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2 Seattle Officers in Trouble Over Comments About De-Escalation Training

June 30, 2015  | 

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole has asked the department’s internal-investigations unit to conduct a preliminary review of comments made by two officers in a New York Times video and story on de-escalation training.

In one part of the video, a Seattle Police Department trainer expresses sympathy when he is aggressively challenged by skeptical officers, the Seattle Times reports.

“I agree. I agree. Don’t shoot the messenger. This is what the DOJ is saying, not me,” the trainer says, referring to new mandatory training to curb excessive use of force required under a 2012 consent decree between the city and U.S. Department of Justice.

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RPG @ 6/30/2015 3:41 PM

You can't just throw a training powerpoint at someone and expect that they will agree with it. You can't expect a police officer with morals to blindly follow edicts that really don't make sense. If the chief believes in it, she should teach it... or at least find someone that does. The officer shouldn't be disciplined for having a conscience.

Jon Retired LEO @ 6/30/2015 3:57 PM

I feel sorry for you Seattle Officers. The politics is like a bad weed, they sprout up everywhere.

Louie Marquez @ 6/30/2015 4:05 PM

DOJ directives have no basis in reality & admin personnel need to stand up for their rank & file.

Richard Hightower @ 7/1/2015 10:17 AM

I don't get it and I cannot speak to the training of other Law Enforcement Officers, but in Texas we had substantial training in de-escalation and defusing of situations in the Academies. We also had annual (and often more frequently) re-training in the subject. Is this not the same experience for all Law Enforcement? Is this something "different" from what was previously taught?

Tom Ret @ 7/1/2015 11:38 AM

The DOJ is not concerned about officer survival. They view them as a necessary evil and expendable. Unless there is a change of DOJ leadership, officers will be more and more risk averse.

S.S. @ 7/2/2015 11:22 AM

doj are worthless! They know nothing about being a cop. a bunch of pencil pushing weaklings. That all the way from the top to the bottom. GUTLESS!!!

kevCopAz @ 7/25/2015 10:12 AM

Agreed that DOJ is useless. Seattle should do what every other department that had DOJ up their rear end, go thru the motions, look good and they will leave. Nothing really changes, but the Libs and DOJ think it did. Well maybe something does change, real police work slows up and the citizens take the beating form these "modern community" targeted training classes. We all know, classes or not (and we ALL have had classes on the subject) that any good cop knows how to talk to people, makes the job easier and gets the work done. Those that we can't talk to we should have the ability to deal with end of story. People will never change, 98% do what they are asked when cops give orders, the other 2% don't and we should not give a shit about how they like it, just get the job done. DOJ & Obama, kiss it. Just pray that Hillary doesn't get in or this crap will continue for 4 to 8 more years and further kill real policing.

kevCopAz @ 7/25/2015 10:17 AM

Bye the way, not really news I guess, but this police chief is anon cop, administrative political hack without any street experience. She is like many book smart "leaders" who never did the job, don't understand the job and get all prissy when someone disagrees with them because they are "always smarter then you are". She was a joke in Boston and is a joke there. She was hired as a politically correct stooge and is acting like one, plus being a DOJ puppet. She wont last, she will move on to another head position since the changes she implements will destroy SPD and she will run away so she and DOJ do not get the blame. Its the same old thing these ":leaders" come in, ill equipped, no real policing hands on experience, book smart, political puppets, grab a few headlines by being politically correct, ruin the departments then move on patting themselves on the back thinking they did some good. They fool themselves and the public while they do fatten their wallets on tax payer dime.

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