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Video: Texas Chief Fires Officer for Shooting of Man at Auto Dealership

August 13, 2015  | 

VIDEO: Texas Chief Fires Officer for Shooting of Man at Auto Dealership

The Arlington, Texas, police recruit who fatally shot a reportedly unarmed college football player during a break-in at a car dealership early Friday has been fired for "exercising poor judgment," the police chief said Tuesday.

Christian Taylor, 19, was fatally shot by Arlington Police Officer Brad Miller, 49, after police were called to a break-in report at the Classic Buick GMC dealership at around 1:06 a.m., NBC News reported.

Miller, a recruit officer who was undergoing supervised field training, entered the building alone and without telling other officers, setting into motion a chain of events that led to the deadly shooting, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson told reporters Tuesday.

Miller told investigators he feared for his safety and thought he would be overpowered, and that he believed he was alone even though his training officer was four feet away, Johnson said.

"This fear and feeling of isolation was the result of his poor decision to enter the building without assistance and without an arrest plan," Johnson said.

Police were called to the dealership after Taylor allegedly kicked in the windshield of a car and then crashed his Jeep into a showroom door, police said.

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kevCopAz @ 8/13/2015 3:03 PM

I have to say based upon what I heard he did over react, another victim of all this anti cop retrace which causes all cops to be uptight. This poor guy was a Rookie and didn't have the experience to relay on but instinctive reactions. I wonder why he is a rookie at that age? this may be another reason why he may not have been prepared for the job, at that age a person is hard to train and dent change their basic instinct s too easily. Sorry this is a sad story. Prosecute I don't know, terminate and be sued I would say yes. This recruit is a training officers night mere, now the FTO will be sued as well. All that FTO pay is not always worth it.

Capt. Ahab @ 8/13/2015 3:32 PM

Doesn't he have any rights at all? Like any right to a hearing or an investigation before being fired? Is this a matter of being intimidated by expected Black protests, and trying to preempt violent demonstrations by tossing the officer to the wolves?

Jon Retired LEO @ 8/14/2015 8:41 AM

A bad situation to say the least. What happened was tragic however the officer has been thrown under the bus by his chief no doubt under pressure by the blacks who are the race baiters and probably to try to keep himself and the department from being sued which is going to happen anyway no matter what he does.

TBOW426 @ 8/14/2015 8:51 AM

Most departments make it clear to a recruit that after graduation he/she can be fired for almost any reason during the probationary period. They are not entitled to a hearing or any of the other job protection clauses afforded non-rookie officers. It is part of the employment contract with my agency. one of my training officers says a rookie can't cut it...good bye.

LtRoy @ 8/14/2015 6:52 PM

Wait, he entered "alone and without telling other officers", yet he feared for his safety, thought he would be overpowered, and thought he would be alone..."even though his training officer was four feet away". How is that? How can he enter alone, without telling other officers, yet his FTO is 4 feet away? And if he did indeed enter alone, where was his FTO, and why did the FTO not communicate a plan to his trainee? Did Recruit Miller just charge into the building as the car came to a stop, or was the FTO not paying attention to his trainee?
On first examination, it sure seems like Chief Johnson is trying to avoid any criticism from the Oh, so vocal minority community, when he should wait for the ENTIRE investigation, including the decedant's toxicology report to come out.
In the meantime, the poor unfortunate APD Officers may see their Chief as one who won't back them up. When you do that to your rank and file, you spawn apathy and a lack of motivation. Who's going to suffer? The Community, because after awhile nobody will be willing to go the extra mile, nor take initiative or attack problems due to fear of being disciplined prematurely. Crime rates will climb, and arrest rates will drop.
The proper course of action would have been for Chief Johnson to wait for a completed investigation, with ALL the facts, rather than jump the gun, ruin the career of someone who could have made a contribution to his Department, and prevent a rift between him and his rank and file.
Yes, this is tragic. Who among us never made a mistake as a Recruit, or even as an FTO?
Lastly, I wonder if Chief Johnson would have taken such swift action if the decedant, Mr Taylor was white?

Officer Peace @ 8/17/2015 7:34 AM

Something is not adding up. Lies are being told here. If he was in training, why would he enter without his training officer? Being cocky or wanting to be a hero? How could he be fearing for his life when he initiated the contact alone? Just sounds fishy to me.

Also, You guys as police officers. Why do you always have to bring the race card in these conversation. It shows your real inner self. Stop trying to make it a black and white issue and get to the root of the problems. This is why there is so much animosity among everyone. Both Black and White. We all must first agree that there is a problem with both sides and then try to fix it with common sense dialog and not blaming each other.

Blaming each other only fuels the fire for the criminal elements to act out. Don't prejudge unless you want to be judged. Let's all pray that we can live in this great country of USA together under God.

[email protected] @ 8/17/2015 4:30 PM

LtRoy, Dead on.

Deputy Ken @ 8/17/2015 5:13 PM

I have to wholeheartedly agree with LtRoy's assessment below. This action seems highly premature and very politically motivated. The Chief's own statement is contradictory and he is clearly throwing one of his guys to the political wolves to keep pressure off of his own neck.

(BTW the Chief is the one who looks like he's a rookie in that photo, and his own poor judgment with this firing proves it).

LtRoy @ 8/20/2015 4:51 PM

Officer Peace, we are both partially in agreement here, you speak of not prejudging, yet it is obvious Chief Johnson either prejudged, or acted prematurely, because he did not wait for the investigation to be complete. The normal course of such an investigation would be to place all involved Officers on leave, pending the gathering and analysis of ALL relevant info, statements,and evidence. AFTER all the information is gathered and analyzed, then, and only then should the Agency Head take corrective action, and if warranted, refer the case for criminal prosecution.
I for one am especially interested in Taylor's, Toxicology report. After seeing the video of his bizarre actions outside the dealership, the won't surprise me if an illicit drug is detected in the decedant, which may very well play a role in Officer Miller's response, but Miller was prejudged.
An unarmed person, black or white can kill with or without a weapon, yet the media constantly plays up the phrase "unarmed black M

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