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Obama Praises Officers, Pushes for Stricter Gun Laws and Sentencing Reform in Speech to IACP Crowd

October 27, 2015  | 

President Barack Obama speaks live to attendees at IACP 2015. (Photo: Melanie Basich)
President Barack Obama speaks live to attendees at IACP 2015. (Photo: Melanie Basich)

In a nearly hour-long address today at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference President Barack Obama outlined a three-part plan that he said will improve America's criminal justice system and make law enforcement officers safer.

The President said officers can be made safer and criminal justice reform effected by making sure officers have the resources they need to do the job, through criminal justice reform that will make the system smarter and fairer, and by taking steps to reduce the risk to law enforcement officers, namely more rigid gun laws.

On the topic of criminal justice reform, Obama said, "Too often law enforcement gets scapegoated" and that citizens can't expect police officers to fix problems that the public is unwilling to face itself.

Obama thanked law enforcement officers for putting their lives on the line to protect and serve America and said America needs to back its law enforcement professionals. "We need to start with supporting you, the men and women who walk the thin blue line," he said.

Obama listed measures taken during his administration that have helped law enforcement, including setting aside additional money for law enforcement, creating the Blue Alert system, launching an anti-ambush training program, and arguing against Republicans who wanted to cut funding to the Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

During the speech to the packed ballroom of law enforcement executives, Obama advocated for alternative solutions to incarceration for non-violent offenders. And he highlighted the importance of providing ways for non-violent offenders to re-enter the community and become productive members of society as well as the need to provide young people with opportunities so they don't turn to crime in the first place.

Obama argued that in order to make law enforcement officers safer, it's critical to make it harder for criminals to acquire guns. He said he's not out to take everyone's guns away, just to keep them from criminals.

The President closed his speech with the story of Officer William Stacy, who was called to a store to arrest a woman who had been caught shoplifting. The woman, who had stolen three eggs because she was 50 cents short of the dozen, told him her grandchildren hadn't eaten in days. Instead of arresting her, Officer Stacy purchased the dozen eggs for her.

Obama said the effects of such kindness by officers can be powerful. "'He pushed my world in the right direction,' the woman said, and I will never forget it," President Obama said. "That's America at its best. That's some good police work. That's what so many of you represent. I thank you for the work you do."--Melanie Basich

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Logan @ 10/27/2015 4:24 PM

I am a police chief from Wisconsin and left the conference early as I refused to listen to this anti-law enforcement protagonist. He has innocent officer's blood on his hands through his corrupt administration and it was an insult to allow him to speak at our conference. Every other chief I spoke with at the conference felt the same and were disgusted that he was allowed to speak.

Leonard Mather @ 10/27/2015 5:07 PM

The vignette described demonstrates the ingenious capacity Obama has in making himself credible. Within this story, he successfully hides his insidious undermining of proper policing by using the excellent example of Officer Stacy. Obama's implication is that his plan : Community Oriented Policing Service acronym (COPS) is the answer. It is a clever Ploy that is a trap to get Police Departments involved in the plan. Once signed on, Police work will be doomed by the manipulations within, yet to come. Remember that you are dealing with the Wolf in Sheep's clothing. He is a master manipulator. Do not fall for the Peaches and Cream in his homily. Respect for LEO's is grass roots that begins at home/school/ Scouts and church.

UncleMike @ 10/27/2015 5:35 PM

In case no one's noticed, that butt hole uses every opportunity he can get to disparage Police Officers. This speech was another perfect example of his lying to the audience of the moment to further his corrupt agenda and attempt to BS everyone into believing that he has a soul.
He is an inveterate liar and incapable of honesty in any form.
As for his plans for disarming America.....
Molon Labe!!!!

