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Atlanta Ends "Don't Run" from Police Campaign

May 14, 2015  | 

One of the 'don't run" from police billboards in the Atlanta campaign that began Monday and ended Tuesday night. (Photo: Screen Shot from CBS 46 TV) 
One of the 'don't run" from police billboards in the Atlanta campaign that began Monday and ended Tuesday night. (Photo: Screen Shot from CBS 46 TV) 

Atlanta City Council members chastised a city public-safety board for erecting billboards advising “Don’t Run” from cops, prompting the board to suspend what it deemed a common-sense advertising campaign

“To me it seems like we are saying people are doing something wrong by running,” said Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms at the public safety committee meeting Tuesday. “One of the things I will always teach my children is that they have the right to run. It may be ill advised but the issue is not with them exercising their rights but the response to them exercising their rights.”

The rebuke seemed to leave Lee Reid, executive director of the Atlanta Citizens Review board, stunned and flabbergasted. By the end of the meeting, Reid agreed to suspend the advertising campaign that had gone up on over 20 billboards in southwest, southeast and northwest Atlanta.

The board is funded by the City Council and is charged with investigating citizen complaints against the police, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Reid, who heads a board that more often clashes with cops in misconduct cases, explained the message was a common-sense one not to exacerbate encounters with police by running — even if the police weren’t in the right

If the police stop was harassment, it was better to cooperate and then file a complaint with the police and the board, Reid said.

The ads were placed on Monday, CBS 46 TV reports.

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JoJo @ 5/14/2015 4:43 PM

No they don't have a right to run. They call only run if they are not being detained or arrested. Learn the law.

Joe @ 5/14/2015 4:49 PM

Not knowing the whole story here, people do NOT have the right to run from the police...obviously this Councilwoman is an agitator and of questionable intelligence!

kevCopAz @ 5/14/2015 5:21 PM

Council person Bottoms is obviously an idiot telling her children they have a right to run, thats "great" parenting, well depending on why the Police contacted her children (legal stop) then the Police have the "right" to chase them and use the force needed to take them into custody, did the council person tell the kids that? She would be the first to yell and scream if the police exercised their "right to chase" when her kids exercise their "right to run". She is obviously anti police and has zero common sense. What a fool she is. Atlanta deserves her.

Brian @ 5/14/2015 5:41 PM

Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms, you ma'am are a donkey's rear end. What great advice to give your children!!! Ugh, my head hurts...

Steve Rothstein @ 5/15/2015 7:31 AM

But we do have a problem. When people are not being stopped for a crime, such as was originally reported in the Gray case in Baltimore, they do have the right to run. We have a right to walk up to any person and talk to them, but if they are not being stopped under a Terry stop grounds or as an arrest, they have a right to say no and just walk away.

If the incident occurred, as it first was reported, that Gray saw a police officer and took off running, do the police have a right to chase him? Is it really grounds for an arrest if they run? Fortunately, here in Texas, the law says they are evading only if they know the police are trying to detain or arrest them and in this case there was no such knowledge.

Councilwoman Bottoms was misguided and is setting her children up for problems, but she was not entirely wrong either. In many cases, not all but many, her children do have the right to run.

Ima Leprechaun @ 5/16/2015 10:37 PM

Telling children to run from the Police is very stupid. Only someone with something to hide runs from the Police. With the Gray case the Police already knew him and based his past record they had probable cause to pursue him based upon a reasonable suspicion that he was carrying drugs. (It's called reasonable articulated suspicion, to explain that the Officers personally knew him and his criminal record). I suspect whatever he was carrying was ditched while he was out of sight of the Officers.

Tone @ 5/20/2015 10:43 PM

Just because one has a past doesn't warrant any authority to judge who i am in the present. If that's the case we all better start running from God. The bottom line is, its wrong to run from the police, but given the recent circumstances, running seems like the only safe option. Lately its like if you run you might get shot, If you don't run you might get shot..And maybe Ms. Bottoms suggested that to her kids. How can we play it safe in a society where lately it seems like people of color are the ones targeted and killed. Whether wrong or right, many young black males are afraid given what they interpret on t.v lately. No! running isn't the smartest choice, but it is playing it safe. What's a better solution if you're black and you see running results in your death and not running potentially results in your death? Just last week police arrested a black guy, handcuffed him & one officer on cam broke his jaw kicking him in the face..What's the better option when its not you being hurt?

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