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Umpqua Community College Considered Armed Guard, Dismissed Idea

October 02, 2015  | 

The Oregon college where at least 10 people were killed in a shooting rampageThursday had in recent months considered hiring an armed security guard — but ultimately decided against the proposal, the retired president said.

"We talked about that over the last year because we were concerned about safety on campus," Joe Olson, who retired as president of Umpqua Community College at the end of June, told The New York Times. "The campus was split 50-50. We thought we were a very safe campus, and having armed security officers on campus might change the culture."

Olson, a former deputy sheriff in Massachusetts, said the discussion about an armed guard had not been prompted by a particular threat. But he said there was a general fear of potential violence. He told the Times he did not believe a guard could stop a gunman.

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Tom Ret @ 10/3/2015 9:49 AM

Gilliam (sp?) , ex navy seal and FBI agent, had it right when he said, paraphrasing, if the college assures students they have a safe environment but insists on a gun free zone with unarmed guards, they should be open to a law suit if a gunman comes to clean house which happened here.

ResAgentSWA @ 10/3/2015 11:14 AM

"Olson, a former deputy sheriff in Massachusetts... He told the Times he did not believe a guard could stop a gunman."

If he believed that an armed guard could NOT stop a gunman, they pray tell, what was the purpose of the one UNarmed guard?

Morning Eagle @ 10/3/2015 7:45 PM

To Joe Olson: Yes, a properly trained and armed guard COULD stop a gunman. It has been done before so unless you have been misquoted by the times (surely they would not do that!) I'm not sure where you have been to make a remark like that.

kevCopAz @ 10/3/2015 9:27 PM

Sorry to say that students had to suffer due to the out of touch school staff who want to live in a gun free, violence free world. Perhaps this is a wake up call to them, the world is not the way you dream it to be, thats reality. Perhaps an armed guard would have prevented this sick person from going there in the first place, or if not perhaps he could have killed the suspect sound then when police had to respond to the scene to end the violent attack. We will never know now. Those "50 %" of staff who voted the armed guard down, well I want you to know that you may have added to the carnege due to your rational, unrealistic thinking. Live with that! My guess is that even after this incident some of those anti gun, live in a dream world "educational professionals" would still vote against armed security, the fools that they are. This is what is wrong with policing in an academic environment, judgements are made by educators and not police/security professionals. Wake up!

cwardlaw @ 10/5/2015 12:12 PM

Those little signs with the gun in the middle of red circle and a line across it or the No Guns Allowed are exactly what the killers look for. Malls, churches, high schools, colleges and movie theaters are the targets over and over and over. The no gun policy will be adhered to by innocent, non-violent, hard working people and the killers know that. They go to these places because they, as the cowards that they are, know that they won't get shot back at. Amazing how gun shows, wildlife extravaganzas, gun ranges and places that don't have the no gun signs posted are left alone. It's the same as when law enforcement can get out and patrol and be seen. There's no crime. When there's an armed security guard(s), there won't be any problems at that location. A strong, aggressive and meaningful presence works for all but instead of that, the lets go after the guns, mentality starts up. It's not the guns, it's the deranged, it's not fair, I don't have, nobody loves me individuals holding them.

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