Tschako @ 10/27/2015 5:58 PM

I notice that Obama spoke to Police Chief's and not Sheriff's Police chief's are essentially politically appointed, and beholden to city councils, whereas Sheriff's are elected. Obama knows that criminals already "can't have" guns, and knows that they always will have them. His mindset is directed at disarming the largest segment of law abiding people, in some vague, unplanned hope of reducing these tragedies, which invariably are committed not by criminals, but by people with solvable mental problems, who target "gun free zones" so they can commit the most mayhem before they are terminated.

Kojack58 @ 10/27/2015 6:07 PM

Really Mr. President, ALL LIVES MATTER not just black, Hispanic, Asian lives ALL LIVES MATTER. If you had any integrity you would resign and let someone who recognizes the need to close our borders and enforce our Constitutional Laws.

Adrian Stroud @ 10/27/2015 6:57 PM

What are you kidding me?! Where has this guy been all this time? His silence has been deafening. He praises protesters and was sooo slow to speak about police ambushes. Gun Control again? I saw him use Newtown as a vehicle for that.

[email protected] @ 10/27/2015 7:59 PM

YADA YADA YADA. So the over two thousand gun laws on the books don't count? How about ousting judges who give a slap on the wrist to cop killers? How about putting gang-bangers away for good? How about the DOJ staying the hell out of things that are not their concern? This was just a photo op for the POTUS, nothing else. Blues, Stay Safe.

Stephen @ 10/27/2015 8:11 PM

Someone needs to advise the president that criminals get their guns by stealing them or buying a stolen weapon, and that these same criminals could care less what current law is or what laws will be passed.

Retred Chief @ 10/28/2015 11:44 AM

My first year as a Chief I joined IACP. I resigned my membership before the year was over when I figured out that even back then the association was "PC" an did nothing to benefit the profession. That they would even invite the current occupier of the White House to address the convention tells me nothing has changed.

Concerned Citizen @ 10/28/2015 6:45 PM

Obama uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to persuade his followers. He's a cult leader that can't be questioned. His bizarre followers think they can "read others minds" if you question Obama. You're not allowed to have an opinion of your own. Obama followers know "others thoughts and intentions" and to them Obama is wonderful and good. The guy is a Trojan horse who doesn't care about the USA or it's people. He's a citizen of the World. A Globalist who follows the Georgia guide stones. Obama keeps his Real Agenda to himself, his words are hollow and meaningless. I'll ask one question, do you think anyone in DC like Obama would lay down their own life for you and your family? I don't think so! None of the Ruling Elites care about, you, me or anyone else! They're all Self-Centered Narcissists and Sociopaths. Know who REAL LEADERS are, the ones that Fight With You, not Against You! Not the ones who order you do die, while they Golf and have fun!

S.S. @ 10/29/2015 8:45 AM

This just in...Our president is an idiot. I can't believe he had the gall to say this in a room full of law enforcement. What does he think we were born yesterday. You tell us this shit, and expect us to believe you? Yeah right. With one arm your patting us on the back with the other hand you have the middle finger pointed at us. Your a gutless p.o.s. president. 2016 cannot come fast enough.

Christian @ 10/31/2015 8:45 AM

It bothers me to read these comments. When the media is trying to portray a 'them vs us' narrative, it's actually POTUS who uses his speech time and appearances to promote the important work of law enforcement. As Commander in Chief that's exactly what he's supposed to do. Instead comments on here talk about cults, or leaving before he speaks. That's a kind of disrespect that is unneeded. Would you turn your back on the flag? Our President is our President and it's better to work with his administration than it is to close your ears & minds. We all know he wants safer streets. We all know he lo v es his country like we do. Let's try working with the man instead of disparaging him. If he has 'always' spoken ill about leo, then this speech is a HUGE break in that. I watched a lot of positive reactions from folks across the spectrum, which is what we need. This is about positive community policing so our officers don't get smeared or threatened and our children can grow up w respect.

Chuck @ 11/1/2015 2:37 PM

Someone please advise the idiot President that CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY LAWS.

It amazes me how much democrat progressives live in fantasy land.

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