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DOJ Report Slams Missouri Agencies' Response to Ferguson Protests

June 30, 2015  | 

Police trying to control the Ferguson protests and riots responded with an uncoordinated effort that sometimes violated free-speech rights, antagonized crowds with military-style tactics and shielded officers from accountability, the Justice Department says in a document obtained Monday by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“Vague and arbitrary” orders to keep protesters moving “violated citizens’ right to assembly and free speech, as determined by a U.S. federal court injunction,” according to a summary of a longer report scheduled for delivery this week to police brass in Ferguson, St. Louis County, St. Louis and Missouri Highway Patrol.

The report suggests that last year’s unrest was aggravated by long-standing community animosity toward Ferguson police, and by a failure of commanders to provide more details to the public after an officer killed Michael Brown.

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Jon Retired LEO @ 6/30/2015 3:40 PM

The DOJ and its former commander, the Attorney General were responsible for that whole mess. I believe that the DOJ gave the Missouri Governor orders not to use National Guard troops to help restore order. But I could be wrong, it might have been the commander in chief.

Tom Ret @ 6/30/2015 4:11 PM

Holder and Obama are more responsible for rioting there than anything the cops did or didn't do. They fed the flames about the hands up don't shoot
BS that never happened. Cops at least know the truth that Brown was a thug
and never was a victim. The DOJ has no credibility.

S.S. @ 7/1/2015 7:21 AM

This article is ridiculous. The whole govt. fucked this up from the city govt. to the d.o.j. and holder, obama, and sharpton. All of those a**holes messed this up. WTF!!! We can't protect ourselves now? Keep in mind that p.o.s. Brown got what he asked for. Then his p.o.s. parents couldn't stay out of trouble, so they decided to act like animals. Just like the rest of those criminals and looters. That govt. tied those officer's hands behind their back, and didn't think our safety meant jack!!!

Tone @ 7/1/2015 10:54 PM

If we can only stop blaming the wrong people for what really happens in America "Land of the Free." People have free will to do as they please and to insinuate that President Obama or former Attorney General Holder is responsible for the tension within the protest or rioting is false. These people who happen to live in Ferguson MO, were already fed up with police misconduct. So perhaps the tension was already present. Michael Brown a thug? Just because he acted a fool at the store, and got in an altercation with Officer Wilson doesn't define "Thug." This was also on his way to college, so he had to be doing something right! His actions were wrong, yes! But to stereotype him as a thug is passing judgment. So Tom if you ever did anything wrong in your life, like stole something, got into fights, drank some liquor, etc...Can we say that's thug like behavior too? What is a Thug? Lately it seems like a label given to young black men. Just curious..

S.S. @ 7/2/2015 11:07 AM

tone, well I guess we all know where you stand. To say it's p.d.'s fault is STUPID. It doesn't give them the right to loot, set things on fire, and basically their own city. It doesn't give them the right to animals. Trying to explain this to you is hopeless. Hopefully you won't be a victim of a violent crime. If you do remember this post. BTW Brown was a p.o.s. minutes prior to him being DEAD, he just robbed a store owner. WAKE UP! IF NOT GET OFF THE SITE PLEASE!!!

Tone @ 7/5/2015 10:24 PM

S.S to you I say with your permission I'd like to stay on the site..Furthermore Where I stand? I don't side with foolishness that's where i stand..I don't agree with criminal behavior of any kind & for the record i was a victim of a violent crime, but guess what? I'm still reluctant to pass judgment as i see so often on this site! When the Klan rallies and insights words of hatred toward blacks, jews, mexican etc that's not a peaceful protest either, but yet their given the right to protest & have their freedom of speech! I have yet to hear anyone on this site explain to me just how President Obama & Attorney General Holder promotes these riots. The truth of the matter is they don't..! The people who riot makes those stupid decisions on their on with no help from anybody. For the record what's even more hopeless is that you don't have to explain anything to me..! This country is a great place and what we don't need in it is Hatred.......

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