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Obama Explains Difference Between Police Reform And "War On Cops"

September 21, 2015  | 

President Barack Obama on Saturday applauded the “outstanding work” of law enforcement as he called for criminal justice reform during a speech at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner.

“I just want to repeat, because somehow this never gets on the TV: There is no contradiction between us caring about our law enforcement officers and also making sure that our laws are applied fairly,” Obama said. “We want to protect our police officers. We’ll do a better job doing it if our communities can feel confident that they are being treated fairly. I hope I’m making that clear,” reports Huffington Post.

Obama's comments follow accusations from Republicans -- and Fox News -- that the president and police reform advocates are stoking violence against law enforcement. GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized Obama earlier this month for his silence about the so-called "war on police" that is allegedly ripping our nation to shreds.

“Cops across this country are feeling the assault,” Cruz said after he was asked about the death of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth in August.

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Ken Martinson @ 9/21/2015 4:13 PM

Hollow words, spoken out of the corners of his mouth. I take his backpeddling from his near constant anti-cop rhetoric with a grain of salt........a grain the size of Sustralia.

tetro1980 @ 9/21/2015 4:34 PM

This from the President who condemned several police officers before the investigation was completed and never apologized that the WH and the DOJ were wrong. Sad days in this country when people feel they are justified to kill a police officer.

[email protected] @ 9/21/2015 4:41 PM

See, he can talk out of both sides of his mouth! Or am I the only one who caught the "being treated fairly" bit? Can not wait for this low-life to be out of the White House. Blues, Stay Safe.

kevCopAz @ 9/21/2015 9:28 PM

Too little, way too late and in the end just "Obama words", which mean absolutely nothing unless you are a Kool-Aid drinking lib/Democrat. So Obama, just save your insensere political B;S for those that have no ability to reason, to use logic or listen to your words while ignoring your actions.

cwardlaw @ 9/22/2015 5:35 AM

The rhetoric from Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Hands Up, Black Lives Matter, etc has been very clear to law enforcement. A break down of order is what has been wanted for a long time now. These ridiculous reforms of stopping broken window traffic stops, enforcement for profit claims, independent non law enforcement review groups, etc are wanted to back us down. The excuse of laws being applied fairly is lame. It's simple, do right, don't break traffic or criminal laws. Wear the seatbelt, don't have illegal tint, have a valid tag, don't steal, don't scam, don't smoke dope, don't murder. It's been talked about dozens of times about how high the arrest/incarceration numbers are for blacks and hispanics and that it's unfair. Unless it is on FOX News, you never hear what the reasons are and I'll bet that they're all legal and justified. It's made out to be its the law enforcement officers and courts that have made the numbers high and never the offenders fault.

UncleMike @ 9/22/2015 6:44 AM

Obama was, and still is, nothing more than a Community Organizer and as such he's predisposed to believe the lies that LEO's target one particular racial group for "heavy handed enforcement".
Refusing lawful orders from an Officer is what begets "heavy handed" enforcement and the current crop of criminals seem to believe that they are exempt from obeying lawful orders from Officers.
As was stated by another poster, breaking the law is the problem.
If you don't break any laws you don't get attention from LEO's.

John retired IA PD @ 9/22/2015 10:50 AM

“We want to protect our police officers. We’ll do a better job doing it if our communities can feel confident that they are being treated fairly. I hope I’m making that clear,”
Yes, it is very clear. The burden has been placed right back on law enforcement. In my 25 years in law enforcement, I have not met too many suspects that thought they were being treated fairly when arrested for committing a crime, or given a traffic ticket. Mr. President, how about telling people to obey the law, and respect others, including law enforcement?

S.S. @ 9/22/2015 1:15 PM

God this guy is a piece of work. God he pisses me off.

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