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University of Cincinnati Officer Charged with Murder for Traffic Stop Shooting

July 29, 2015  | 

A police officer who killed a man in Cincinnati during a traffic stop will be charged with murder, the Hamilton County prosecutor said today, noting, "This was the purposeful killing of another person."

"I'm treating him like a murderer," prosecutor Joseph Deters said during a news conference when describing the warrant out for a police officer who killed Samuel Dubose, 43, earlier this month.

Footage released today from a police officer's body cam lasts about 10 minutes and shows the shooting, ABC News reports.

“I have been doing this for 30 years," Deters said. "This is the most asinine act I have ever seen a police officer make.”

Footage from university police officer's body cam was released along with the result of the grand jury's investigation. If convicted, the officer could receive life in prison, Deters said. Deters said there's no evidence race was an issue in the killing, when asked by reporters.

"This guy didn’t deserve to be tased and he certainly didn’t deserve to be shot in the head," Deters said of Dubose.

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Ofcr @ 7/29/2015 12:26 PM

I think the officer got caught in a lie. Looks like the suspect tried to flee.

Capt. Ahab @ 7/29/2015 1:31 PM

Maybe ethics and common decency require the prosecutor to shut his mouth. It is outrageous misconduct to be making public speeches and accusations long before the charging and trial. At the very least it can taint the jury and jury selection process, and likely be an excuse for civil unrest. Or is the prosecutor trying to suck up to the mob and appease it by instantly tossing the cop to the sharks?

Tony @ 7/29/2015 2:51 PM

At first reading this is a horrible story. I read the prosecutor's remarks but we still have got to have a trial. In the meantime, we will all pray for the oerson killed in this event and for his family.

Marco @ 7/29/2015 3:01 PM

I guess the laws of the state of Ohio should be ignored by everyone. According to the prosecutor the officer should not have even stopped the driver for breaking the license plate law. The open container in the vehicle should have been ignored, and when the driver refused to supply a drivers license, and arrestable offense, he should have just been waved to continue on. I do not excuse this officer for the shooting. But to say he should have never initiated contact is pure political bull.

westcoastleo @ 7/29/2015 3:50 PM

""Authorities have said Tensing spotted a car driven by DuBose and missing the front license plate, which is required by Ohio law.""

And DuBose gave a humbug story as to why he could not find his Drivers license?

Mister Prosecuter "Deters", Look at U.S. Supreme Court Case Of Terry Vs. Ohio

Police officers "HAVE" the right to have people exit the car or stop and question them. #1- no front plate. #2- REFUSING to show drivers license on demand "While" driving the car.

"I don't think a university should be in the policing business," Deters said. Who the hell are you Deters? He's A "University POLICE OFFICER Paid by the State"

But, Again, You dont care about the law. You would not what the law was if it was to bite you in the rear. Another police officer gets prosecuted for "Doing His Job"...

You make me sick Deters...

shook @ 7/29/2015 4:19 PM

This Police Officer had the right to conduct the stop and to ask the driver to exit the vehicle..this officer did not have the right to shoot and kill this man..not sure about the guy who posted the crap about the DA. I will finish by saying. I am a Police Officer and have been for 23 years..This Officer needs to be prosecuted. Deadly force in THIS situation was not warranted. I hope this Officer gets locked up like he should be. The guy blaming this on the District Attorney...I hope your not a Police Officer..If so think its time for another psych...

TJ @ 7/29/2015 11:30 PM

The prosecutor undermines his department's own power to gain convictions by calling the PC for the stop "chicken-sh1t.". If the traffic offense is in the Ohio Revised Code, then it is a legal reason to stop the car. How many solid criminal and traffic convictions does he think the Hamilton County prosecutor's office has obtained with just such a probable cause stop over his tenure with the procesutor's office?
The Supreme Court has ruled that you cannot seek a conviction with 20/20 hindsight if the officer, in the heat of the moment, felt his life in danger. While I do feel the officer made a tactical error in attempting to cuff the driver while he was seated in his car, the resulting altercation and the driver's starting the car and placing it in drive would most surely cause me to fear being dragged under the vehicle. At the time of the gunshot, the two were still fighting.

To say the stop was unwarranted is an attempt to throw the officer to the wolves. It ultimately did NOT cause the driver his life, it was the refusal by the driver to obey the LAWFUL ORDERS of the officer. Until politicians quit pandering to the idea that resisting authority is an entitlement to a criminal, these situations will continue to make policing a joke.

AZBIGDOG @ 7/30/2015 6:31 AM

Officer did not lie, the person appears to be resisting him and then placed car in drive. Officer reaching into the car when suspect refused to get out and placed the car in drive makes me believe that the person was going to flee. I think I would not convict if on a jury and that is all the evidence they have. I do know if I was the officer I would be suing that POD prosecutor for slander and malicious prosecution after his words at the news release. Funny how prosecutors are now trying their cases in the press and funny how jurors still believe their BS. I hope officers everywhere realize that if you have a black suspect you need as many officers as you can to be witnesses as possible,
in case you do make an arrest.

John Fleischman @ 7/30/2015 7:51 AM

I am not a police officer, just a 62 year old citizen who appreciates anyone who does police work- with the right intent and wisdom. I'm not sure I could do the job well, so I salute you all, seeing/hearing what you are up against, especially those who are paid so little. Ok, on the other hand, I think-- no, I strongly believe with all my heart- that the police forces as a whole in America better start looking at themselves and their actions (arrogance) as we regular citizens are seeing 'you'. I can understand an officer having to take control of a situation, but lately, the videos I've seen or read about- to me and perhaps all citizens who see them-- are showing a major, major over reacting to a situation. A lady pulled over for not signalling a lane change is not allowed to smoke in her own car? As I said- I can, in some ways, understand the possibliity-at times of an officer being in danger-- but if you have the driver's info- let them go, call it in and proceed another way.

rdb413 @ 8/3/2015 2:44 AM

Hamilton County (Ohio) Prosecutor Joe Deters' comments were over the top. The officer asked too many questions about the man's license. He should have run his name and DOB. The man offered to give him that several times. The officer may have over-reacted to the situation and but murder? No way. I feel for the family though. This should not have happened.

KG @ 8/27/2015 2:04 PM

The officer was dragged, or at the very least forced to run alongside the vehicle. there is a visible mark on the road far ahead of the vehicle as the incident begins. In the second or two it takes the officer to fire his weapon and fall away from the car we again see the same mark right next to the officer. The vehicle did, in fact, travel a considerable distance from the moment the officer reached into the car to when he fired the shot. He did not just shoot a man in a stationary car. People can decide for themselves whether or not he made the right call, but the stone cold fact is that that car was already on the move and accelerating when he took the shot.

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