become best friends, we would pull pranks on fellow students and they would do the same to us. In this day and age you get in a fight they come back and stab or shoot you, you pull a prank they try to get back at you by trying to kill you. So now we have SROs to protect the students and teachers from this new generation of kids who thinks its okay to kill someone.

RobA @ 10/28/2015 8:12 AM

Thanks for throwing your deputy to the wolves Sheriff. Hopefully no one else volunteers for that deputy's job when he's gone.

Robert @ 10/28/2015 9:05 AM

Wayne, I disagree with your statement about how bad times have changed.
I think that 90% of the fights, like you and I had as kids...result in the same no hard feelings. My kids, and most of my friends kids, have more to fear from me...than what is allowed to happen in school.
I think there is a big difference between the need for an SRO in an urban area public school in a poor / high crime area....and the need for an SRO in the suburbs of Columbia SC. I don't believer that the vast majority of students think it is "okay to kill someone".
I think the SRO was having a bad day and forgot he was dealing with kids and not 'perps' on the street...and now we have another incident.
BTW overkill seems to be the standard for Richland County (they also have an armored vehicle with a .50 BMG mounted). What in the hell are you going to use a .50BMG for...and where can you safely fire that weapon...very few LEO departments need a .50bmg weapon!

John retired IA PD @ 10/29/2015 3:02 PM

Was this student so out of hand that the teacher couldn't handle the situation? I thought that teachers had training to handle disruptive students. Perhaps the teacher didn't want to be the bad guy for holding this student accountable for her actions. From the video you do not get the whole story. What would have happened if the officer advised the student several times that she was reported as being disruptive in class and had to leave the class with him, and she continued with her disruptive actions and refused to leave? So the officer tells the teacher that he can't get her to leave, tells the teacher that they have to deal with the student and the officer leaves the classroom. I'll bet they would want this officer fired. It is obvious that this student has a problem with authority regardless if it is a teacher or law enforcement. Some people will NOT respond to doing what they are told and must be physically restrained or removed physically.

Fed Cop 1 @ 11/4/2015 6:44 AM

I thought you had to be a verified LEO to leave comments on this site? It appears that many of the commenters above are NOT LEOs. Their bottom line is that police and agencies should just leave the Miss Behavins and the Mr. Thugs alone in the classroom (or on the street). If they want to disrupt the class, assault the faculty, assault police, etc., that's ok, it's society's fault anyway.

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